The Terran Expansion

S2 Episode 2

Captains own A$$ Clown

S2 Episode 2 "….. Captain’s own A$$ Clown…. "
SYNOPSIS: The new chaplain boarded and introduce himself as brother Aphalus (dick… hahah) and agrees to be scanned. He registers as a human mutant within all human norms but any other scans are stopped by the suit he wears. He explains that the suit is needed by his order (and also psi corps since he is psi sensitive.) at first they bunk the brother in the brig (hahah) but evenly they give him quarters in a storage bay on deck four.
The captain talks to the morale officer (misty the Psi Cat). and he asks misty to keep him.. busy!( she was bribed with mice in a cage and catnip). she did evaluate him, and he’s like he’s not there. Metaline goes with some of the crew to meet his contact.
The doctor evaluates the Stark family. and all of them have some extreme Psi Abilities. It is set up in one of the botany labs to help as a park (for play and keep watch on the kids) and education with a extra holo emitter for vicci. That being taken care of, the crew went on the space station.
The Bear aliens and one other left for greener pastures. The deltan decides to stay because going home is a death sentence and helps out in engineering. The remaining aliens get jobs aboard the ship. Dr Bear goes to the Vulcan Science academy and asks for help with the shattering disease. Also downloaded all info on the New Chaplain and he decides to help out with the scans. The doctor Vulcan also is looking for a rare genetic type to help with his studies, Dr Bear agrees to keep and eye out.
The Psi Captain Metaline goes to the planet and meets with his contact in a small Vulcan village. You meet Kyra.. and Metaline pushes for help because he is owed a debt. he examines Psi Officer and determines that he might be able to remove the Psi Bomb ( it’s a mental bomb and not a real one. It can scramble his personality to remake him) and attempts to do so. He cant, but he reworked it into a compulsion to obey the captain instead of the orders. The captain also has a meeting with this Vulcan and is given the ritual of hospitality ( food and water). He asks for help, he needs an edge or evidence to go against Psi Corps. The Vulcan mentions to go to the Vulcan Security Directorate (of which he was a member), and they might be able to help.
Later the data from the scans of the chaplain is showing he is NOT human. possibly a volian Encounter suit. Basically a bio-mechanical being .
Next morning at the meeting with the V.S.D, they come to a negotiation to help, but first they need help on the world that is the borderlands with the Krylans. The captain agrees to help IF it is possible, but no promises. The captain also gives Dr Acora some special chocolate he got from the contact on Vulcan, its not quite human compatible and causes severe hallucinations ( and for the next few hours she begins to trip balls ).
The captain orders misty to report on the chaplain. She does but has nothing to report. A scan of misty’s brain indicates high levels of serotonin making the chaplain agreeable to be around and found to be a danger to the crew. The captain talks to the sister ship The terran Pride. He finds out that they have a chaplain too and talk in captain code ( obvious talk with sarcasm to indicate the real intention). They agree to meet at NN 3839 .
Dr Acora gets the Vulcan (whose also tripping balls on the chocolate) to make more of this chocolate ( he does) and has a separate little area in the high energy lab that grows and processes the Vulcan choco beans.
As the ship approaches the lone planetoid they find out there is fighting on the planet (in the main town and they have taken over the monastery).
(Ending music, ROLL CREDITS….)



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