The Terran Expansion

S2 Episode 9

S2 Episode 9 “…The Squine and Bait has been set…”
SYNOPSIS: After setting course for Vulcan the crew relaxes for a spell. About 1/2 the way to Vulcan (isn’t it always the case) the crew get a distress call. A ship is disabled and is being pulled into a black hole. Sensors indicate the ship is alien manufacture. The captain orders opening up hailing frequencies and on screen come squirrel looking aliens (running around shout for help) and they identify themselves as the Squine from Denebula (SE from Keptins star). Dr Acora begins scans to check for damage but is getting large distortions from the hull and apparently both warp coils on the nacelles have been ravaged. further scans indicate possible interior explosions.
The Captain orders the crew to save them. and using the grappling arm, the exodus pulls the Squine ship from the brink of extinction. The Exodus docks with the ship, but apparently their ship doors are only one and 1/2 feet high (are they small???) using the universal docking ring, they seal the lock and meet the crew of the Squine. Greeting captain Stewart with an acorn he takes them to the officers mess to meet with them. The Engineer orders the repair crew to prepare for EVA since all repairs will have to take place in space.
Meeting with the Squine captain for lunch, they tell they are from Squrill ( a planet orbiting in Denebula) and were headed to the incorporated systems of thalti-draconis (a new unknown government). The cargo is photonic Generators (sci officer Acora indicates the possible uses being used as advanced holographic generators or creating photonic torpedoes.) Asked about the nature of their hull, it is indicated that it is made of a Neutronium Tritanium alloy. A report comes in to the current engineer that repairs will take two days because of the unique type of nacelles ( it is indicated that they have linear focusing plasma technology ) the engineer then asks what tech level they are , the Squine answer 14… asking for trade, they decide to trade with the terrans but on stuff that wont alter their tech level much. In trade they ask for the Squine to cut up their Neutronium into useable pieces and they agree to do so. They also trade a device that focuses plasma with a magnetic bond so its way hotter(possible uses in the engine or warp nacelles ) also one of the scientists from the Squine (a blue shirt) goes with dr Acora to their lab and looks at the black hole in storage. The Squine has a few scientists that come and do some formula work and let them know not to let the protective field holding it in place to get below 20% (or bad things happen).
For terran life extension tech, the Squine trade a vial of yellow/green fluid that is Nanites in a neutral solution. If used it will totally cure ANYTHING , even including mental disorders but it is not compatible with silicon or energy life forms. Their doctor talks with Dr Bear and indicates that she is not looking at the splitting disease right. The splitting disease works at a molecular level and the cure then should come from an angstrom level. If she did that, it would give resistance and be an effective cure.
Their engineer shows they have what they call “Glue” ( I has a glue as it says ). and it’s a Nanite solution with basic material held in suspension. It will repair just about anything ( there are some technologies it wont heal though). they trade 2 vials of it to the crew of the exodus (it cannot be analyzed though). Two days later, with the repairs done, the Squine call the terrans “I has a Friend” and create a warp gate for the Terrans and they use it, finding they are around Vulcan only seconds later .
After arriving at Vulcan, they meet up once again with their friend Kai Ra, former member of the Security Directorate and begin research on the Narr. First off, the crew finds out that the defense directorate Might be working hand in hand with the narr. Second thing is that the Narr are totally Psi Dead and all vulcans are psionicly possible on some level. The idea was to set up a sting Featuring disruptor weapons and plasma torpedoes and even plasma beam weapons ( which they don’t have actually). The Crew set up a Nanite dispersal system near the door and weapons so the people can be tagged when they come to either scan the items or what ever they might do. They land in the defense directorates compound to show their technology off and they will on the tomorrow. The crew are given housing in the compound and begin their sting.
Scans from the shuttle show that someone of Vulcan descent in a form of stealth suit breaks in and begins to take scans. When a second Vulcan comes in, kills the first and then takes the scanner and pours blue goo over the first *(this goo causes the body to totally dissolve in seconds!!!) and heads out. A third person of NON Vulcan dissent comes out and chokes the 2nd to death and uses the blue goo on him. and then takes the scanner and leaves. Scans indicate that this person also has Nanites on him ( touching the first person or the scanner which had Nanites on it caused it to become tagged).
Tracing the thief to the edge of the city to a local establishment of refreshment (a bar) the crew goes out in search of these aliens. Arriving at the establishment, they take a stealthy point of view and decide NOT to go in guns blazing. The scouting of the establishment shows there is a door to a back room near the bar. The captain begins to play a game of 3d Chess with a Vulcan (terms are if the Vulcan looses , then he must stand up and admit to everyone he lost to the captain, if the captain looses he must buy him a drink). and the rest skulk around getting drinks. The crew talk and think a distraction is needed to get into the back room since the rest here seem like civilians. Lt commander fester goes out and sets the diversion, he places 3 charges of c-12 on 3 different hovercraft and comes back in. About 5 min later the explosions go off and everyone besides the captain, the Vulcan and the crew head outside. Seeing this their cue, they bust open into the room and take down the two narr who are there using stun weapon settings.
After taking the narr prisoners into custody , they do a full bio scan and security scan on them. First off the armor they had was resistant to energy weapons ( and they did primarily physical) , Nanite lock picks, a small knife surgically placed under their skins, Odd Bioware in their cerebral cortex, Bioware for fast healing and Bioware eyes with full spectrum view. Further scans indicate that the odd Bioware is a cortex bomb and could go off if it is attempted to be defused. Security scans indicate Vulcan blood on the knife the one narr had and some on his suit with Nanites used to track.
The next day, they use the sting to confront the Vulcan defense directorate and find out the one narr was the undersecretary to special projects. But the Secretary who was there for special projects must have skulked out!!! the second narr is a 2nd midshipmen on a Vulcan trading vessel ( and they find out they have been taking physical messages back to narr, thus that is why there were no tight beam transmissions). Kai Ra steps out of the shadows and helps with the wrap up with this sting and apparently makes himself clear to be the one Vulcan playing the captain in the bar ( in which the captain lost! and the Vulcan rubs it in logically ) and blows the narr plan for starting a war this way out of the water.
A quick cut scene later, the secretary and another narr are meeting. They indicate that this plan was a failure , but now they have to do the opposite and get the Krylon to attack Vulcan then.
The captain and crew done here on Vulcan , head for the ship. The captain who is tired retires for the day to his cabin and while he is looking at a holographic add for a luxurious stay on Vulcan.. he feels a sharp pain on the back of the neck….
(Ending music, ROLL CREDITS….)



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