The Terran Expansion

S1 Episode 22

guns... or butter?

S1 Episode 22 " Guns… or Butter? "
After all four life pods left at warp speed, the captain was about to board the Narr Scout vessel. But seeing how damaged it was, he sent in a remote probe in with 10 rigged EMP grenades just in case they came across robotic resistance. After sending the probe in and viewing it onscreen, they saw what looked like huge coolant pipes in a room leaking badly. Toucan proposed there might be a coolant leak on their warp reactor. The captain taking in this advice, ordered to move 2000 KM away from the ship in case of an explosion and waited. about 4 min later the ship exploded in a huge explosion, proving toucan right ( the timer on the self destruct was counting down….LOL) . Mourning the loss of a possible tech upgrade, the exodus went to warp and arrived 2 days later at nn 3049. After probing the system, they found he 5th planet was habitable with 12 satellites surrounding it and what looked like the remains of the hulk of the transport. Heading in they opened up hailing frequencies. V.I.C.C.I (Virtual Intelligence , Command and Control Interface) detected missiles launching and laser fire and activated the red alert before any human could. Lucky the missiles and lasers did little damage to the shielding and hull as a new ship came out from the remains of the hulk. The captain opened up hailing frequencies to see if they could be peaceful.
Coming online was a long, white haired man who appeared to be in his 50s . After talking to the captain it was decided to let them land with a small complement and meet their leader for negotiations. Arming themselves with standard side arms, they took the Marvin down to the planet by following the provided landing coordinates, but arranged an emergency evac crew just in case things got hostile. Landing at the base on the planet, they were escorted across what looked like parade field grounds and saw thousands of soldiers. The soldiers could jump a 10 foot wall with ease and dodge bullets coming from a machine gun nest ( and taking it apart with their bare hands).
Once inside the main buildings, they met the same long haired man on the view screen. He greeted them from his throne and listened to their plea. Sadly it fell on deaf ears and ordered them out of the system by saying “… oh well come visit you in 20 years..”. Leaving the planet the captain got a sight as the cloaking from the satellites revealed they were actually space docks (24 of them) that were building ships. The captain then got in touch with the admiral and reported in. Describing the situation, the captain was ORDERED to liquidate the planet and all beings on it because if these were the same people from the eugenics wars over 25 years ago… things were about to get ugly. Admiral stark ordered them to get observations on them and wait 2 days for backup to start OPERATION: Release the Kraken.
2 days later 2 medium catatians cruisers with 2 medium Grrrrrath cruisers and 2 terran old style cruisers came. The plan was simple, eliminate the space docks with the ships being build by using all the tardis ships ( each equipped with 1 heavy fusion torpedo. ) and while they were bombing the docks, the fleet would take any ships out while the catatians bombed the planet. using Cold Fusion torpedoes, they would target the base and liquefy the planet via bombardment. Everything went according to plan. The shipyards were taken out, the one ship that WAS there was out gunned and outnumbered. and the planet is now considered a class d planet (molten all the way thru ). Thanking for the help, the captain had a small get together with the allies and then head back to earth for refit and upgrade the ship to the NEW Chicago class cruiser ( another nacelle, Tritanium hull and superstructure) and warped out. some time later the Deltan Pirate Fleet arrived. The admrial of that fleet was pissed to see that their new allies were nuked and contemplated their next move. Realizing that the 100 million EC bounty on the captain and 1 Billion for the ship IF it was left intact, ( 40 Million for each surviving or killed senior crew member also) was going to be harder than he first thought he had a plan…..
(cut scene to earth).
the crew arrived on earth a few days later and docked at the NEW large starbase ( each pod , and there were six, could hold 6 heavy cruisers.) and everyone was given a week for refit. Everyone scattered for awhile to find out was going on at earth.
Doctor Bear left to go to Russia and met with her granddaughter down and Moscow Teaching Hospital. After talking to her in private about the PSI Resistance movement, she gave her the formula for making PSI cloaking headbands. Apparently there has been protests against PSIcorp and each time it started, it ended just as quickly. The Granddaughter had a contact near IO who watched the explosion on the Uranus Penal Colony (yes get it out of your system NOW!!) and the discussion is tending to think that the president of the Republic is possibly under corrosion.
Marvin went to Mars and was secretly contacted by a PSIcorp agent, secretly agreeing to meet her, he landed on mars and went to the contact point. Telling that she has a message for Dr Bear, she begins what is called a Telepathic Savant message ( one use, triggered by phrase that only Dr Bear would know) implanting it in Marvin. Telling he must have it delivered in 14 days or it will be gone.
Lt Commander Tactical Officer fester, he decided to go to Germany , get drunk , eat brats and meet a lady who he takes up to his suite he rented for the week. Little does he know that the owner sent a message to someone saying “…yes sir , he is here… Ill handle it…”
Toucan 12345 Just catches up on movies and vids and begins to blog about it all. Little does she know that she is about to be dismantled by someone who is disgruntled.
Dr Acora and her friend Emily , head to London for the day and visit her old orphanage and dads grave….
Everyone gathered the next day aboard the captains quarters at starbase one. Marvin gives the hypnotic message and Tells the following tale.
" Hello, this is the commander for PSIcorp at the mars listening post. I don’t know how long I have to live so ill keep this short. PSI corps bombed the penal colony on Uranus with a prototype ship. Many of my informants have died to give me this information and I am probably next. Something BIG is coming and I don’t know exactly what it is… but its called Project: Rats-N-the-Attic. " and as soon as that ends, dr Acora is ordered to PSI corp base on mercury…
(Ending music, ROLL CREDITS….)



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