Near the spacebaseWelcome to the Terran Expansion.**
We are a good bunch of role players looking for more who wish to have fun on a regular basis. We meet Every Sunday ( Barring special events, family events or my Wife Working that night). Between 5 pm to 10 PM.
I run the game like an Sci-Fi television show. So its episodic each week with a few carry overs to the next week. I even incorporate Commercials , Ratings and other things into the campaign( better ratings means more sponsors which means MORE exp for the players).
The system we use is Hero System 6th Edition. If you never played with it or never role played.. DON’T PANIC… we always take in new players and total newbies to gaming, and I have not have had disappointments in how i run my game. in fact the players Drive the game, while i put in plot points, Npcs, aliens to blow up or seduce.
The rules we enforce at playing at my place are

  1. Have FUN
  2. no smoking inside!
  3. must be older than 14 to play ( we get rowdy and sometimes adult with our language so if your under 16 you must be with a parent!!! no exceptions)
  4. bring snacks and drink for your selves and those whom you wish to share with… bribing the GM is always encouraged and will guarantee you extra XP but not always save your characters life!
  5. be prepared to LAUGH alot!!!
    for those who want to get in on the fun… contact
    GM : Michael Stark
    P# (America) (219)-455-2384 (yes you can text me!!!)
    Email: ( make sure in the subject line you say THE TERRAN EXPANSION so i don’t delete you.. i get hundreds of emails a day!)

hope to see you there…

The Terran Expansion

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