The Terran Expansion

S1 Episode 21

Crystal gass and Silicates

S1 Episode 21 “…Crystal Gas and Silicates…”
Seeing this work done in GL 46, he orders to leave orbit and head to their new destination GL 406. After spending over 14 days at warp 2 (the current highest warp possible) the crew arrives at GL 406 , a dim red giant system with 13 planets in the system. early scans indicated that the 3rd planet was teresterial in origin and had 2 moons with several satellites in orbit. Approaching they get in close for short range scanners which shown the planet is no longer considered a class m but a class t (high radiation and 200-300 degree temps). Dr Acora did scans and shown that there was a colony here at some time ago, with 5 towns near what looked like 5 old geothermal plants near 5 huge thermal cracks in the surface. Coming from the vents was a gas version of Dylithium which was magnifying the radiation and shooting anti-protons into the atmosphere and beyond. Further scans shown that the vents are unstable and could shoot up a mega eruption of anti-protons beyond the atmosphere into orbit.
Dr Bear being disappointed that the crew was not in time to save these people. Dr Bear asked Dr Acora to scan the moons for possible life. Her hunch was right when scans indicated about 143 human life forms on the moon in a primitive moon warren with a communication array that was burnt out. The captain asked about their landing facilities, there was a small landing pad with a chemical rocket landing craft there. The captain decided to land anyway and made a 4 point (crunch on the landing rocket) landing. Coming out of a airlock on the moon, someone in a moon suit started waving at the ship and the captain came out in their suits to greet this person. Switching to a local channel, the captain greeted the commander of this base and the base commander asked them to come inside to get out of these clunky suits. After coming inside and a quick tour of their warren, the base commander explained what happened. “Sirs as the current commander I am glad you’re here. When we landed in 2108 we had prospects of possible geothermal vents and the colony leader wanted a moon base with communications. That is where there were 50 colony members landed here to start moon base alpha. About two years into the colony , there were now 5 towns set up around the vents with geothermal power plants. An eruption of gas came from the first vent and then erupted from the rest.” the commander lowered his head. "It happened in a matter of minutes, and they were all killed…. now the planet is lifeless and now we have the colony here. " The captain asked the crew if there is anything we can do to give this colony a fair shake. Engineer smith suggested by giving a new communication array, new fusion reactor, new computer core and protean re-sequencers . Lt Fester suggested a new weapons emplacement and shield emplacements. The captain agreed and to get to work on it. The Doctor asked what they did for water, and the base commander replied that there were ice pockets found by mining and every 5 years a group of comets pass by and they get some ice debris to add to the supply with a LOT of recycling. The doctor also asked what observations where they able to do with their scanners of the planet. The base commander replied that he had a local geologist able to do some scans with a short range scanner and his child helps around with that. The geologist was summoned and he related why his son helps so much. As it turns out, the kid is an idiot savant who can do calculations faster then even the ships computer can compute and he also has a eidetic memory, so they understood why he kept records with his son. The captain asked if he could talk to V.I.C.C.I. (Virtual Intelligence Command and Control Interface) the ships computer, the geologist agreed.
A few hours later, dr Acora went over the data, apparently the mantle has huge amounts of dylithum in it and is making the mantle unstable. Two possible theories came about… #1 that eventually the dylithum makes the crust unstable and becomes hyperplasic (molten). #2 it causes more super eruptions and opens up more vents. Dr Acora struck down the first idea because in the years its been erupting, the planet would have gone plastic by now.
Meanwhile, the new weapons array is up and Lt fester is showing how it works to one of the local officers. On its scanners he sees something pass between the planet and the moon. Reporting back to the ship immediately he asks for a passive scan of the object. The object is a ship made of metal and crystal. It launches a ship to the surface and after an hour the vehicle comes back. Lt Fester alerts the captain of the situation and they all gather aboard the ship. Linking thru the moon bases Comm array, they make contact with the ship and find out they are from the Silicate expansion ( a unknown species at this time). After talking with them, they will ask for negation on the planet and mining the gas but want to talk to a warrior. The captain orders Lt fester to negotiate for them by going over their ship. Taking a rad space suit and taking rad meds to help just in case. The shuttle docked with the alien ship and he met with a 12 foot tall reddish crystal being. Talking thru a local communicator he found out and reported back that they want to mine the gas from the vents. Finding out that they can manipulate crystal and radiation, they agreed to clean up the environment and dome the vents in exchange for free power for the colony. Fester relayed the good news and put on a blue crystal backpack. a local field came around him and the airlock force field was lowered so he could come in.
After getting a look around , it came to light that each of these beings are near immortal. They are grown for a purpose and when they either choose to leave their tasked purpose or loose to a contest for their purpose, they can be regrown or setback to their original form. Apparently they live and breathe radiation and each being is part of the ship going so far to show that they even launch missile beings and can grab the remaining shards and regrow them. After taking the first crystal (captain) aboard the terran ship to show them the doctor finds out that they are also subject to a disease that can perrmantly kill them… called the shattering. It is a selenium based virus that corrupts and kills the crystal cells. Getting a sample of the captain she begins to work on a treatment on this alien metabolism. As a small reward, the first crystal helped to “tune” the warp reactor making it 10% more effect .
Saying their goodbyes, the crystalline ship lands on their planet and begins work on cleaning up and starting the domes. The captain reports back in to admrial stark on what happened and its decided that once the environment is cleaned up, the colony will be transferred to the surface and automate the moon base. Also more colonists will be sent to help bolster the flagging colony.
Seeing their job done, the captain begins to plot a course for further adventures and heads out. About 10 days out the ship dropped out of warp and found a huge asteroid field. Dr Acora scanned for a way around, but it would take days out of the way. So the captain decides to navigate thru the field when dr Acora detected some tachyon bursts in the field. She theorized that there might be a cloaked ship out there and attempted to scan, and that is when the Narr Scout ship attacked the Exodus. Hitting the exodus aft shields with 2 disruptor blasts and a plasma torpedo, they decided to fight. They tried to hail the narr but they ignored their hails. The Captain then did a very clever maneuver with the ship after opening up on their front shields and badly weakening the ship, they blew the Narr into submission. The captain opened hailing frequencies and asked if they had life pods, they said yes and he told them to use them now… After all four life pods left he ordered the ship to board the Narr Scout ship.
(Ending music, ROLL CREDITS….)



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