The Terran Expansion

S2 Episode 8

S2 Episode 8 “…Smarter than the average bear…”
SYNOPSIS: later that night they keep a dinner engagement in the inner ring. At the inner ring, 4th level (high end commercial district) The Restaurant called The Free market. they begin dinner with aromatic aperitifs’ then start a 12 course meal. in the following 3 hours they find out the following. . .
The government here has been unified for 450 years ago when the Zon Conglomerate landed on the planet . The ursine fought 300 years ago (aggressive negotiations) for independence and they stormed the space station here. When the negotiations were over, the ursine bought independence and the space station from them with a 60 year lease (renewable) on the fueling station around the gas giant in the system (the Kai-Tau faction had a major loss and to not appear weak sealed the deal) . The ursine now value freedom and free trade (with morals though) and have knowledge of the 2 parsec squared area. The Ursine used to hire the Zetans for security against the deltans but they are now embroiled in a civil war (civil war for the freedom of music). The civil war started when the republic was starting a heavy tax on music and entertainment. The heart of the republic of Zeta is 1 Reticula.
The government here trades for manufactured products for their biotech in manipulating plant life and trees. The Bees here on this planet do produce honey, but are limited in number thus production of honey is very limited. With dinner finished , the crew retires for the night with negotiation tactics to be used on the morning.
Next morning the crew are taken down in a liberated Von shuttle down to one of the capitals ( think tree city on endor but x5 in size). And yes you see bears wearing suits and neckties but without pants…
Meeting at the central Negotiation glade, a brown bear in a robe acts as Arbiter between the government and the terrans. The Official Adjudicator has accessed the terran law systems and legal structure and agrees he can arbiter the deals here. The Crew start with a gift of a gallon jug of honey to the adjudicator and all the government bears here , the bears in return give 3 bonsai trees with instructions on how to grow them.
The agreement hammered out is as follows : The bears will allow a 25 year access to fuel stations and a 25 year trade embassy with options for renewal . In return the terrans will trade 100 gallons of honey a year and will receive a trade delegation from ursine.
The crew sealed the deal and go out to see some bear sports entertainment. After passing up 2 other opportunities , they settle on bears football. The terrans participate and were getting their butts kicked until officer tundra unleashed his new Psi ability ( Telekinesis push) and you see the bear go flying into several trees. Badly hurt , C.M.O and dr Acora heal the bear and are offered a contact as Doctor to the team ( they say no of course).
The crew then heads to the pet store and get alien pets (they get a Mardock – a monkey, a Bearlike Kroodle, A lidar – a cat with 2 tails and 6 legs, and a Dragko – a foot long dragon ) and with said purchases (including food for each, and a crate of squeakers- a mouse) and then the crew leaves for orbit with the exodus.
The captain makes his report to his new admrial. Admrial Adams ( a 4 foot tall little person) with blond hair and blue eyes. It looks like the captain is going to be arguing with a new admiral from now on. The Captain orders the exodus to Vulcan to begin research on the Narr. The captain then retires to the cabin and finds out his personal stores of food and coffee are mostly gone!!! The captain orders Lt Commander Fester into his cabin and begin the investigation. Further scanning of the storage area uncovers a 3 small sucker like print and some white slime that has a warp signature. The slime is unidentifiable and shipboard scanners find the warp signature (1 foot in size) inside the starboard warp nacelle. Dr Acora worried about her chocolate, goes to her stash in the cargo hold. She finds it all gone , as well as all the food items in her cabin. She goes Apeshit!!! The Plan is to shut off the plasma to the nacelle and then capture the creature. As soon as they shut off the warp plasma to the nacelle , it warps to the warp core. Tundra tries to contact it but cant because he has to be in contact with it to talk with it. Desperate, they turn off the warp core and dump the warp plasma, but the creature then goes to the galley ( warps into the food processor). Dr Acora thinks she can trap it with an alternating warp field around the food processor and succeeds. They take it down to the biolab. Analysis of the 1 foot lizard looking creature is that it totally converts food to energy so it can maintain its warp field. Also it generates an Antigrav field. the metabolism is so high that it must maintain a constant feeding or it will starve, with a constant mutating dna structure it is impossible to analyze but makes Acora have a hunch. Her hunch pays off and scans indicate that somehow, it must exist in multiple dimensions. And suddenly it collapses upon itself in a micro singularity. Scans indicate openings in multiple dimensions and possible universes. This leads to the possible theory of an Einstein – Rosen bridge can be created and maintained. Dr Acora manages to move the micro singularity to a high energy lab with multiple power redundancies so that the field wont collapse.
(Ending music, ROLL CREDITS….)



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