The Terran Expansion


a time to reap and a time to sew

S1 Episode 26 SEASON FINALLE"….. A time to Reap, A time to Sew…. "
SYNOPSIS: In the hours following the Abduction of Captain A.J Stewart, Acting captain Dominus reports back to Fleet Admrial Reichmann on his capture. The admrial announces a joint effort to strike back and maybe get the captain back alive! Acting Captain Dominus is to rendezvous in the sirus system with the joint strike forces of the Grrrrrath and the catatians. From there the co-ordinates on where there will be a lone deltan ship will be making a delivery to a system. They are to take the ship by surprise and board it, and then taking the ship with a select crew into Deltan Space.
(CUTSCENE to the Deltan Prison)
A Deltan ship approaches this large planetoid above a black hole that is orbited by 3 large red stars which is holding the planetoid above and out of the black hole. After the ship docks, AJ is transferred to a cell where he is taunted by a Deltan Jailer. “Well Well, the great terran criminal is in for a treat! you are in time for the reaping, you will be competing for your life with 99 other prisoners in a holographic arena and the last one alive wins his freedom… but I don’t think you will be the winner with OUR star prisoner… muhahahhahah…”
Back aboard the uss exodus, shortly before the ship leaves the local friendly port, physical mail is delivered. The Psi officer gets his package with is psychically imbued with a message from admrial Reichmann. letting him know that directive 427 is in effect and he has been implanted with a psychic order. When the directive goes live, the Psi officer will be in charge and if he fails to carry it out , the order he was implanted will torture him.
Mail call for the doctor came in and she also got a piece of mail from the Friends of free Psychics. Several agents have been captured and psi corps has something big planned. Reply using the smallest Russian doll you were given.
As the ship is making way to sirus to meet with the joint strike force, the captain is mow mining every day and his cell mates are a Ursine (bear), Vulcan, A starfish looking alien, wispy energy cloud and imprisoned deltan. He makes friends with them as he learns that the prison is run by the triteeth (a yellow skinned alien group with 3 sets of razor sharp teeth).
19 days later, the ship meets with the joint strike force. The plan is that they will hide in a magnetic/radiation belt of a Jovian to mask the sensors. The catatians will use their improved Ion Cannons and attempt to disable the ships engines. The Grrrrrath will attempt to halt the ship using tractor beams and board the ship while the terrans will jam the communications and hack the computer.
about two and a half days later, the plan goes off without a hitch. the deltans try to get away via escape pods, but 3 out of the four life pods are gathered ( the fourth was blown up). The captain of the deltan ship is also captured and interrogated. Doctor Acora manages to get a hold of the computer and the data needed. The deltan captain just confirms what the data is found. The ships manifest shows they were hauling 12 tons of synthetic cocaine, 1 ton of a opeoid , 1 ton of depressants and 1 ton of an unknown substance called spark. The crew boards and takes control of the ship and heads out for the Deltan Syndicate.
Captain Stewart finds out the leader of the triteeth and calls him out in prison. Where the captain then precedes to get knocked the fuck out 3 times in a row….each time waking up in the cell with someone giving him a healing drink that tastes like balls and sweat socks. About 7 days later, the captured ship “the Freelancer”, enters the system and after being challenged by another ship for ID and trading for some space coke the freelancer continues inward. The plan is simple. Some of the crew heading is have been cosmetically changed to look like a purple skinned deltan. dr Acora, her friend and 6 other odsts in Stealth suits are to go secure the computer core and locate the captain. the others are to bring commander dominus aboard to act as he was the bounty. Commander dominus will (from the inside) protect the captain as they make their way for escape.
When they land, the first group (lt commander fester, Dr Bear, Commander Dominus ) board the base. Dropping off dominus and getting his 40,000,000 EC bounty they wait and unload the space drugs for selling to the general populace here in the prison. As Commander Dominus is being "escorted " into the prison, he finds out he also will be part of the reaping!!! Stealth Team Samus enters the computer core ( the two guards are neck snapped and so is the computer geek inside) and with help of Toucan 12345 they managed to hack the computer core, gain control of the defensive systems and gain control of the reaping games computer .
Inside the games, the captain and commander are prepped and are sent into the games where they meet up inside. They team up and head to something representing a cornucopia with tons of weapons and supplies are waiting to be taken. they wait to see what’s going on with a furry humanoid goes for it. When a scorpion man with 3 tails becomes uncloaked and kills the furry with all 3 of its tails. the captain and commander move away to figure out to do. when all of a sudden they get several silver parachutes full of weapons and such. The captain and commander takes out the alien and figure out where there is a hole in the holographic cloak. Opening it up they meet outside with their friends and Team Samus. Making their way back to the ship its almost a constant firefight until they reach the turbo shaft. Eventually they make their way to the ship finding out that dr Acora started a full scale riot on board the planetoid by releasing all the prisoners out of their cells.
Making their way, away from the planet, they find that they are being pursued by a small fleet. barely getting away from their pursuers, they make the way back to the ambush system . they find out that one of the planets would make a good shake and bake colony and decide to let the republic once they are back at sirus.
again, they make their way to the sirus system. The captain contacted the von banking industry and put the captured ship into storage. And a message from terra… The presidents ship that was traveling to the colony worlds for the elections exploded!! the VP of terran republic is now in charge. There was a general order that the captain was not in charge of his ship anymore.. the Psi officer was now in charge due to the lockdown on the military.
(Ending music, ROLL CREDITS….)



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