The Terran Expansion

S1 Episode 20

A new outfit has come to town...

S1 Episode 20 “…a new outfit has come to town…”
SYNOPSIS: CONTINUED FROM LAST EPISODE: The crew woke the next morning by a knock at the door… looking out were stocky men dressed in pin stripe suits with waiter cloth over the right arms (covering an obvious gat!!) , the crew seeing this pulled out their weapons and answered the door ready to mow them down. The “waiters” came in and told them MR Marconi is waiting to see them in his suite. Deciding that discretion is the better part of valor ( there were 5 crewmen and 15 of them..) the crew decided to go see Mr. Marconi.
Down in his suite, being frisked and having their fancy “heaters” taken away, they sat down with Mr. Marconi for a bite of breakfast. Mr. Marconi wanted to know if they were with Oxmix, and the crew denied it saying they were “not associated with The Oxmix outfit”. Mr. Marconi then gave them an offer, he has a problem with 3 men he wants taken care of. IF the crew takes the offer, then they can be official associates with Mr. Marconi’s crew. The captain thought and developed a plan, he took the offer and got the location of the red mug speakeasy. Taking their leave of Mr. Marconi, the crew leaves and takes their “heaters” on the way out.
Taking a ride in a cab, they head into Oxmix territory and find the building. The captain orders Lt Fester and Toucan to head in and see if the 3 men are there while the crew heads across the street to a local deli and keeps an eye out. After an hour of looking for the 3 gangsters, the Scout team find them and head out to tell the captain the news.
The captain calls up to the ship and asks if they can target the building from orbit, they can and proceed to do a tactical barrage on the building on the captains order. The crew heads to the end of the block and that is when the captain gave the order….
The building was vaporized in a hail of protonic laser blasts from orbit. Which caused the local gas pipes to blow and take out each building next to the speakeasy (NOTE: the doctor was not in this episode and is going to have “strong words” with the captain). The crew heads back and talks with Mr. Marconi and they become “associates” of the Marconi outfit. The crew then heads to the apartment and the captain hatches his plan…..He orders Lt Fester, Commander M and Lt commander Toucan to go get some “equipment” for his plan. They find the Marconi outfit supplier and head into the “gun shop”. The crew provides their bonifides with the owner and he takes them downstairs for the REAL equipment. they get 7 Tommy guns, 7 grease guns, 1 crate of dynamite, 7 boxes of bullets for each gun and a tripod machine gun with 7 thousand rounds just for that gun!
The owner gives them the truck out back for the load and tells them " if it comes back, ok, but if it doesn’t I understand…" and they take the toys back to the apartment.
around four pm, the captain meets personally with Mr. Marconi and he has a small chat. He tells them a new “outfit” has come to town called the “terrans” and all the gangs are being invited… or else! Mr. Marconi of course laughed and said “….ok ill bite, what’s the OR ELSE? laugh…laugh…laugh…”. The captain directed his attention to the outside window and shown him a limousine out in front. The captain then called into his communicator and gave the order! A single protonic blast hit the car and startled the boss.
“Ok so… ill have to call the bosses to meet here!” said Mr. Marconi and he told all of them it was an emergency meeting. Thanking Mr. Marconi he went back to his suite….
The next morning, all the bosses were there! and they were escorted to the local baseball field 3 blocks over. The captain gave them the lowdown that they were now apart of a global outfit now associated with “the Terran outfit” and if any of you have doubts…..that is when the ship landed in the field. Well all but one boss agreed to the plan and the other boss tried to fire upon the captain… when his troops set their weapons to stun and blasted the last hold outs into sleep.
Seeing that their work is done here, they submitted a report with terran command and the live reply is that within a week, 5000 marines will air drop in to start policing matters with a new planetary governor, doctors, scientists, teachers and engineers to bring this backwater up to speed!
Seeing this work done, he orders to leave orbit and head to their new destination GL 46. after a few days at warp 2, they reached the destination. a pulsar system with a huge gas and dust disk around the entire solar system. Dr Acora did her usual scans and indicated that the pulsar is what was left of a super nova and what was pulsing was the core of the star. Her further scans did indicate remains of a planet ( a 1/4 hemisphere was left intact with some structures ) and that there was a tachyon pulse coming from there, but warned of the heavy radiation throughout the system. The captain ordered yellow alert and went into the system at 1/2 impulse.
A few hours later dodging chunks of debris, they found the remains of a planetoid and the captain ordered his away team. Seeing that was a total airless environment with high radiation, they went Eva with spacesuits and grav belts. When the crew landed on the planet they activated the grav belts to get some semblance of gravity and started following the signal on the tricorder. The crew found themselves in what was left of a city made of Tritanium and other metals. Most of the buildings were half melted and one nearby building was showing the ping of the signal they found. Entering the building and going down to the 3rd sub-basement, they found some sort of reactor. It looked like a 5 foot cylinder diameter and it was 10 feet in height. the top 5 feet had blue lights going to a center that was blocked and the bottom 5 had red lights heading to the center. further scans shown that this reactor was shooting deuterium and anti-deuterium to a localized singularity that was about 8 inches in diameter. Dr Acora was amazed at the level of power it was generating ( enough to power several star bases for 300 years or power an entire planet for the same time). The singularity kept all the energized reaction around it and thus was slowly bleeded off. Carbon dating put the device at over 100,000 years and it was shown to be damaged…moving it impossible because if the reactor released all that energy in an explosion now, it would be the equivalent of another supernova. Scanning the room for writing, they found out the writing to be an old extinct race called the aseir . after contacting terran command about the discovery and sending their data, the exodus refueled with the available free floating hydrogen and then left for their next destination.
(Ending music, ROLL CREDITS….)



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