The Terran Expansion

a time to reap and a time to sew

S1 Episode 26 SEASON FINALLE"….. A time to Reap, A time to Sew…. "
SYNOPSIS: In the hours following the Abduction of Captain A.J Stewart, Acting captain Dominus reports back to Fleet Admrial Reichmann on his capture. The admrial announces a joint effort to strike back and maybe get the captain back alive! Acting Captain Dominus is to rendezvous in the sirus system with the joint strike forces of the Grrrrrath and the catatians. From there the co-ordinates on where there will be a lone deltan ship will be making a delivery to a system. They are to take the ship by surprise and board it, and then taking the ship with a select crew into Deltan Space.
(CUTSCENE to the Deltan Prison)
A Deltan ship approaches this large planetoid above a black hole that is orbited by 3 large red stars which is holding the planetoid above and out of the black hole. After the ship docks, AJ is transferred to a cell where he is taunted by a Deltan Jailer. “Well Well, the great terran criminal is in for a treat! you are in time for the reaping, you will be competing for your life with 99 other prisoners in a holographic arena and the last one alive wins his freedom… but I don’t think you will be the winner with OUR star prisoner… muhahahhahah…”
Back aboard the uss exodus, shortly before the ship leaves the local friendly port, physical mail is delivered. The Psi officer gets his package with is psychically imbued with a message from admrial Reichmann. letting him know that directive 427 is in effect and he has been implanted with a psychic order. When the directive goes live, the Psi officer will be in charge and if he fails to carry it out , the order he was implanted will torture him.
Mail call for the doctor came in and she also got a piece of mail from the Friends of free Psychics. Several agents have been captured and psi corps has something big planned. Reply using the smallest Russian doll you were given.
As the ship is making way to sirus to meet with the joint strike force, the captain is mow mining every day and his cell mates are a Ursine (bear), Vulcan, A starfish looking alien, wispy energy cloud and imprisoned deltan. He makes friends with them as he learns that the prison is run by the triteeth (a yellow skinned alien group with 3 sets of razor sharp teeth).
19 days later, the ship meets with the joint strike force. The plan is that they will hide in a magnetic/radiation belt of a Jovian to mask the sensors. The catatians will use their improved Ion Cannons and attempt to disable the ships engines. The Grrrrrath will attempt to halt the ship using tractor beams and board the ship while the terrans will jam the communications and hack the computer.
about two and a half days later, the plan goes off without a hitch. the deltans try to get away via escape pods, but 3 out of the four life pods are gathered ( the fourth was blown up). The captain of the deltan ship is also captured and interrogated. Doctor Acora manages to get a hold of the computer and the data needed. The deltan captain just confirms what the data is found. The ships manifest shows they were hauling 12 tons of synthetic cocaine, 1 ton of a opeoid , 1 ton of depressants and 1 ton of an unknown substance called spark. The crew boards and takes control of the ship and heads out for the Deltan Syndicate.
Captain Stewart finds out the leader of the triteeth and calls him out in prison. Where the captain then precedes to get knocked the fuck out 3 times in a row….each time waking up in the cell with someone giving him a healing drink that tastes like balls and sweat socks. About 7 days later, the captured ship “the Freelancer”, enters the system and after being challenged by another ship for ID and trading for some space coke the freelancer continues inward. The plan is simple. Some of the crew heading is have been cosmetically changed to look like a purple skinned deltan. dr Acora, her friend and 6 other odsts in Stealth suits are to go secure the computer core and locate the captain. the others are to bring commander dominus aboard to act as he was the bounty. Commander dominus will (from the inside) protect the captain as they make their way for escape.
When they land, the first group (lt commander fester, Dr Bear, Commander Dominus ) board the base. Dropping off dominus and getting his 40,000,000 EC bounty they wait and unload the space drugs for selling to the general populace here in the prison. As Commander Dominus is being "escorted " into the prison, he finds out he also will be part of the reaping!!! Stealth Team Samus enters the computer core ( the two guards are neck snapped and so is the computer geek inside) and with help of Toucan 12345 they managed to hack the computer core, gain control of the defensive systems and gain control of the reaping games computer .
Inside the games, the captain and commander are prepped and are sent into the games where they meet up inside. They team up and head to something representing a cornucopia with tons of weapons and supplies are waiting to be taken. they wait to see what’s going on with a furry humanoid goes for it. When a scorpion man with 3 tails becomes uncloaked and kills the furry with all 3 of its tails. the captain and commander move away to figure out to do. when all of a sudden they get several silver parachutes full of weapons and such. The captain and commander takes out the alien and figure out where there is a hole in the holographic cloak. Opening it up they meet outside with their friends and Team Samus. Making their way back to the ship its almost a constant firefight until they reach the turbo shaft. Eventually they make their way to the ship finding out that dr Acora started a full scale riot on board the planetoid by releasing all the prisoners out of their cells.
Making their way, away from the planet, they find that they are being pursued by a small fleet. barely getting away from their pursuers, they make the way back to the ambush system . they find out that one of the planets would make a good shake and bake colony and decide to let the republic once they are back at sirus.
again, they make their way to the sirus system. The captain contacted the von banking industry and put the captured ship into storage. And a message from terra… The presidents ship that was traveling to the colony worlds for the elections exploded!! the VP of terran republic is now in charge. There was a general order that the captain was not in charge of his ship anymore.. the Psi officer was now in charge due to the lockdown on the military.
(Ending music, ROLL CREDITS….)

a new psi OR dont drink the time lord

S1 Episode 25 "….. A new PSI or Don’t drink the time lord…. "
SYNOPSIS: While watching what happened in Admrial Starks quarters, A report came in from engineering. An accident in Psi officer smiths quarters when a bulk head fell on him, leaving a squeegee to be used to clean him up with. The doctor went down to clone him when it was discovered he had a degenerating DNA sequence that makes cloning not possible on his remains. Luckily Psi corps brought the new ‘Officer’ (in chains) on board and released him telling the captain “…good luck with this one…”
Just when The captain thinks that things could not get any worse, the new admrial who is taking admrial Starks’ duties until he is up and around , gives orders to be underway within 24 hours escorting the Colony tug , the U.S.S Mayflower to her destination at GJ 2020 with captain Zachary. In the meantime, the crew contact a A.I called Hugo the major question asked is where is admrial stark if he is still alive. Apparently Hugo the AI knew about the fake stark, and theorized that the most likely scenario is that he is being held by Psi Corp. Hugo also informs the crew that there is in the rumor mill (amongst AIs) that There is an attempt by Vulcan to attack Krylon.
After sinqueing with the mayflower for a warp jump, the ships made it to GJ 2020 on October 20th. Scans indicate 8 planets in the system of a blue/white dwarf. The second Planet indicated that it is a terran based, a probe was launched and it is not a terran planet BUT a super earth ( this one 8 times the size of earth!) with 2 terran planets and a water planet based. Further scans in the entire system indicate an alien space station around the 5th Jovian planet. Contact with the Jovian shown that it is a alien night club called Neutron Star ( hard metal/alternative/punk and some others). After hailing the station, the crew decided to visit it via a marrs Shuttle.
When approached, the Shuttle was hailed by an Altarian. Arrangements were made to get VIA ( very important Alien) and the ship docked. After getting their holographic Stamps for 24 hour access, the crew split up and went to visit various places on the space station ( 25 floors of music pumping and drinks flowing…). The captain went to the VIA area to relax, Evelyn and Harvey head to the mosh pit. they both get a solar flare ( the drink makes light come out of every orifice ). LT commander Fester said surprise me and got a time lord ( sent him throughout time loosing pieces of clothes each jump and getting drunker). The first time Lt Commander fester woke up in a forest being slavered on by an alien t-rex type and ran (loosing his shirt and jacket this time).
The captain is relaxing in the VIA area… but apparently this was a ruse!!! he was ambushed by 12 Deltans! The captain pushes the emergency signal to get his crew here, but he makes a good show of it being forced to fight anyway by taking out the leader and doing a leap over the gang who tried to surround him. But someone got a lucky shot and he was stunned… thus the group preceded to gang pound him into unconscious.
the crew get there to see his blood and some alien blood. The new Psi corps officer tried to contact him but was only able to get him in his unconscious mind. The next fester travel had him in a desert with 3 moons, now missing his shirt, coat and pants ( he has underwear and boots on…) when a giant scorpion comes over the mound and fester makes a run for it.
The crew are contacted by lt smith from the exodus, they had to break orbit because they were being attacked by deltans!!! the crew rushed to the shuttle and a few hours later they managed to get on board just as the deltan fleet caught up with them. Just as the crew (minus fester) got into their seats, Lt commander fester appears in his position (naked as a jay bird) saying he’s reporting for duty. Commander Dominus takes command while a desperate battle plays out. Just as it looks like the ship is about to be crippled and boarded, an armada of terran ships (2 scouts, 2 destroyers and 1 battle tug) appear and change the tide of the battle…
The last cut scene you see is the captain chained up to the bulkhead in the alien ship. A Deltan comes in when he is woke up and pulls out a wicked energy whip " Sooo Captain Stewart, you know this is going to hurt me more than you. What am I saying.. this is NOT going to hurt me ONE BIT!! MUHAHAHHA " as he pulls the whip back as it crackles with purple energy…..
(Ending music, ROLL CREDITS….)

S1 Episode 24
The Dark Carnival or Ablative mime shield

S1 Episode 24 "….. The dark Carnival or Ablative mime shield…. "
SYNOPSIS: Further talks with the captain of the free trader shows he has lots of beverages to sell ( and dr bear bought a 55 gallon drum of a glowing rainbow liquid with no name ). Just before the free trader leaves , dr Acora gets a message from terran command, it’s a Priority Zero message for the captain ( his eyes only). The captain takes it in his office and finds out that fleet admrial stark had an accident and is in the hospital in a coma undergoing reconstructive surgery. He’s expected to come out some time but not sure when.
The captain announces the news to the senior staff and the uss exodus leaves for Krylon-11. A few days later the exodus makes it to Krylar and there is a deltan Ship in dock! deciding to dock and get the info and leave, he orders anyone going aboard the space station to be ready to leave upon recall (having a bounty on your head does that). The captain makes contact with Krylon command and makes an appointment to see the Krylon Research division onboard the space station. Going to the research division is the captain, Dr Acora, Mr. M. while Lt smith, Security chief Harvey go to the lounge on board the station to have a drink…
At the research division, The crew gives the parts and a quick review of the android pieces the following conclusions were discovered. 1- This is of Volian manufacture, it is a hunter assassin droid that works in packs of 3. 2- it has been retasked by someone of NON volian nature (at least that is what they think) and implanted with a implosion device. 3- No volian would let this get away, it had to be stolen! 4- no volian has been seen outside their encounter suits, if you can get a genetic sample bring it back!!! The captain and crew there thanked them and would be back.
Lt Harvey and Lt smith were drinking at the alien bar and were being taunted by deltans. The deltans taunted them with drinks called a Quasar (pulsing blue drink) and one almost finished off lt smith. Offering to get them some aprons so they could be little ladies, the two left before reinforcements came to claim the bounty on both of them.
the entire crew now regrouped , left for UV Ceti -A at full speed. Arriving 19 days later, the crew found the cause of the alien signal at first scans!!! An alien Starbase was painted up like a Circus with alien clowns dancing in spacesuits outside the station. Going in system ward the captain was wary. After taking the sights on the space station ( alien carnival food, the big top with circus like events) the crew began to wander around slowly going back to the ship. They noticed a lost little alien boy and gave him to the near by authorities (dressed up as clown cops of course). Later they found the mother and directed her to go to the authorities to get him, but that was not meant to be…..
Lt Smith noticed in the nearby alley way between carnival food tents and vendors, there was a puddle of blood and he went to investigate. Touching the blood he heard a sound and looked up at an alien looking manta ray with 12 spear like teeth falling down on him….. uh oh too late lt smith! The captain noticed that not everyone was here and ordered to find lt smith! dr Acora traced his communicator to the station where they went to find him. All they found was his comm. and a large puddle of his blood!. Toucan decides the best way to find him and the lost child is to create a lost child droid. Toucan takes an hour to create a little naked droid that walked around looking for its mommy ( but it was relaying in real time visual info). The naked droid was found by a clown cop and taken down into the station into a room full of other kids. Soon after that, the floor dropped into a 50 ft pit where several of those manta things began to eat everyone (including the droid) and they lost contact. The captain decided that there is evil afoot and ordered Dr bear to create a virus to kill the damn things! Doing the same thing again, toucan created a second CLOTHED child lost droid (this time with a virus bomb implanted inside) and when the clown cop found this one, it gave VERY inappropriate responses and stabbed it and spaced the droid. For a third time, Toucan created a droid child to be found (this time its an alien child) and implanted with a bio-bomb. Again the same thing happens as the first time, BUT this time they see worm like creatures come upon the remains and implant themselves in the remains and revive and regenerate the tissue into a full being. Where a clown cop came in and stamped them in white face then led them out.
deciding that this is SOOO creepy and they are harvesting people here as a form of food and breeding stock. The captain decided ( with a heavy heart) that this space station needs to be “cleansed” of the alien menace. TO create the virus to kill this species, the doctor and others went to the space dock and tricked the mime to look the other way and… clubbed it from behind! Taking the alien aboard the ship, they do extensive neural surgery and find out that the worm attaches itself to the brainstem and sends fibrous appendages throughout the brain (thus killing the host and making it a puppet). After a few hours of genetic research, they take one of the pet fuzzies ( they look like a tribble and act like em) and implant a artificial gland that will secrete the virus via a little silent fart (silent but deadly… LOL). and release it upon the space station.
within 48 hours the little fuzzy replicated so much, the viral load on the space station apparently infected all the evil clowns. 12 hours after that, all the alien clowns died off as the safe alien population that was visiting, left in a hurry! 12 hours after that the space station was so full of fuzzies, the bulkhead in places ruptured and the space station went crashing down into the Venusian like planet thus ending the rein of the evil clowns.
Getting orders to report back to terra, they were ordered to take a colony ship to GJ 2020 as escort. First they head to terran Fleet medical on Venus to see how Admrial stark is doing. After Commander Domminus distracts the attending doctor, dr bear does a complete scan and finds out that this is a WELL replicated clone! Just a basic neural pattern to make it look like that he is a vegetable. Deciding to get more answers the captain Hatches a bold plan…..
Later the captain meets with Fleet admrial reichart. distracting him to go with him and commander domminus to Zero Gravity (an admirals only club) and they go out. LT Smith distracts the secretary to go to a club ( where she proceeds to drink him under the table)…
Toucan, LT Commander fester, Dr Acora work their way into the office, dismantle the security and begin doing their scans. They found out that a micro explosive device was planted inside the bulkhead wall via a Jefferies tube and about 10 minutes before the explosion took place, Star admrial Charles Darwin (they are viewing the security logs btw!) chews out fleet admrial stark that he was dodging his bi yearly scans and as he was leaving he winked at the camera….TO BE CONTINUED NEXT WEEK…
(Ending music, ROLL CREDITS….)

S1 Episode 23
dirty deeds done acora cheap!!!

S1 Episode 23 " …Dirty Deeds, Done Acora Cheap!… "
SYNOPSIS: Dr Acora was summoned to Mercury to report in at PSI command. Commander Domminus and Toucan 12345 went with her as support. Approaching mercury they found out that they were not landing on the surface , but descending into mercury thru a opening on the thin band between the hot and the dark sides. Going down several miles, they finally came to the stop and a secure landing port deep inside mercury where no other ships land.
Upon landing the crew find out that this is the guest port where there are thousands of family and visitors meet members of Psi Corp while they are training or working here. dr Acora was ushered out of the visiting area and Commander Domminus and toucan began exploring the visitors center.
Finding the officers club (of course..) the XO found two other commanders sitting and drinking. XO Domminus introduced himself to the other two commanders and they begin to talk privately in the club with a privacy field. The first commander is running the visitors area here because his wife (someone HIGH up) is working on something but he is not privy to what she is doing… and working a lot of extra late hours. The Second commander comes in to visit his sister who is a Capt. here. She tends to forget what she is working on… and a lot of new traffic for troop transport ships he’s seen has been here. He keeps asking his sis what’s going on and she always says “I will talk to you about it later” and then forgets what she was talking about…finishing his drinks and conversation XO domminus thanks his new friends and leaves.
Dr Acora is ushered thru several secure areas ( a 10 yr old child named Ursula Psi scanned them for .. who knows… LOL ) and met the head of the facility and HEAD of PSI corp.….Star Admiral Charles Darwin introduced himself and to Dr Brenda Starsight, head of R&D there… He began to explain why she was summoned. Because of her advances in cold fusion and other techs, they shown her a non working matter/Antimatter core and want the good doctor to help work on it. The Project is classified TOP SECRET and subject to a total Recall (brain wipe). Agreeing to help, dr Acora is given a lab and a helper to work on the information ( which is implanted telepathically… nothing is stored on computer here). Apparently the reactor came from a crashed ship in Roswell NM. Dr Acora takes 6 hours to analyze the material and finds out there there are several components missing, but she is not sure if it will work still. A call came in commander domminus checking in if she was ok, she was and said she will meet up soon to discuss things. Done, she was thanked for her work, she was brainwiped of everything from the past 7 hours and released.
TOUCAN finds the most viewed data was an old television show called Babylon 5 ( the episode where the President of the republic was assassinated. Toucan documents it and brings it up to the crew where they think it leads to a repressed memory …..HMMM what are they planning? VICCI comes online and contacts HUGO 541 (An AI) and discusses the probabilities on everything that has been discovered. The current theory is that PSI corp. has some sort of stealth ship and is probably being teleported out of a safe dock inside the planet mercury for wet work missions. All information Hugo has is that Rats-N-the ATTIC is something that deals with RNA ( the basis of all genetic transcription) . Hugo theorizes that RNA transcription can also carry information such as talents and Psi abilities. At that revelation, the entire crew shuddered at the thought of what could happen.
After reporting in to admiral stark, they shuttle to Uranus where the destroyed penal colony ( yes keep laughing) was blown up… After landing on the desolate planet, they find the remains of the base and this is what they discovered! 1- the base crater was an implosion not explosion. 2- there were remains of unusual radiation (tachyon and ionic radiation) which can come from a positronic signal! 3- they find the remains of a cyborg or android who has positronic and duotronic circuits . After analyzing the data aboard the functional lab ( its 6 days in and they were allowed back on the ship for work) and found out that this is an alien android. The programming language is in volian ( unknown species) and find out that there was some sort of timer built in for 5 minutes. The only command they were able to figure out was 5 min silent countdown, hide and GO!
with the refit finished, the crew report in where to go next. Admrial stark tells them that to go to UV Ceti -A , and if you make side stops… I don’t want to know where you might be until you get to your destination. Leaving with the new upgrades, the crew is confident and makes the transition to warp space.
1/2 the way to the destination, they get a subspace transmission from an alien vessel… apparently the free trader Ticonderoga is being attacked by a deltan ship!! the USS exodus stops to help and beats the living tar out of the light cruiser!!!
the free trader is relieved and decides to make the trade with the terrans instead! apparently they have stuff to be traded to the KAH-LAHHHH!!! so to screw them over the captain takes everything they were going to trade ( experimental scout engine, 2 tons unrefined dilithium, 20 photon torpedoes, 2 Phaser cannons experimental nav relay…. what else is aboard this ship?
(Ending music, ROLL CREDITS….)

S1 Episode 22
guns... or butter?

S1 Episode 22 " Guns… or Butter? "
After all four life pods left at warp speed, the captain was about to board the Narr Scout vessel. But seeing how damaged it was, he sent in a remote probe in with 10 rigged EMP grenades just in case they came across robotic resistance. After sending the probe in and viewing it onscreen, they saw what looked like huge coolant pipes in a room leaking badly. Toucan proposed there might be a coolant leak on their warp reactor. The captain taking in this advice, ordered to move 2000 KM away from the ship in case of an explosion and waited. about 4 min later the ship exploded in a huge explosion, proving toucan right ( the timer on the self destruct was counting down….LOL) . Mourning the loss of a possible tech upgrade, the exodus went to warp and arrived 2 days later at nn 3049. After probing the system, they found he 5th planet was habitable with 12 satellites surrounding it and what looked like the remains of the hulk of the transport. Heading in they opened up hailing frequencies. V.I.C.C.I (Virtual Intelligence , Command and Control Interface) detected missiles launching and laser fire and activated the red alert before any human could. Lucky the missiles and lasers did little damage to the shielding and hull as a new ship came out from the remains of the hulk. The captain opened up hailing frequencies to see if they could be peaceful.
Coming online was a long, white haired man who appeared to be in his 50s . After talking to the captain it was decided to let them land with a small complement and meet their leader for negotiations. Arming themselves with standard side arms, they took the Marvin down to the planet by following the provided landing coordinates, but arranged an emergency evac crew just in case things got hostile. Landing at the base on the planet, they were escorted across what looked like parade field grounds and saw thousands of soldiers. The soldiers could jump a 10 foot wall with ease and dodge bullets coming from a machine gun nest ( and taking it apart with their bare hands).
Once inside the main buildings, they met the same long haired man on the view screen. He greeted them from his throne and listened to their plea. Sadly it fell on deaf ears and ordered them out of the system by saying “… oh well come visit you in 20 years..”. Leaving the planet the captain got a sight as the cloaking from the satellites revealed they were actually space docks (24 of them) that were building ships. The captain then got in touch with the admiral and reported in. Describing the situation, the captain was ORDERED to liquidate the planet and all beings on it because if these were the same people from the eugenics wars over 25 years ago… things were about to get ugly. Admiral stark ordered them to get observations on them and wait 2 days for backup to start OPERATION: Release the Kraken.
2 days later 2 medium catatians cruisers with 2 medium Grrrrrath cruisers and 2 terran old style cruisers came. The plan was simple, eliminate the space docks with the ships being build by using all the tardis ships ( each equipped with 1 heavy fusion torpedo. ) and while they were bombing the docks, the fleet would take any ships out while the catatians bombed the planet. using Cold Fusion torpedoes, they would target the base and liquefy the planet via bombardment. Everything went according to plan. The shipyards were taken out, the one ship that WAS there was out gunned and outnumbered. and the planet is now considered a class d planet (molten all the way thru ). Thanking for the help, the captain had a small get together with the allies and then head back to earth for refit and upgrade the ship to the NEW Chicago class cruiser ( another nacelle, Tritanium hull and superstructure) and warped out. some time later the Deltan Pirate Fleet arrived. The admrial of that fleet was pissed to see that their new allies were nuked and contemplated their next move. Realizing that the 100 million EC bounty on the captain and 1 Billion for the ship IF it was left intact, ( 40 Million for each surviving or killed senior crew member also) was going to be harder than he first thought he had a plan…..
(cut scene to earth).
the crew arrived on earth a few days later and docked at the NEW large starbase ( each pod , and there were six, could hold 6 heavy cruisers.) and everyone was given a week for refit. Everyone scattered for awhile to find out was going on at earth.
Doctor Bear left to go to Russia and met with her granddaughter down and Moscow Teaching Hospital. After talking to her in private about the PSI Resistance movement, she gave her the formula for making PSI cloaking headbands. Apparently there has been protests against PSIcorp and each time it started, it ended just as quickly. The Granddaughter had a contact near IO who watched the explosion on the Uranus Penal Colony (yes get it out of your system NOW!!) and the discussion is tending to think that the president of the Republic is possibly under corrosion.
Marvin went to Mars and was secretly contacted by a PSIcorp agent, secretly agreeing to meet her, he landed on mars and went to the contact point. Telling that she has a message for Dr Bear, she begins what is called a Telepathic Savant message ( one use, triggered by phrase that only Dr Bear would know) implanting it in Marvin. Telling he must have it delivered in 14 days or it will be gone.
Lt Commander Tactical Officer fester, he decided to go to Germany , get drunk , eat brats and meet a lady who he takes up to his suite he rented for the week. Little does he know that the owner sent a message to someone saying “…yes sir , he is here… Ill handle it…”
Toucan 12345 Just catches up on movies and vids and begins to blog about it all. Little does she know that she is about to be dismantled by someone who is disgruntled.
Dr Acora and her friend Emily , head to London for the day and visit her old orphanage and dads grave….
Everyone gathered the next day aboard the captains quarters at starbase one. Marvin gives the hypnotic message and Tells the following tale.
" Hello, this is the commander for PSIcorp at the mars listening post. I don’t know how long I have to live so ill keep this short. PSI corps bombed the penal colony on Uranus with a prototype ship. Many of my informants have died to give me this information and I am probably next. Something BIG is coming and I don’t know exactly what it is… but its called Project: Rats-N-the-Attic. " and as soon as that ends, dr Acora is ordered to PSI corp base on mercury…
(Ending music, ROLL CREDITS….)

S1 Episode 21
Crystal gass and Silicates

S1 Episode 21 “…Crystal Gas and Silicates…”
Seeing this work done in GL 46, he orders to leave orbit and head to their new destination GL 406. After spending over 14 days at warp 2 (the current highest warp possible) the crew arrives at GL 406 , a dim red giant system with 13 planets in the system. early scans indicated that the 3rd planet was teresterial in origin and had 2 moons with several satellites in orbit. Approaching they get in close for short range scanners which shown the planet is no longer considered a class m but a class t (high radiation and 200-300 degree temps). Dr Acora did scans and shown that there was a colony here at some time ago, with 5 towns near what looked like 5 old geothermal plants near 5 huge thermal cracks in the surface. Coming from the vents was a gas version of Dylithium which was magnifying the radiation and shooting anti-protons into the atmosphere and beyond. Further scans shown that the vents are unstable and could shoot up a mega eruption of anti-protons beyond the atmosphere into orbit.
Dr Bear being disappointed that the crew was not in time to save these people. Dr Bear asked Dr Acora to scan the moons for possible life. Her hunch was right when scans indicated about 143 human life forms on the moon in a primitive moon warren with a communication array that was burnt out. The captain asked about their landing facilities, there was a small landing pad with a chemical rocket landing craft there. The captain decided to land anyway and made a 4 point (crunch on the landing rocket) landing. Coming out of a airlock on the moon, someone in a moon suit started waving at the ship and the captain came out in their suits to greet this person. Switching to a local channel, the captain greeted the commander of this base and the base commander asked them to come inside to get out of these clunky suits. After coming inside and a quick tour of their warren, the base commander explained what happened. “Sirs as the current commander I am glad you’re here. When we landed in 2108 we had prospects of possible geothermal vents and the colony leader wanted a moon base with communications. That is where there were 50 colony members landed here to start moon base alpha. About two years into the colony , there were now 5 towns set up around the vents with geothermal power plants. An eruption of gas came from the first vent and then erupted from the rest.” the commander lowered his head. "It happened in a matter of minutes, and they were all killed…. now the planet is lifeless and now we have the colony here. " The captain asked the crew if there is anything we can do to give this colony a fair shake. Engineer smith suggested by giving a new communication array, new fusion reactor, new computer core and protean re-sequencers . Lt Fester suggested a new weapons emplacement and shield emplacements. The captain agreed and to get to work on it. The Doctor asked what they did for water, and the base commander replied that there were ice pockets found by mining and every 5 years a group of comets pass by and they get some ice debris to add to the supply with a LOT of recycling. The doctor also asked what observations where they able to do with their scanners of the planet. The base commander replied that he had a local geologist able to do some scans with a short range scanner and his child helps around with that. The geologist was summoned and he related why his son helps so much. As it turns out, the kid is an idiot savant who can do calculations faster then even the ships computer can compute and he also has a eidetic memory, so they understood why he kept records with his son. The captain asked if he could talk to V.I.C.C.I. (Virtual Intelligence Command and Control Interface) the ships computer, the geologist agreed.
A few hours later, dr Acora went over the data, apparently the mantle has huge amounts of dylithum in it and is making the mantle unstable. Two possible theories came about… #1 that eventually the dylithum makes the crust unstable and becomes hyperplasic (molten). #2 it causes more super eruptions and opens up more vents. Dr Acora struck down the first idea because in the years its been erupting, the planet would have gone plastic by now.
Meanwhile, the new weapons array is up and Lt fester is showing how it works to one of the local officers. On its scanners he sees something pass between the planet and the moon. Reporting back to the ship immediately he asks for a passive scan of the object. The object is a ship made of metal and crystal. It launches a ship to the surface and after an hour the vehicle comes back. Lt Fester alerts the captain of the situation and they all gather aboard the ship. Linking thru the moon bases Comm array, they make contact with the ship and find out they are from the Silicate expansion ( a unknown species at this time). After talking with them, they will ask for negation on the planet and mining the gas but want to talk to a warrior. The captain orders Lt fester to negotiate for them by going over their ship. Taking a rad space suit and taking rad meds to help just in case. The shuttle docked with the alien ship and he met with a 12 foot tall reddish crystal being. Talking thru a local communicator he found out and reported back that they want to mine the gas from the vents. Finding out that they can manipulate crystal and radiation, they agreed to clean up the environment and dome the vents in exchange for free power for the colony. Fester relayed the good news and put on a blue crystal backpack. a local field came around him and the airlock force field was lowered so he could come in.
After getting a look around , it came to light that each of these beings are near immortal. They are grown for a purpose and when they either choose to leave their tasked purpose or loose to a contest for their purpose, they can be regrown or setback to their original form. Apparently they live and breathe radiation and each being is part of the ship going so far to show that they even launch missile beings and can grab the remaining shards and regrow them. After taking the first crystal (captain) aboard the terran ship to show them the doctor finds out that they are also subject to a disease that can perrmantly kill them… called the shattering. It is a selenium based virus that corrupts and kills the crystal cells. Getting a sample of the captain she begins to work on a treatment on this alien metabolism. As a small reward, the first crystal helped to “tune” the warp reactor making it 10% more effect .
Saying their goodbyes, the crystalline ship lands on their planet and begins work on cleaning up and starting the domes. The captain reports back in to admrial stark on what happened and its decided that once the environment is cleaned up, the colony will be transferred to the surface and automate the moon base. Also more colonists will be sent to help bolster the flagging colony.
Seeing their job done, the captain begins to plot a course for further adventures and heads out. About 10 days out the ship dropped out of warp and found a huge asteroid field. Dr Acora scanned for a way around, but it would take days out of the way. So the captain decides to navigate thru the field when dr Acora detected some tachyon bursts in the field. She theorized that there might be a cloaked ship out there and attempted to scan, and that is when the Narr Scout ship attacked the Exodus. Hitting the exodus aft shields with 2 disruptor blasts and a plasma torpedo, they decided to fight. They tried to hail the narr but they ignored their hails. The Captain then did a very clever maneuver with the ship after opening up on their front shields and badly weakening the ship, they blew the Narr into submission. The captain opened hailing frequencies and asked if they had life pods, they said yes and he told them to use them now… After all four life pods left he ordered the ship to board the Narr Scout ship.
(Ending music, ROLL CREDITS….)

S1 Episode 20
A new outfit has come to town...

S1 Episode 20 “…a new outfit has come to town…”
SYNOPSIS: CONTINUED FROM LAST EPISODE: The crew woke the next morning by a knock at the door… looking out were stocky men dressed in pin stripe suits with waiter cloth over the right arms (covering an obvious gat!!) , the crew seeing this pulled out their weapons and answered the door ready to mow them down. The “waiters” came in and told them MR Marconi is waiting to see them in his suite. Deciding that discretion is the better part of valor ( there were 5 crewmen and 15 of them..) the crew decided to go see Mr. Marconi.
Down in his suite, being frisked and having their fancy “heaters” taken away, they sat down with Mr. Marconi for a bite of breakfast. Mr. Marconi wanted to know if they were with Oxmix, and the crew denied it saying they were “not associated with The Oxmix outfit”. Mr. Marconi then gave them an offer, he has a problem with 3 men he wants taken care of. IF the crew takes the offer, then they can be official associates with Mr. Marconi’s crew. The captain thought and developed a plan, he took the offer and got the location of the red mug speakeasy. Taking their leave of Mr. Marconi, the crew leaves and takes their “heaters” on the way out.
Taking a ride in a cab, they head into Oxmix territory and find the building. The captain orders Lt Fester and Toucan to head in and see if the 3 men are there while the crew heads across the street to a local deli and keeps an eye out. After an hour of looking for the 3 gangsters, the Scout team find them and head out to tell the captain the news.
The captain calls up to the ship and asks if they can target the building from orbit, they can and proceed to do a tactical barrage on the building on the captains order. The crew heads to the end of the block and that is when the captain gave the order….
The building was vaporized in a hail of protonic laser blasts from orbit. Which caused the local gas pipes to blow and take out each building next to the speakeasy (NOTE: the doctor was not in this episode and is going to have “strong words” with the captain). The crew heads back and talks with Mr. Marconi and they become “associates” of the Marconi outfit. The crew then heads to the apartment and the captain hatches his plan…..He orders Lt Fester, Commander M and Lt commander Toucan to go get some “equipment” for his plan. They find the Marconi outfit supplier and head into the “gun shop”. The crew provides their bonifides with the owner and he takes them downstairs for the REAL equipment. they get 7 Tommy guns, 7 grease guns, 1 crate of dynamite, 7 boxes of bullets for each gun and a tripod machine gun with 7 thousand rounds just for that gun!
The owner gives them the truck out back for the load and tells them " if it comes back, ok, but if it doesn’t I understand…" and they take the toys back to the apartment.
around four pm, the captain meets personally with Mr. Marconi and he has a small chat. He tells them a new “outfit” has come to town called the “terrans” and all the gangs are being invited… or else! Mr. Marconi of course laughed and said “….ok ill bite, what’s the OR ELSE? laugh…laugh…laugh…”. The captain directed his attention to the outside window and shown him a limousine out in front. The captain then called into his communicator and gave the order! A single protonic blast hit the car and startled the boss.
“Ok so… ill have to call the bosses to meet here!” said Mr. Marconi and he told all of them it was an emergency meeting. Thanking Mr. Marconi he went back to his suite….
The next morning, all the bosses were there! and they were escorted to the local baseball field 3 blocks over. The captain gave them the lowdown that they were now apart of a global outfit now associated with “the Terran outfit” and if any of you have doubts…..that is when the ship landed in the field. Well all but one boss agreed to the plan and the other boss tried to fire upon the captain… when his troops set their weapons to stun and blasted the last hold outs into sleep.
Seeing that their work is done here, they submitted a report with terran command and the live reply is that within a week, 5000 marines will air drop in to start policing matters with a new planetary governor, doctors, scientists, teachers and engineers to bring this backwater up to speed!
Seeing this work done, he orders to leave orbit and head to their new destination GL 46. after a few days at warp 2, they reached the destination. a pulsar system with a huge gas and dust disk around the entire solar system. Dr Acora did her usual scans and indicated that the pulsar is what was left of a super nova and what was pulsing was the core of the star. Her further scans did indicate remains of a planet ( a 1/4 hemisphere was left intact with some structures ) and that there was a tachyon pulse coming from there, but warned of the heavy radiation throughout the system. The captain ordered yellow alert and went into the system at 1/2 impulse.
A few hours later dodging chunks of debris, they found the remains of a planetoid and the captain ordered his away team. Seeing that was a total airless environment with high radiation, they went Eva with spacesuits and grav belts. When the crew landed on the planet they activated the grav belts to get some semblance of gravity and started following the signal on the tricorder. The crew found themselves in what was left of a city made of Tritanium and other metals. Most of the buildings were half melted and one nearby building was showing the ping of the signal they found. Entering the building and going down to the 3rd sub-basement, they found some sort of reactor. It looked like a 5 foot cylinder diameter and it was 10 feet in height. the top 5 feet had blue lights going to a center that was blocked and the bottom 5 had red lights heading to the center. further scans shown that this reactor was shooting deuterium and anti-deuterium to a localized singularity that was about 8 inches in diameter. Dr Acora was amazed at the level of power it was generating ( enough to power several star bases for 300 years or power an entire planet for the same time). The singularity kept all the energized reaction around it and thus was slowly bleeded off. Carbon dating put the device at over 100,000 years and it was shown to be damaged…moving it impossible because if the reactor released all that energy in an explosion now, it would be the equivalent of another supernova. Scanning the room for writing, they found out the writing to be an old extinct race called the aseir . after contacting terran command about the discovery and sending their data, the exodus refueled with the available free floating hydrogen and then left for their next destination.
(Ending music, ROLL CREDITS….)

S1 Episode 19
The gambler and the Gangster

S1 Episode 19 “…The Gambler and the Gangster”
SYNOPSIS: CONTINUED FROM LAST EPISODE, just gotten the Kah’Lahh D7 ship up and running, the crew now on the bridge of the ship gets a report of what’s still functional (Not much). The Captain hears all options on what to do with the find and orders that to strip the ship of necessary items and download the Computer core (which will take 6 to 12 hours). The crew takes the following items : Core Data, hand held weapons and armor, One Transporter pad and controls and everything necessary to power it, several Photon Torpedoes, one working disruptor cannon, and odds and ends that one ensign found.
24 hours later and back in orbit, the crew onboard the bridge gets crew causality reports coming in from the 24 hours being on the planet. The first was a security man got crushed by a emergency bulkhead door that came crashing down, the cause was a rusty gear. The second was a piece of bulkhead that came crashing down on a crewman, the cause was rusted bolts holding it up. The third was a laser array that was in safe mode and powered up, but accidentally fired its laser outside the trap and cut off a scientists arm, the cause was a faulty turnstile that held the prism in place. And finally a plasma leak in engineering killed a engineer, the leaks cause was a fracturing in the plasma conduits.
Worry that there is a saboteur aboard, the captain orders that Dr Acora begins scanning the faulty pieces for some evidence of sabotage. As she begins her work, Ensign smith mouthed off to the captain and he was ordered to go polish the head ( for the umpteenth time) he approached the turbo lift and he turned his head to give the captain the finger…. as the doors opened there was no turbo lift and he went screaming to his death.
The turbo lift then came up as he was squished into the ceiling of the turbo lift shaft.
The Captain ordered his body to be squeegeed up and find out the cause of WHY the doors opened. Dr Acora found out that the two conducting plates that conduct the circuit that tells the lift is at its deck was corroded together with the lifts plate and stuck together. The doctor was confused because those plates are made of a beryllium-copper alloy and they DON’T CORODE! Further analysis of all the broken parts shown that their atomic spin of the items were counter-clockwise , which is odd since all atoms spin clockwise. mentioning this to the captain he ordered the ship to be scanned.
A call came up from The Crewman’s lounge , bartender smith asked if the crewmen can have gambling machines. The captain ordered no and continued with the investigation. The scans shown there were 3 outbreaks of coutnerspin. the first in the crewman’s lounge, the second on a crewman room 5 on deck four, and the final one on deck five in the jr officer room 4 quarters. exiting from that set of quarters was a jr officer who made his way up to the bridge and while he was heading to his station, he tripped and face planted into a computer screen… thus killing him.
the captain was ticked now! Dr Acora scanned his body and there was a residual decay of counter spin atoms. A security alert came up from nanofabrication that there was another fabrication of a gambling device ( the computer logged the captains orders on no gambling devices!) and reported it. Dr Acora had a theory and looked into the log of the nano factory. Apparently there were 20 gambling devices made before the order went into effect. Dr Acora reported who used the nano factory to manufacture said devices and then reported him to the captain.
The captain ordered Ensign Smith to be escorted to the bridge by security and to confiscate all the devices. A few minutes later he came onboard the bridge and was told to explain himself on the gambling devices that were piled in front of him. He explained that he found the item aboard the Kah’Lahh ship and according to their database it was a gambling device. A small orb with a button on the top, if it glows you won, if it made a wah wah wah wah wah sound , you lost. He was bored with the games onboard and figured that it’s a simple device and would not harm anything if he took it. Showing it off to some of his friends , they wanted one and he duplicated it. Dr Acora analyzed the device and found out it was powered by a K particle ( a theoretical particle that is half matter and half antimatter but does not destroy itself) and they all formed a wireless network. Dr Acora then explained simply that the device somehow “Drained good luck” and left the gambler with “bad luck” . Ensign Smith shown how he could not loose, a knife was tossed at him and completely missed and went AROUND him. the Captain ordered him to start looking for spores, molds and fungi in the carpeting on each deck, he then dismissed him and ordered all the devices to be tossed into the sun.
With that nonsense over with, the executive officers reported to the executive conference room to discuss potential destinations. IT was finally decided to head to the colony world Van Maanen’s Star. Back Onbord the bridge, the distance travel time would take 3 days at warp 2 and a course was plotted. about 2 days and 23 hours later (one hour outside the system) the ship suddenly accelerated to over warp 9 for 20 seconds…. and then dropped out of warp at the edge of the system. Analysis of the nearby system determined that there was a subspace network node at the edge of the system but it was badly corroded. Indications of 12 planets in the system ( with the 5th being considered a Class M planet.) and an asteroid belt between the 6th and 7th planet… the crew took time to examine the node here at the edge of the system. Further examination indicated that there was tachyon particles as a residue here and the node was 300 yrs old. Further indications shown that there is wreckage of a colony ship in orbit around the 5th planet. Deciding to chance it, they went in and in orbit around the 5th planet the crew scanned the ship for survivors. Apparently the ship was badly broken up, and according to scans the landing craft was not attatched (which the crew surmised that they survived and landed). The captain checked the historical databanks on the ship and found out that the hibernation complement was around 5000 with room for 125 living aboard the landing craft. Chief Science officer Acora scanned the planet and determined the landing craft was crashed into a mountain side with a city nearby. Further scans around the planet indicated 4 weather satellites and 2 radio com satellites ( standard for every 21st century colony ship.) and old style radio broadcasts… the captain ordered Dr Acora to put it on audio and it was old radio broadcasts of various old early 19th century style broadcasts with old style police band broadcasts. The captain ordered the standard landing crew take cultural precautions and stocked the m.a.r.v.i.n accordingly.
Landing near the entrance of the ship, the crew found that the ships entrance was in a mountain side that was a cave that was reinforced with quick-crete (on board the colony ship standard). and further examination of the ship found out that the ship barely survived impact and with power restored by TOUCAN, the ships computers were almost totally fried, all was left in the data banks was old style gangster movies from the 1920s. The captain ordered Dr Acora to do recon in her stealth suit. and after 2 hours she came back with a newspaper , a sample of money, and images of outfits of the era. Using the Nanite factory aboard the landing craft the crew was outfit in the style of the era and toucans Nanite factory was programmed to provide money (everyone had $1000.00) and they walked into town.
On the border of the town they encountered a sight! Looking right out of a gang style film everything was era authentic. The crew started asking questions on where the library was and the local library. A local taxi guy asked which side of town they wanted to go to , the Oxmix library or the library to this controlling side ( which was controlled by the Marconi’s). The crew decided to go to the Marconi library and the cab guy drove them a few blocks away. Dropping them off he was given 2 WHOLE CLAMS!!! (he asked for .25 cents and to realize how much this is… 2 dollars is this guys weekly take!)
The cab driver offered to take them where ever they needed to for the entire day if they would give him $12 and he would even wait out for them. The crew agreed and paid the man and went inside. The crew managed to convince the local librarian to let them look at the newspaper archives and the captain ordered toucan to scan the most prominent of the newspapers and give him a report. Toucan proceeded to go downstairs into the archives and start scanning in 300 years WORTH of newspapers.
Since this was going to take a while, the crew went to the local Italian bistro called “La deliziosa cena” ( the lovely supper) and sat outside eating the Sunday supper special. After 7 courses of salad, pasta, meatsause and other various pseudo Italian like food they decided to look around. They asked the cab driver to see the sights, he drove them to a local speakeasy and they sampled the booze and entertainment inside. Later they caught up with toucan around 10pm and decided to stay in town. Asking where to stay that was high class the driver took them to the Marconi Arms and they flashed a lot of cash in the hotel. Buying the presidential suite for at least 3 days they paid the desk 75 dollars and were escorted to the suite. The Suite came with a butler and was huge. the size was at least 2 stories tall (open air partly) with a view from the 10th floor. Dr Acora ordered the chocolate surprise and the rest of the crew decided to call it a night.

(Ending music, ROLL CREDITS….)
S1 Episode 18
who ordered the poo poo platter?

S1 Episode 18 “…Who ordered the POO POO platter?….”
SYNOPSIS: Still In orbit around 52 Tau Ceti-4 , the caption orders a complete scan of the planet. C.S.O Acora finds that there is an unusual radiation wavelength that defies spectral analysis. They make a note of it and go to Grey Alert ( Silent running) and enter in orbit around the 3rd planet. In orbit they begin scans…. First off on the 3rd contenent with the huge desert, they find a unusual formation underground 1/2 a mile, near the shoreline… Further scans reveal that it is Coated with Tritanium, and since Tritanium is never found naturally, they decide to send a class IV probe down to investigate.
The Probe reveals that there is a design, the glyph indicates that this is a Kah’Lahh D7 Battle cruiser! Learning that, the captain orders a further scan of all life on the planet. Further scans reveal that the planet is inhabited with a Sentient form of plant life that is starting to enter Tech Level 9 ( fusion era). Further scans also indicate that the plant peoples have domes made of some bioresin material and has a different atmosphere in it. The biosphere outside has a fungi spore that once in the pulmonary system, generates more CO2 ( the CSO and CMO theorized that it is to help out the plant people).
The final scans show that the indigenous life forms use a biological form of tech, including their fusion reactors, weapons ( thorn guns and a form of laser pistol using bioluminescence) and biological computers. After attempting to tap into their satellite network, they find there is a slight translation problem since the languages don’t translate. Further investigation ( turning to different frequencies ) revealed a television program meant to educate children… with a chemical signature included…. Using this the crew were able to make a translation matrix using scent pheromones and hooked it up and were finally be able to understand the alien language.
The CMO surmises from all the previous scans that this planet is lacking or poor in certain nutriments for the plant life and makes a platter (jokingly called the poo poo platter) as a gift to present for the locals. Then the captain orders an away team and they suit up to go to 52 tau ceti-3. Landing near what they guess to be a large city, they exit and make contact with the local population and are warmly greeted by the locals. After some difficulty in some of the literal translations, they surmise that this is a farming collective on the outskirts of the city and one of the locals takes them to meet with a higher up.
After getting into what looks like a large brussel sprout, and traveling via an underground network of tunnels, they arrive in the city. Going to what appears to be the seat of government, they meet with 3rd orchid ( a city head) and give him the gift of chemicals. Greatly happy they discuss meeting with a higher up and decides to take them to the 2nd orchid. X.O Dominus sees how they communicate what looks like a large Venus fly trap. Marcus decides to try it and can not understand the symbology in their version of the web and logs out.
3rd orchid takes them to see the 2nd orchid and he decides to take them to meet the great mother. Taking a bubble transport that has no inertia , they go down to what they guess is the center of the planet and inside a large cavern, is a large white root like thing that communicates with them via a talking Bud appendage. The mother plant told them she saw the crew coming down and decided to meet with them. As a friendly gesture the crew gave the rest of the poo poo platter and in return they began to negotiate . Root Mother gave up the basic knowledge of their biological works in return for trade of several basic nutrients that this planet is lacking. The crew asked if they could have ambassadors land here and the root mother gave a bud of herself to go to earth with the crew. Everyone being happy happy joy joy they took the bud up to the ship to be stored in the biological section of the ship ( since the quarters would not do, having the bud bunk in the biolab with the other plants seemed to be the best thing to do. )
After finishing with this task, the crew went back down to the planet to see how the excavation of the Kah’Lahh ship went. The digging was complete and they boarded the ship. Finding Kah’Lahh weapons and armor (made of Tritanium but smelling AWFULL) and continued searching the ship. During the explorations (since power was off but they were able to establish emergency power) walking down a turbo shaft horizontally, they found a turbo shaft going up to the bridge. That is when T.O.U.C.A.N 12345 fell down 9 decks to hit the bottom badly damaging it. Toucan was able to recover on its emergency power, but it was leaking and required treatment. Opening up the doors to the bridge, they determined that the emergency power was very insufficient to power up the main systems. That is when the captain ordered the EXODUS to land, and they attached fusion conduits to the battle cruiser as it came to life….. TO BE CONTINUED NEXT EPISODE!!!
(Ending music, ROLL CREDITS….)

S1 Episode 17
Tachyons and Teddybears

S1 Episode 17 “Tachyons and Teddy bears…”
SYNOPSIS: The USS EXODUS arrives in the 52 Tau Ceti system a few days after leaving from sol. During that time, crewman David Wellerman decided to join the PSI CORP .. as an undercover agent for a secret organization called the PSI underground… a group dedicated to having free rights and freedom for all PSIs everywhere. Initial scans of the system is that this is where the USS HORNET started its fight to get away from the Kah’LAHH… the system consists of 13 planets orbiting a binary pair of yellow stars (Most unusual). Further scans show that there Is a terran like planet in the number 3 spot and the fourth spot appears to be a super earth! ( 12 times more massive than earth in size). There are 2 moons orbiting it , the closest appears to be stormy and the second appears to be an earthlike moon.
Long distance scanners indicate a free trader ship in orbit around the 1st moon, but its hard to tell from the electromagnetic interference. When the exodus gets closer, another ship is also in orbit, a storage vessel. The exodus gets hailed by the free trader and find out that the race aboard is called the ursine with 2 other subspecies on board of ursine. The captain goes visual and you see a 3 foot teddy bear of golden fur with a web belt attached to him. He greets them and tells them they are on an ongoing mining expedition here on the first moon ( most of the crust is magneticite and it’s a good commodity to have). he also offers the captain a trade … but the captain said he will take it under advisement.
The captain orders for scans of the planet. Apparently the pylon on the planet is on a mountain top n the northern hemisphere of this planet. There are 8 types of sentient life forms and the tech level is 4 (medieval or just before it). There is a pulse signal coming from the pylon sing a tachyon beam headed to the center of the galaxy. Apparently it is a message in prime numbers. Analyzing the message, finding there is a sub-carrier message on another frequency but they cannot decipher it at this time. After about 2 minutes the signal stops and that is when they put the ship on red alert. Further analysis of the pylon shows its made of Neutronium (an alloy formed in neutron stars) and cannot be scanned thru. the pylon in size is 4 meters tall , pyramid shaped and is 50 mega tones in weight( the uss exodus is 40 megatons as a comparison). Needing further advice, they send a message to vrill to the von lawyer on retainer. He determines that the message has a 95% compatibility to the sample taken from the artificial moon. A message from the trader comes in with a list of trading items… nothing piques their interest at the moment.
Captain AJ Stewart asks Marvin to head up the away mission to the pylon and the entire elite officer crew ( the cast) head down. Landing about 50 meters away from the pylon, there is some snow on the mountain top. with temps about 50 degrees during the day, they better make it quick before nightfall comes and freezes everything. when the crew approach it, Dr Acora Touches it and has a vision….( cut to commercial).
(Back from commercial) when she comes out of it a few seconds later and relates some of the vision, the pylon opens revealing a 60 meter room inside ( but the base is 40 meters wide at most). The crew head inside and think there is extra dimensional work here. Inside the room it lights up with pinpoints of stars in an orbit around a big blob at the center. Guessing correctly, this is a map of the milky way, touching each pinpoint expands it in front of you to show the system, and rotating the planet or sun clockwise moves the map into the future (a guess at this time) and counterclockwise into the past.
further experimenting with the map, max the Psi officer determines that there is a mental component to the map and begins to take control…. but that is when it winks out and in the center is 5 symbols… counting down…
The crew runs for the exit and makes it out in time. when it collapses upon itself. leaving a little cube with 6 runes on it. Touching the runes in a order, it opens up a mini black hole and enters it leaving the crew wondering what the hell just happened. coming out a door in the mountainside, a 4 and 1/2 foot tall man with a beard makes some noises and comes out with a wicked looking battle axe in hand, with 2 others that join him… That is when the captain orders the crew back to the ship. The crew begin to take off with the 3 dwarves hitting the landing craft… but failing to make any dents.
Upon entering orbit and docking with the exodus, the ship gets hit from a torpedo blast… Sensors were scrambles near the 1st moon masking 5 Deltan Pirate ships. 2 were docked with the free traders and the other 3 began pursuit of the ship. The captain ordered for high orbit around the planet to play hide and seek with the 3 pursuing deltans and some weapons fire took place. A hail from 2 other terran ships in the region (a frigate and a old light cruiser) came into view and began to assist the uss exodus! The exodus did a slingshot around the planet to cause the loss of target lock by the ships, but they pursued and regained target lock. Then another hail came in… 2 Catatian ships and 2 Grrrrrath light cruisers appeared and the Deltans Went to HIGH warp out of the system with the grrrrath and catatians in pursuit!
Damage to the ship was minor, Crewman smith got digitized into the computer core and his body was fried. the captains quarters got blown up and ejected from the ship ( all his items are gone), the ships computer had a malfunction and began speaking Esperanto.
The captain docked with the free traders and helped them out with their repairs ( ships repairs to the uss exodus will take 24 hours anyway). with the other 2 ships sending crews to help out. The captain discovers that there is a micro cold fusion engine on board that they will trade , with 2 tons of magnicite for terran medical tech! The captain agrees and the trade is called out….
(Ending music, ROLL CREDITS….)


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