The Terran Expansion

S2 Episode 6

On the wings of mercury ( part one)

S2 Episode 6 “…On the Wings of Mercury… PART 1”
SYNOPSIS: Shortly after the alien autopsy from the last episode, the captain ordered the ship now to be on yellow alert until after the assault on Psi-Corp on Mercury. The captain then ordered Dr Acora to contact The Terran Pride to talk with captain Phule. After making contact, captain Stewart found out they took care of their own alien onboard. Letting captain Phule know that they will share the autopsy video and data about the stolen ships, captain Phule offered to act as a distraction for the assault and captain Stewart took the offer.
the captain then put in a call to Krylon. Captain Stewart then gave them the info on a possible Krylon ship that might contain humans aboard that should not be there. And shortly after the ship was disabled and boarded by the Krylon ( which they proceeded to kill[?] everyone aboard ). The captain then contacted Vulcan and they find out that the Security Directorate dispatched the invading ship days ago before the defense directorate could interfere! In return for the favor for the alien autopsy and data, they give the list of the psi-corps codes and frequencies.
using the codes, they find out an volian frequency and find out that the volians have a plan brewing from volian intrusion command that will be in place within three months. Seeing that the invasion is sonly, the captain puts his plan into motion and leaves for earth!
A few days later, the exodus comes out of warp space near mercury, finding the terran pride in a firefight with 3 other ships. the longship piloted by Captain Metaline, launches from the exodus and begins its run through the tunnels (imagine the death star tunnel run in return of the Jedi and you got an idea of what they went through). After Several Various near death instances , the ship takes a pounding going down 13 miles of tunnels. After coming out into the core room and getting pounded by 3 Psi fighters (lol they look like tie fighters) they manage to crash land the longship. Captain Metaline dies as the ship crashes nose into the wall ( and he was mushed). The Ship falls apart as the last crewmember gets out. and they see the lack of engine ( it was cut off by a fighter) and make a dash into the tunnels.
After wandering into a control room, the crew manages to hack into the computer network and look for evidence of ( in their words) general doucheary.. Acora sees that the replacement admrial for stark has invaded with a mini Mech and is ripping his way thru the complex. Acora turns off the alarms and manages to contact the admrial to act as a distraction. She later finds a hidden drive ( full of alien information). Finding out a lot of “the Doma” which is the alien hierarchy of volian. Apparently they have inserted tier 2 members into every segment of society. The data on Star Admrial Charles Darwin is a Tier 5 ( high born tier) and using flesh golems for a long term infiltrations of terra, the third segment of the plan begins the genocide of all humans in terran space….
further data on the drive indicates the R.ats N. the A.ttic Program which is an RNA viral injection vector for allowing Volians to inject themselves with human Psi talents for a short period of time. But to the volians sorrow it cannot work on volians… YET…But can be used on other humans. With a documented list of over 200 talents in vials another fact comes forward in the data hack, that injecting humans with rna, is lethal in about %1 of the population but in less than 1 % of the population, if they are injected they can permantly keep the rna transfer. According to the data, the volians have killed 25 people with “golden brains” so they can extract the talent for permant rna transfer. After finding out where the jail on this level is, they manage to free admrial stark and several senators and president takinowa out of the null time field and she gives them Code Black Authority ( authorization to kill all resistance)…

(Ending music, ROLL CREDITS….)



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