The Terran Expansion

S2 Episode 7

S2 Episode 7 “…On the Wings of Mercury… PART 2”
SYNOPSIS: After releasing the president and dozens of senators, the crew and new allies now fight their way to this levels control center. After doc Acora uses the control codes , she gets in and finds the room where the nexus brain is. The First firefight was a ambush, using the stealth suits they gain the upper hand and have a grenade fest. The second room as a choke point, they find out this room is a filtration system for the nexus brain. The back wall is filled with glass tubes full of molecular acid. After shooting up the tubes and releasing the acid rain upon the intruders, Officer Tundra uses his Psi power of Cryokinesis and creates a wall of ice( which holds the acid at bay). When he thinks the acid burning is done, he creates a ice bridge across the gulf of the room ( the acid is still burning the floor away. Observing from inside the room, the crew finds out it is an organic material that is acting as the filter for the acid much like a kidney does. A quick scan indicates that the material is a cross of volian and other unidentified dna.
After running into Reichmann outside the nexus room, he “knocks” on the door with a barrage of missiles. Looking into a room that is about 120 ft in diameter with a 60 ft alien looking brain in the center. being held in place by two energy beams that seem to be filtering away the waste (but not resupplying nutrients now). The captain gives the order to coat the room in Psi blocking goo. The two officers carrying the goo throwers coat the room in black slime and they also for safety coat the brain.
All over the system, people start dropping and morph into the red skin aliens . A quick cut-scene shows Star Admrial Darwin getting into his alien scout craft and uses a teleport tunnel to escape. The beginning of dismantling this room and transferring the brain to Terran medical to be examined (dissected and probed).
Doing an accounting, there are only 500 Psi Corp active left in the corps, and Psi Corp is dismantled and enrolled into the New military and government. The Crew landed In Geneva for the procession of honor. A huge crowd of 5 million cheer upon their landing and in military procession they are Brought before the president of the terran republic with the entire senatorial cabinet standing before them. Our heroes receive the following medals: The Distinguished Service Cross ( for saving the republic), Life Saving medal ( for rescuing those who were locked up) , Second campaign ribbon (for the entire action: colored red and gold center now), and finally for the captain , he is offered a Commodore position but he refuses it ( he does NOT want to be behind a desk).
The Friends of Peter are granted immunity and due to their service to the republic, they are granted Organizational status to advance Psi abilities and be tolerated amongst all peoples. Clones are now recognized as a separate species within the terran races and are granted the ability to become citizens (with all rights within and even breeding rights).
Doctor Acora Gets down on one knee and proposes marriage to her longtime friend and lover Emily, and in a grand proposal the entire crowd goes wild.
(Commercial break advertising Toilet buddy cleaning system and Nuke Pockets- the food that glows when you cook it.)
Now for the new Government. A new Galactic government is formed called…. THE UNTIED PLANETARY LEAGUE. The military arm (which for this new government to be successful) is called the Galactic Armada in which all signaturaries will contribute military personnel and ships. Terra volunteers space to have the new military housed with the First Galactic armada space dock to be built. The other signatories are all the terran systems (who were colonies including alpha Centuari), The Grrrrrath, The Catatians . The agreement that each signatory must be a space faring species to be apart of this event is agreed upon unanimously.
president Takinowia and admirals stark and Reichmann are now represenetives from terra ( 3 per) and will participate in the new government. with an election to be held to see who will be president of the United Planetary League ( president will preside on earth for now until further things are worked out). The vulcans and Krylon are looked as possible partners as well as the plant people . The New USS Exodus A ( official heavy Cruiser ) is about 1 to 1 1/2 years away from completion.
The captain and crew of the U.S.S exodus decide to visit the home of the Ursine ( a 3 tier race with ursine as small as a teddy bear and as large as a full grown 10 foot bear). after 15 days later, they arrive at GL86, a binary system ( giant orange orbited by a small brown dwarf) with 13 planets in orbit ( the home world is the 4th one) and is orbited by a small space station ( ursine 7) and a hail is sent to the ship. The channels are opened and the captain begins talking to a large bear who welcomes the terrans and begins to tell them the landing co-ordinates. (the captain also finds out they are big believers in free will and trade in their conversation). After docking with the station a white bear sized ursine named Lt Hagraah issues them a 1 week pass ( 100 credits for a high VIPs status) and is given some honey they brought aboard(ambrosia). Apparently Honey here is rare and a flask of 1 liter is the equivalent of 100,000 credits in value!
They soon acquire the services of a small ursine guide (personal Assistant for VIPs) Named Treebank. He is given 1000 EC for his services and begins to take them to the outer ring of the space station. In the outer ring , almost all the trade takes place with other races and several examples of races with what they like to trade in. He takes you to the more exclusive part of the outer ring , The Grizzly House ( a hotel for wealthy aliens) looks like a giant sequoia with branches with suites on them. The Captain pays for 1 week say and they are bungeed up to the 4th floor ( a harness that bounces them up) and they retire for the night.

(Ending music, ROLL CREDITS….)



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