The Terran Expansion

S2 Episode 1

SEASON OPENER - You're what?!?

S2 Episode 1 SEASON RENEWED"….. You’re WHAT?!?…. "
SYNOPSIS: (in sirus system)As we left off from last season, Captain Hawk was relieved of duty. Admrial Reichmann calls in reporting he’s been relieved of duty and all of the fleet has been taken over by psi corps and he will be leaving a way to contact him. In the Meantime, T.o.u.c.a.n 12345s Kiwki (a tribble basically) gets loose and starts eating stuff in the cold storage.. Long story short ALL the food has been ate and there are Thousands of Kiwki now aboard ship. Thanks to the Security and ODSTs… they use the plasma throwers to Burn all the remaining Kiwki. Requesting Re-provisioning at Alliance Sirus starbase, they dock and refill all food stuffs (including plants and seeds).
4 days later, the exodus is at the explosion site of the presidents ship. There is indication of a small craft ion trail. The captain orders the ship to follow the trail and finds a life pod. It is slowly leaking plasma from its battery and life-support is failing. Toucan is required to go EVA with the shuttle (with some security and Harvey ) and repair it (she does). They dock and get the 10 survivors who are in a artificial coma. Amongst the survivors are 2 command line officers . 7 civilians (including the ambassador from Alpha Centuari B.) and a black suit that has a presidential tattoo across the hear.
Finding out this black suit is cyborg out a lot, they attempt to hack his wetware, and with dr Acoras superior hacking suite, she does. They manage to find out in he’s memory database that he is the presidential bodyguard and nearly unkillable with augments that are out of this world. They also find out he managed to get the president aboard the first life pod and get him out alive (but in an artificial coma because of the length of distance). They wake him and find out his name… Capt Adrienne Metaline.. hero of the AI wars.
They wake him and find out that the president had plans to totally reform the military (making the Psi Corps all voluntary also). and after days of looking for the president.. they cant find her and conclude that Psi Corps has her….
Metaline reveals he has a contact at Vulcan, and the captain decides to take the chance. in the 12 days during the travel to Vulcan , they talk with one of the civilian engineers from the craft, and find out that there was severe plasma leakage in the conduits ( caused by obvious sabotage). A call from command: admrial Richard Friez (dick freeze they call him… but he ensures its Dutch) announces that there is going to be a new addition to the ship… a Chaplin, and its mandatory now. When the ship arrives at the Vulcan system, they are greeted at the starbase at Vulcan by a white space suited chaplain…
(Ending music, ROLL CREDITS….)



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