The Terran Expansion

S2 Episode 5

Golems and Breaking point

S2 Episode 5 “…Golems of the breaking point…”
SYNOPSIS: 12 days later after , entering the Vulcan system they land for repairs and such. The captain opens communications with the A/C ambassador and finds out that there is now a PERMANT cease fire between the two races ( its tenuous but there) and the vulcans are making reparations to krylons. Giving Bio-tech in exchange for android crystal tech. The Planet is now a perminant place of negation and It is also shown that neither side likes the terrans BUT does not hate them either.
The situation is heating up at home. The Terran Constitution is now suspended and there are troops in the streets. There is a dusk to dawn curfew on all planets and bases in the system. a flotilla around mars is now protecting the space docks, Venus was told to join in the crack down OR ELSE… there is a slowdown at the refueling stations around Jupiter and Saturn and they are being cracked down on. After talking with the Vulcan scientist who is your local candy addict he told the basis of Vulcan history. about 50 thousand years ago, Narr was in the middle of a civil war and 50 ships left the system, as they were leaving, they saw fusion bombs and anti-matter weapons going off on narr. 1000 years later after traveling the stars in their generation ships, 5 ships left found Vulcan and settled there. The command crew then armed with this info head down to Vulcan to the Vulcan Security Directorate.
they land and get the ship promised by the VSD. a 16 seater LONG ship that is barely as wide as a tardis but with a souped up engine. The Psi officer pilots it up and the captain then receives a call from terran command. The Psi officer then gets into the captain seat. and takes the call. The admiral wants to send them to LaLande 21185 to catalogue the entire system with full in-depth scans of the star and samples from each planet ( should take them a full month of scans), and they want it done… yesterday. he signs off as the real captain figures out that this is some diversion… but for what???
The captain opens up communication with the AI Hugo. After talking with the AI the following is revealed: Unconfirmed reports of Psi-Corps ops going on at Krylon and Vulcan. huge plan in effect including building a new fusion reactor on Mercury at the Psi-Corp Facility ( with a vent that will be online in 90 days ). And Friends of peter (the resistance of Psi individuals who don’t want to go into psi corps) are totally underground. Hugo gets a few other AIs online to discuss other options. (victor 187 , Mikihal and Major General of Defense forces Adam 1287). Apparently Psi corps has a secret channel and might have captured a Vulcan ship during the raid on Vulcan ( a similar raid was conducted on Krylon and they might have a similar ship).
while this is going on, engineering reports that there are unusual back flows in the water system aboard the ship. The engineer checks it out and the doctor bear has a hunch . She asks misty to scan for mental activity in several areas of disturbance and find out there IS some form of water life form aboard. After channeling it to a water tank, they manage to communicate with it thru the Psi Officer. They call themselves the glug and got trapped aboard when the ship was submerged last season on the water planet new Atlantis. Scanning it they figure it has the same molecular consistency as water and eats dissolved minerals. They build a tank in the hydroponics lab and let it settle there (basically a hamster trail of pipes for it). The Stark Kids will help talk to it and conduct experiments on it. ( vicci will follow the experiment). They head back to the discussion with the AIs. the AIs will make sure when they get back to earth for repairs, they will have a repair crew replaced with Friends of Peter so they can report to the captain.
After a few days travel, they arrive in the Sol System and dock for minor repairs at Mars space docks. Several crews come aboard and the special repair crew Delta three makes them known to the captain for his repairs. They meet with the captain in a secure area ( the shuttle ) and discuss what’s going on. In general, the entire system is ready for rebellion and are ready to keep the fleets tied up. (all the planets will cause distractions to keep them all busy!). Gary, one of the F.o.P brings a new toy aboard. From the developed metal that blocks Psi Ability they made a Nanite containment Psi Weapon. it acts like a water balloon and upon impact with a PSI person, it coats them in a black Nanite coating and stops all Telepathic and Telekinetic activity ( other abilities are not blocked). This is just the item needed to stop the chaplains and the crew and captain come up with a plan.
4 days after the repair crews leave the ship, the ship arrives in the system and does its scans… and puts Operation: Chaplain Slobber knocker into effect. They Call the chaplain to the med bay because lt smith has attempted to commit suicide. He arrives with the entire command crew ambushing him with the Nano-Psi weapons. Once he was completely coated, he fell to the floor lifeless in his spacesuit. They got him to he isolation chamber ( also coated. ) and cracked the suit open.. this is what they found: an alien that was red skinned and attached to the suit via various wires ( they removed the wires and the suit). The alien was thin, had three eyes, Predator mouth, 3 knees and elbows with 3 claws on each hand and feet ( they could be used interchanged ) It has no brain and is nothing but a solid mass of cells with a pouch of a stomach.
Further scans indicated that the eyes are a type of biological version of a scanner, the body can totally convert the food paste it injected into energy and the DNA ( a quad helix) was still adding to the code. I.O.W it was still adding data by encoding onto its own dna. they decide to take a sample and destroy the ‘Golem’ . Lt commander Tundra figures out the suit is a built in subspace / Psi communicator. the frequencies has an alien subspace channel and a psi corp channel ( the alien channel has a range of 3-5 parsecs ) . Realizing that this suit is nothing but an antenna, with built in pheromone nano pouches to make terrans like the suit and a Nanite fusion self destruct on it.. they realize that PSI Corp and even the entire terran republic might be overrun with aliens!!!

(Ending music, ROLL CREDITS….)



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