The Terran Expansion

S2 Episode 3

Harvey to the rescure!!!

S2 Episode 3 "….. Harvey to the rescue!!!…. "
SYNOPSIS: The uss exodus meets the Uss Terran Pride around the disputed planetoid. Contacting the Pride they meet with Capt Willard Phule and he begins to go into what has happened over the last 6 hours. Apparently while staying in Grey alert ( low energy mode and passive scanners only) they observed energy discharge erupting in the city below and it just kept getting worse (no actual heavy weapons like cannons BUT a lot of rifle and some grenade action). And to top it all off, about 1 hour ago a small craft ( about 25 yards in size) landed at the Vulcan monastery. With that reported to captain Stewart, the two captains and crew brainstormed to send down their chaplains to help restore order, but it failed since the brothers are civilians and are not subject to orders except to within the order of the eternal mind. The Ambassador from alpha Centuari ( whom they saved) asked permission to come to the bridge and offered his services to help bring the two warring factions.
The captain deciding to try talking to them first before using this asset he contacts Capt Tanah, of the Krylon defense force on the planet. In the talks it comes out that there were very long range scans into Krylon system originating from this planet! Giving a sample of the data the Krylons have, they agree to a cease fire IF the other side will. Kan-Pa’u ( the Vulcan scientist aboard the exodus) analyzes the data and comes to the conclusion of the following: 1.that Vulcan does not have this technology at this time 2. that the scan signature is correct that it did originate from this planet 3. that the scan beam was several parsecs in length. Deciding to get more information, Dr Acora opened a link to Vulcan with dr tau-Ka’n with the Vulcan Science directorate. He explains that it is theoretically possible , but to power such a device would require a dish 500 meters in diameter and a large scale fusion reactor to power it. The captain gets the Vulcan Defense force here on this planet (Commander Tau-La’ak ) and gets him to agree to a cease fire while they try to get this thing under control.
The crew begin scanning for large scale structures that can hold both devices, and with help from the terran pride, they come to the conclusion that the dish MUST be underground! The captain then orders the Launch able Command Center to be impacted in the center of the city ( they contacted both sides to insure its theirs) and send down the Ambassador down with a fire squad of ODSTs. Dr Kan-Pa’u contacts the Vulcan monastery ( he keeps getting put into the bathroom every time they talk with the krylons) but the message cuts out unexpectedly The captain orders Major Harvey to take down and subdue the Krylon invaders at the monastery! Launching ODST style ( Nano egg covering the Troops and launching them from orbit) with 2 heavy squads and 12 Naval Security ( with additional help from the Terran Pride). they manage to land near the monastery and using jump jets on the suits, they breach the landing lip of the monastery ( its on a mountain side btw).
After an intense firefight, Major Harvey killed only one of the 8 who were manning the landing pad, But failed to stop the launch of the Assault Scout craft. Major Harvey contacted the ship and they intercepted the ship. Trying to target the nacelles , Lt Commander Fester manages to knock out the warp drive. But in doing so, he throws the alien ship into warp imbalance and the contained warp plasma is about to go super critical! Docking with the ship, they take the 2 Krylons Prisoner and get away from the ruined star craft as it explodes.
After treating both of the Krylons, Commander Dominus begins a ‘gentle’ Interrogation ( bitch slapping him around and a few punches to their testicular region). The commander manages to secure that there are 48 men on the ground ( the 8 in front) and secures his ‘cooperation’ to tell them to stand down. He does by saying there are two terran capital ships in orbit! And they stand down due to the commander and Major Harvey!
The Command crew lands in the M.A.R.V.I.N ( the main landing assault vehicle ) and secure the Prisoners in Force Field Stockades until further orders. Meeting the Monsignor they find out that this is the 3 month cycle that does not allow anyone down into the catacombs. Telling the crew that going down there during this time results in insanity OR you just don’t come back. The captain asks if there were any survivors here at the monastery, and the monsignor takes the crew to see her. A quick medical scan reveals her genetic code is 65% Vulcan and 35% something….else ( the rare genetic code that one scientist was looking for). She is also a mathematical savant ( she recites equations dr Acora has a hard time keeping straight). The Vulcan scientist on the command crew takes dr Acora down to the lower levels to do their ‘Scans’ ( in reality they start eating some Vulcan chocolate and begin to start tripping balz down at the level).
After the crew comes down and finds the two of them stoned out of their minds, dr Acora accidently opens a doorway into the catacombs as the Vulcan scientist begins to enter. The doctor knocks them both out with sedatives in the hypo spray and The new Psi officer Lt commander tries to mind scan them. But gets a weird contact high while they are in contact with him. The scanners that are set up down here indicate a high level of natural occurring Tachyons!!! so much that it is dangerous to go down there.
The strongest area of course is in the area of the first monsignor.
(Ending music, ROLL CREDITS….)



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