The Terran Expansion

S1 Episode 24

The Dark Carnival or Ablative mime shield

S1 Episode 24 "….. The dark Carnival or Ablative mime shield…. "
SYNOPSIS: Further talks with the captain of the free trader shows he has lots of beverages to sell ( and dr bear bought a 55 gallon drum of a glowing rainbow liquid with no name ). Just before the free trader leaves , dr Acora gets a message from terran command, it’s a Priority Zero message for the captain ( his eyes only). The captain takes it in his office and finds out that fleet admrial stark had an accident and is in the hospital in a coma undergoing reconstructive surgery. He’s expected to come out some time but not sure when.
The captain announces the news to the senior staff and the uss exodus leaves for Krylon-11. A few days later the exodus makes it to Krylar and there is a deltan Ship in dock! deciding to dock and get the info and leave, he orders anyone going aboard the space station to be ready to leave upon recall (having a bounty on your head does that). The captain makes contact with Krylon command and makes an appointment to see the Krylon Research division onboard the space station. Going to the research division is the captain, Dr Acora, Mr. M. while Lt smith, Security chief Harvey go to the lounge on board the station to have a drink…
At the research division, The crew gives the parts and a quick review of the android pieces the following conclusions were discovered. 1- This is of Volian manufacture, it is a hunter assassin droid that works in packs of 3. 2- it has been retasked by someone of NON volian nature (at least that is what they think) and implanted with a implosion device. 3- No volian would let this get away, it had to be stolen! 4- no volian has been seen outside their encounter suits, if you can get a genetic sample bring it back!!! The captain and crew there thanked them and would be back.
Lt Harvey and Lt smith were drinking at the alien bar and were being taunted by deltans. The deltans taunted them with drinks called a Quasar (pulsing blue drink) and one almost finished off lt smith. Offering to get them some aprons so they could be little ladies, the two left before reinforcements came to claim the bounty on both of them.
the entire crew now regrouped , left for UV Ceti -A at full speed. Arriving 19 days later, the crew found the cause of the alien signal at first scans!!! An alien Starbase was painted up like a Circus with alien clowns dancing in spacesuits outside the station. Going in system ward the captain was wary. After taking the sights on the space station ( alien carnival food, the big top with circus like events) the crew began to wander around slowly going back to the ship. They noticed a lost little alien boy and gave him to the near by authorities (dressed up as clown cops of course). Later they found the mother and directed her to go to the authorities to get him, but that was not meant to be…..
Lt Smith noticed in the nearby alley way between carnival food tents and vendors, there was a puddle of blood and he went to investigate. Touching the blood he heard a sound and looked up at an alien looking manta ray with 12 spear like teeth falling down on him….. uh oh too late lt smith! The captain noticed that not everyone was here and ordered to find lt smith! dr Acora traced his communicator to the station where they went to find him. All they found was his comm. and a large puddle of his blood!. Toucan decides the best way to find him and the lost child is to create a lost child droid. Toucan takes an hour to create a little naked droid that walked around looking for its mommy ( but it was relaying in real time visual info). The naked droid was found by a clown cop and taken down into the station into a room full of other kids. Soon after that, the floor dropped into a 50 ft pit where several of those manta things began to eat everyone (including the droid) and they lost contact. The captain decided that there is evil afoot and ordered Dr bear to create a virus to kill the damn things! Doing the same thing again, toucan created a second CLOTHED child lost droid (this time with a virus bomb implanted inside) and when the clown cop found this one, it gave VERY inappropriate responses and stabbed it and spaced the droid. For a third time, Toucan created a droid child to be found (this time its an alien child) and implanted with a bio-bomb. Again the same thing happens as the first time, BUT this time they see worm like creatures come upon the remains and implant themselves in the remains and revive and regenerate the tissue into a full being. Where a clown cop came in and stamped them in white face then led them out.
deciding that this is SOOO creepy and they are harvesting people here as a form of food and breeding stock. The captain decided ( with a heavy heart) that this space station needs to be “cleansed” of the alien menace. TO create the virus to kill this species, the doctor and others went to the space dock and tricked the mime to look the other way and… clubbed it from behind! Taking the alien aboard the ship, they do extensive neural surgery and find out that the worm attaches itself to the brainstem and sends fibrous appendages throughout the brain (thus killing the host and making it a puppet). After a few hours of genetic research, they take one of the pet fuzzies ( they look like a tribble and act like em) and implant a artificial gland that will secrete the virus via a little silent fart (silent but deadly… LOL). and release it upon the space station.
within 48 hours the little fuzzy replicated so much, the viral load on the space station apparently infected all the evil clowns. 12 hours after that, all the alien clowns died off as the safe alien population that was visiting, left in a hurry! 12 hours after that the space station was so full of fuzzies, the bulkhead in places ruptured and the space station went crashing down into the Venusian like planet thus ending the rein of the evil clowns.
Getting orders to report back to terra, they were ordered to take a colony ship to GJ 2020 as escort. First they head to terran Fleet medical on Venus to see how Admrial stark is doing. After Commander Domminus distracts the attending doctor, dr bear does a complete scan and finds out that this is a WELL replicated clone! Just a basic neural pattern to make it look like that he is a vegetable. Deciding to get more answers the captain Hatches a bold plan…..
Later the captain meets with Fleet admrial reichart. distracting him to go with him and commander domminus to Zero Gravity (an admirals only club) and they go out. LT Smith distracts the secretary to go to a club ( where she proceeds to drink him under the table)…
Toucan, LT Commander fester, Dr Acora work their way into the office, dismantle the security and begin doing their scans. They found out that a micro explosive device was planted inside the bulkhead wall via a Jefferies tube and about 10 minutes before the explosion took place, Star admrial Charles Darwin (they are viewing the security logs btw!) chews out fleet admrial stark that he was dodging his bi yearly scans and as he was leaving he winked at the camera….TO BE CONTINUED NEXT WEEK…
(Ending music, ROLL CREDITS….)



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