The Terran Expansion

S2 Episode 4

Ghosts and Teseracts

S2 Episode 4 “…Ghosts and Teseracts…”
SYNOPSIS: After returning to the ship after all the scans were finished, the crew find out that there is now a Vulcan and Krylon capital ship in orbit. The captain discusses what they plan to do and come to a conclusion that both sides will be a part of the cease fire as the prisoner krylons are sent to the no mans land ( designated by the alpha Centuari ambassador.) down on the planet. With these immediate matters now under control, the captain now tends to the health of the crew.
After a ship wide scan, security heads down to the high energy lab and finds an old false panel where there is 15 gallons of the extract to add to normal chocolate bars to make it Vulcan chocolate. Realizing that they need the plants also, scans indicate the plants down in the arboretum lab … where the kids are studying… (OH SH*T)… and the security staff and some of the command crew head down there. As they arrive, they see the kids tripping balz on the plants ( one is running at 120 mph nekkid as a jay bird). after escorting the kids to their quarters, they examine the plants. apparently the plants have a high regenerative ability ) the berries regrow as soon as they are picked). The properties of the plant is that it’s a great anti-convulsant, also causes mild mental mutation ( psychic properties) , the doctor begins to think on how to apply these properties for medical reasons.
The krylons contact the ship and indicate that they got the scans weekly on average (give or take 3 months). After digesting this information they hypothesis that the scans happen with the planetoid is closest to Krylon. and during the 3 months that does not happen, the area of space/time is thinnest here. Dr Acora hammers out some equations to help reinforce the space/time locality down there using a portable warp generation and they head down to the planet. After arriving the crew asks for permission to talk to the white hared girl again. Arriving to talk to her, she is currently writing an equation for a teseract ( its not complete). The Doctor gives her the equation to look over and she takes her tricorder and begins to program it into it. Shortly after she does so, she dies where she was standing ( she was dying slowly anyway so this was a tender mercy).
Dr Acora looks at the equations and they head down to the equipment outside the labyrinth. They think they can stabilize the space/time rift down there at least temporarily ( science… science… science this). They plug the tricorder in and activate the device. IT WORKS , no tachyons down there but now there is a spectral haze. Scanning it shows mixed results but nothing to indicate that it is harmful. They head down. Harvey begins to hallucinate that he is back on the farm and saves his sibling but gets a scar. He does not remember it that way and now he has a scar (spooky). Fester has his moment, he dreams he got a lucky baseball card from his brother. and when he comes to he has it around his neck. Was it there before?? Dr Acora dreams of the nanny bot that kills her father but it didn’t quite happen that way. The crew slowly realize they are phasing thru alternate realities because of the space/time bubble. Continuing on, they come to a swirling wormhole and they head thru, showing a vision of everyone dead. Some people were so disturbed they fell down screaming into a fetal position ( like dr Acora who takes the worst of the mental damage). Dr Acora comes to but is still very jumpy and sees one of the crew as a robot and fires on LT commander tundra ( but misses). the captain and lt commander fester tackle her and The doctor Feelgood (dr bear) gives her a mild anti-psychotic and she comes to her senses. they come thru the rest of the time space distortion and head down further into the passages.
Finding a “dead end” ( lol ) they network all the scanners and find out a false wall. a huge vault with facial recognition, bio scanners and such. Lt commnder fester begins to hack it and 10 min later they open it up to a Ditanium staircase heading downwards. after going 20 feet down they head into a large open room that has a huge 500 meter dish. They find 3 monks(?) running the sensors and they are scanned to be Vulcan and not Narr. The crew finds out the following facts: All the data contained on Krylon ( strength /troop movements / space stations / homeworld and others) , that they are looking for a hidden Krylon base within their home system where the missing ships from the scans are. After questioning the vulcans , they find they are from the Vulcan Defense Directorate ( the military arm of the Vulcan government). Further scans of the equipment determine that this is of NARR design and it is powered by a functional Singularity engine ( dr Acora creams her pants on that one). and.. who gave it to them?? The plating design indicates narr manufacture so… did they give it to them and why???
They find 3 more upstairs from the defense directorate and turn them over to the brothers for “discipline” ( there are always clothes to be cleaned, waste receptacles to be polished). this makes the captain smile. Later after they permantly turn off the narr device, the brothers agree to permantly seal the door to the sensor and fill the sensor room up.
The captain meets later with the alpha Centurain ambassador and gives her the full information on what they found and decide to break out the secrets of the scanning and the missing fleets. Lt commander snow makes it snow aboard the ship in celebration of Christmas in 2135 (also to show off). but the snow shorts out the coolant and the ship is forced to eject its fuel plasma… (sigh) and they refuel.



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