The Terran Expansion

S1 Episode 23

dirty deeds done acora cheap!!!

S1 Episode 23 " …Dirty Deeds, Done Acora Cheap!… "
SYNOPSIS: Dr Acora was summoned to Mercury to report in at PSI command. Commander Domminus and Toucan 12345 went with her as support. Approaching mercury they found out that they were not landing on the surface , but descending into mercury thru a opening on the thin band between the hot and the dark sides. Going down several miles, they finally came to the stop and a secure landing port deep inside mercury where no other ships land.
Upon landing the crew find out that this is the guest port where there are thousands of family and visitors meet members of Psi Corp while they are training or working here. dr Acora was ushered out of the visiting area and Commander Domminus and toucan began exploring the visitors center.
Finding the officers club (of course..) the XO found two other commanders sitting and drinking. XO Domminus introduced himself to the other two commanders and they begin to talk privately in the club with a privacy field. The first commander is running the visitors area here because his wife (someone HIGH up) is working on something but he is not privy to what she is doing… and working a lot of extra late hours. The Second commander comes in to visit his sister who is a Capt. here. She tends to forget what she is working on… and a lot of new traffic for troop transport ships he’s seen has been here. He keeps asking his sis what’s going on and she always says “I will talk to you about it later” and then forgets what she was talking about…finishing his drinks and conversation XO domminus thanks his new friends and leaves.
Dr Acora is ushered thru several secure areas ( a 10 yr old child named Ursula Psi scanned them for .. who knows… LOL ) and met the head of the facility and HEAD of PSI corp.….Star Admiral Charles Darwin introduced himself and to Dr Brenda Starsight, head of R&D there… He began to explain why she was summoned. Because of her advances in cold fusion and other techs, they shown her a non working matter/Antimatter core and want the good doctor to help work on it. The Project is classified TOP SECRET and subject to a total Recall (brain wipe). Agreeing to help, dr Acora is given a lab and a helper to work on the information ( which is implanted telepathically… nothing is stored on computer here). Apparently the reactor came from a crashed ship in Roswell NM. Dr Acora takes 6 hours to analyze the material and finds out there there are several components missing, but she is not sure if it will work still. A call came in commander domminus checking in if she was ok, she was and said she will meet up soon to discuss things. Done, she was thanked for her work, she was brainwiped of everything from the past 7 hours and released.
TOUCAN finds the most viewed data was an old television show called Babylon 5 ( the episode where the President of the republic was assassinated. Toucan documents it and brings it up to the crew where they think it leads to a repressed memory …..HMMM what are they planning? VICCI comes online and contacts HUGO 541 (An AI) and discusses the probabilities on everything that has been discovered. The current theory is that PSI corp. has some sort of stealth ship and is probably being teleported out of a safe dock inside the planet mercury for wet work missions. All information Hugo has is that Rats-N-the ATTIC is something that deals with RNA ( the basis of all genetic transcription) . Hugo theorizes that RNA transcription can also carry information such as talents and Psi abilities. At that revelation, the entire crew shuddered at the thought of what could happen.
After reporting in to admiral stark, they shuttle to Uranus where the destroyed penal colony ( yes keep laughing) was blown up… After landing on the desolate planet, they find the remains of the base and this is what they discovered! 1- the base crater was an implosion not explosion. 2- there were remains of unusual radiation (tachyon and ionic radiation) which can come from a positronic signal! 3- they find the remains of a cyborg or android who has positronic and duotronic circuits . After analyzing the data aboard the functional lab ( its 6 days in and they were allowed back on the ship for work) and found out that this is an alien android. The programming language is in volian ( unknown species) and find out that there was some sort of timer built in for 5 minutes. The only command they were able to figure out was 5 min silent countdown, hide and GO!
with the refit finished, the crew report in where to go next. Admrial stark tells them that to go to UV Ceti -A , and if you make side stops… I don’t want to know where you might be until you get to your destination. Leaving with the new upgrades, the crew is confident and makes the transition to warp space.
1/2 the way to the destination, they get a subspace transmission from an alien vessel… apparently the free trader Ticonderoga is being attacked by a deltan ship!! the USS exodus stops to help and beats the living tar out of the light cruiser!!!
the free trader is relieved and decides to make the trade with the terrans instead! apparently they have stuff to be traded to the KAH-LAHHHH!!! so to screw them over the captain takes everything they were going to trade ( experimental scout engine, 2 tons unrefined dilithium, 20 photon torpedoes, 2 Phaser cannons experimental nav relay…. what else is aboard this ship?
(Ending music, ROLL CREDITS….)



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