The Terran Expansion

S1 Episode 5

S1 Episode 5: “…To make an Omelet…”
Synopsis: the Gallant crew of the Exodus continue on their trek to explore new worlds, left FL Virginis B to explore GL 447. in mid warp to their destination they uncounted a SPACE WORM!!! The ship was thrown Out of warp because the worm was generating an sub-space interference within 20,000 kilometers of it. The captain ordered defensive maneuvers and determined that it was alive and coming to the ship. The Chief Science officer and The Chief Medical Officer scanned the creature and determined that the creature was mostly Anti-energy composing of anti-protons, anti-neutrons and anti electrons. Their conclusion was that if the creature came in contact with the ship it would either drain it of energy or destroy it. After some quick work, they determined that it was hungry for fuel, So the captain ordered a directed vent of the plasma from the warp engine nacelles. with the creature distracted, the ship did a quick re-power up and went on its way.
Arriving outside of GL447 the Crew of the Exodus determined that there were 3 other ships nearby combat. 2 of the greenish arrow shaped ships were Pounding upon the black looking catlike ship.. a Distress signal was being broadcast from the cat ship which was discovered to be the cattatians ship who misty the ships morale officer determined that they needed help badly. The arrow shaped ships were determined to be the DELTAN SYNDICATE, the scourge of the galaxy as they were pirates all! The Cattatians ship had multiple hull breeches, warp drive was failing and power was going out…. The captain Quickly determined that they were going to help them from the Deltan Pirates and gave orders to engage the deltan pirates. The battle was quick… one of the light cruisers were destroyed while the other was disabled. After Captain A.J. Stewart discussed what should be done with these pirates, he decided to let them go for now…
With the threat of the deltans gone, the ship Docked with the alien cat ship “The Cats Paw” and began to help by giving medical aid and engineering aid. The captain met with captain Meeowff and discussed what to do. They stood in orbit for 8 hours and helped with repairs. Eventually getting dna samples, some samples of bio-jell they also negotiated for More advancements in ION tech for plans on the Terran new warheads. After a wonderful meal (most of it raw) they said ADIEU to their new friends and then broke to go into orbit.
After determining the planet is extremely moderate, and had a small satellite system. They did a scan and saw there was a developing colony settlement. By hacking into their communications system, the crew first scanned the news network and then got in touch with the planetary governor and determined that these were the colonists from the Gas war of 2091, one of the ten colony ships that were stolen from the mars fleet yards. after ten minutes of negotiating and expressing that they were not some “Terran Devils who wants to rape their women.” , they launched a shuttle craft to meet this new colony.
After landing they were met by the planetary governor and given a brief detail of their movement and tech. The Government is a part time government that comes together only for votes and the entire population of 10,000 people get to vote electronically on things the representatives cannot agree on something. The crew were surprised that the tech was not up to current, but the crew came to the conclusion that there were no real scientists and no educators when this ship launched. The vote taking place tomorrow, the crew went to an outlying village that was mentioned in one of the news casts with problems with the cholos (a bird like an ostrich, that is 9 feet in height and has a beak like a toucan). The cholos were taking children….
After taking a hover skimmer to Village 17 ( they are not to imaginative) they met with the village mayor/Representative. A 17 year old woman who is this years choice to be the mayor, talked about the fruits they were growing. One was a fruit that looked like an orange but was colored white. The inside was purple and after tasting it, found it tasted like a cross between a lime and a kiwi fruit. Doctor Bear examined it and determined it to be like one 12 ounce red bull per slice of this fruit!!! ( eat one and your powered up for the day!). after talking with her, they discovered her young brother to have trained a cholo and went to see him and the bird. They found the bird to be trainable , but dumb as a bag of hair. The crew went out to the forest to find the cholos nests.
After about 20 minutes, the landing party met with a nest of cholos ( and it hissed at them). Finding out that this cholo for some reason gained limited sentience and were able to reason with it. The female promised not to eat more children if they took it away to a preserve of its own. The mayor agreed and will make sure no one will take their eggs. Before they left they discovered a green crystal glowing in the nest and nearby. A simple analysis determined that the crystal is crystallized form of lithium with a 2 lithium molecule. Calling it Dilithium, they are going to examine it for further possibility.
After a wonderful dinner and rest, the troops went back to the city next morning. The vote was 93 to 7 against meeting with the Terran goverment for trade. Giving them a Sub-space communication node in orbit around the planet, they also traded some holo projectors and comm equipment to keep in touch. Wishing a new possible ally goodbye the crew left for GJ 1156…
( enter end music and roll credits )

S1 Episode 4

S1 Episode Four: “…Beached on the shores of the sky….”
Synopsis: The valiant crew of the Exodus leave the Vrill and begin their trek to see the grrrrrath ( a dog like race). about 68% of the way traveled to see them, they encountered on long range sensors, an abandoned alien ship stuck in an asteroid. After scanning the asteroid, they determined there was two unknown radiation wavelengths emanating from the asteroid. The Sci officer determined it was safe levels of radiation to go over, the crew boarded the shuttle and headed over. The Shuttle bay doors were open on the craft and landed in. After analyzing the tech, they found the emergency power for the shuttle bay and shut the shuttle bay doors. The Crew was stunned to find out that the fusion batteries were no bigger than 1 inch cubes ( the most advanced fusion reactors are only 1 feet square in terran tech.) and there was an unknown energy field that came up before the doors closed. Medical officer Bear determined it was a force field of some kind. continuing on in their explorations, they managed to restore emergency power to 2 hallways and the turbo lift an on deck one , the crew stumbled across the med bay. There were 10 beds and one behind a force field.
The one body they were interested in was about 50% dissolved by leaking plasma. After the doc did some examinations, the Sci officer walked thru the containment field around the body and found a bucket of blue goo behind the bed which contained a regenerative gel. Suddenly, Her tri-corder went off and was detecting an unusual radiation trail. with help from dr bears tri-corder they determined that the trail flew around the room several times going into the floor.. (“… hey is it a life-form?…”) soon after that , the crew found the bridge, and thru some experimentation they figured out all the stations. The Android Engineer 12k found a cyberspace jack and logged in. After some Mishaps ( attempting to stun someone, putting a force field around the Feline mutant..) 12k determined the translator program and managed to trip it on for everyone. The crew was then able to work fast and determine the extent of the damage, power availability. The Captain asked 12k if we could “jump-start” this ship. 12k Determined that the plasma power flow was compatible to our ship and a plasma transfer began to power the ship. The Computer core came online and an AI kicked 12k out of cyberspace and began talking with the ship.
The Crew determined that the race called the Dellorians ran this ship ( a light cruiser ) and was patrolling the Empire when the asteroid came out of subspace and crashed into the ship. Seeing the warp core and matter/antimatter ejected to prevent a warp core breach, the crew two days later abandoned ship and head for the nearest star system. The X.O called the ship and made a subspace relay call to The Vrill home-world where they talked with their VON lawyer. They found out that the Dellorians were absorbed by another and thus that the race might not be in existence anymore. After digesting all this info, the crew asked the AI where they might have head to after abandoning ship. The AI calculated the probable locations and then negotiate with the captain for 1 LY worth of fuel so it could limp to that star ( arrival time.. 4 years). The AI was so gratefull, it gave the Science officer more data on translation modules which advanced her research.
The crew left the ship and warped out to their next destination….
The Scene shifts to the same ship that destroyed the USS Hornet, and cut-scenes to the bridge. And The Commander in his language says before they go to high warp…..

S1 Episode 3

S1: Episode Three: " Shore Leave"
Synopsis: The Valiant Crew of the USS Exodus Has found a rogue planet that is entirely city and STILL inhabited. After being contacted by THE VRILL ( their former home world is also called such) They revived docking codes to one of the star-bases orbiting the planet. After going thru Decontamination, Bio Scanning and Deactivating of their scanners and weapons , the crew was greeted and given the rules of the space port and finding out the galactic currencies were: Gold pressed Latinum, Energy Credits based off of lithium(H2) and one liter is the equivalent of 1 energy cred. Giving one light year of fuel gave them 4000 EC to work with and then the crew found a wonderful Hotel to bed down for the night. After consulting with the concierge, a guide to the station was bought and he directed them to a local info broker ( level 2 info broker). They gathered info on the local systems within a 2 parsec area, including info on: 4 possible Terran colonies, the ZON CONGLOMERATE , The Deltan Syndicate, and some other possible races. After trying to info on certain tech, they found out some questions were above their tech level ( level 9) and was restricted for that information. Thanking them for information, the captain and bridge officers deemed this a good shore leave and arranged for 8 hr rotations for the entire crew except for the C.Sec.O, who decided to keep his men on board polishing their armor and boots. Then the officer shore leave party went on a look around for fun activities . Taking a hover Taxi to 77 Zeta Zeta Alpha block, the crew stoped in what the captain calls: " …It’s an intergalactic Stuckys! " the shop had tons of gegaws and such to sell, the C.M.O found out they had toy ships but no terran ones and struck a deal for 1 EC per one sold if they gave the base stats of their ship… agreeing they made the deal. then wearing their new tee shirts and hats and holographic outfits, the crew went exploring. On a Nearby area they found a new type of music experience. The C.S.O went to a cybernetic heavy metal club, and the music playing required some headband to fully listen. Apparently the music was enhanced with a light show that was further music and by touching the various holographic lights going around, it added MORE music to be experienced, and the C.S.O found this out by being tossed thru 4 holographic projections. The rest of the bridge crew was “Listening” to a symphony and getting culture. The Secondary science officer peeled off and went looking for tech, he found a shop dealing with tech, the captain found a black market tech dealer who dealt in Tech that was barely in their tech level. finding out that they could get a translator matrix with 2500 languages for 40k EC, they decided to think about it. after being tired they went back to the hotel for rest. The next day the crew went out ( except the C.Sec.O ) and split off into groups. with 7k added to their account for the new toys they felt refreshed. The X.Os group went to see the methane gas zoo. while the C.S.O went back to the club to give them some music to translate to play the next day. The captains group went to the symphony to give them Vagners “ride of the Valkyries” and see how it would play out…. the crew then came back and decided after talking to Terran Command, to give musical culture here by licensing Terran music on a Downloadable Cyberspace page ( they got a ZON lawyer and another web master to make it all good). The crew set up 2500 songs to start and then retired for one more night. The next morning they received over 40k in EC and decided to buy the Translation matrix. They also found a lvl 9 Info broker and found out asking ONE question cost 2k EC base. they asked the info on permanent warp 2 with our current engines, the cost for the info was 10k EC, and they paid it.
they left with money coming in for anyone from their ship to come here…

Seanon 1 EP pilot thru episode 2

Pilot Episode: “Beginnings”
Synopsis: the Captain and crew of the USS Exodus Left The System of SOL to head out to Rigel Kentarus A ( Alpha Centauri ) . Upon entering the system the ship was attacked by Small Pirate One man fighters and a Pirate frigate that was 30 years out of date… they of course won and took the frigate and Crew in tow to the space station…

Season ONE: Episode One: " The Sound of Marching…"
Synopsis: The captain of the Jolly roger ( the pirate frigate) was interrogated and found that there was a possible uprising happening upon alpha Centuari A6. After docking with the station they captain and crew started to find out that this colony turned into an Imperium in formation with the former head of the colony turned into Emperor himself. After getting the run around , they decided to do some hacking and uncovered a few grisly facts that this world is headed for trouble. Food came but the Chief Medical Officer found it to be laced with a mind altering drug that causes short term memory loss… She crafted an antidote and the crew “ate” the food with delight.
Later the crew was taken down to the planet to meet the “emperor” but found him to be an ego-maniac. The emperor threw the crew into the dungeon because he thought they would simply forget everything within the 24 hour period because of the poisoned food.
A food tray came in with a message Psychically Imprinted that help was on its way. The previous hidden PSI agents on the colony ship came to the aid of the crew and took them to their hiding spot.
After talking with the Local Psi agent, the crew found out that the agents here have been fighting a small war. With help from the PSI agents, they were led out to their drop ship and then the crew formulated a plan …..
Later after tweaking the plans, the crew split up, the first crew ( the ODST/Security officer and 2 of his men with the SCIENCE officer , they hacked into the space station computer station , took out the systems and made a run for it for the airlocks.
Same time, the crew landed back on the planet in secret and found out that one of the PSI agents had a limited form of teleportation. With the plan set, they ported into the Council chambers where the vote of the senate to disband and elect the emperor as only head of state, closed the chambers and then proceed to hold the senate hostage on LIVE PLANETWIDE BROADCAST. The emperor being a coward killed himself as the rest of the PSI agents took out the planetary Ion Cannons.
after about a week , the ship “TERRAN’S PRIDE” the picket ship of Sol, came with a basic clean up crew and took possession of the planet and hopefully they will come into the Terran Republic.

Season One: Episode Two: " They are Fuzzies…"
After traveling 14 light years to the system FL Virginis A ( a binary system with A also). The Crew found on the 9th planet of the system that was vaguly martian like in compositon, a NEW crystalline element that could hold Electrical, heat, light and frictional energy. After experimenting they found a way to Double the yield of the torpedos with this element ( and they did…) The ship then explored the 6th planet of FL Virginis B. A preliminary scan of the planet indicated that it is habitable and close to earth norms. The unusual density of the planet came to show that the planet is honeycombed with veins of Heavy metals. And after discovering intelligent life, the captain ordered a Class IV probe to be launched to the planet. The Fuzzies as they were called, were shown to be highly intelligent and this was the first village climbing out of the stone age into the Bronze age (classified as a level 2 Tech class). With tons of gold being used as building material for walls, road bricks and tips of spears.
After some discussion, the captain and crew decided to land and survey the village using stealth suits and a stealth coating on the ship. And found that they were possible to be friendly and a crew of four made first contact.
the fuzzies were found to be extremely friendly and welcomed them all into the village. where they were shown the village and opened talks for trade. The crew traded Coca Bean seeds for Samples of their agriculture. On searching the village, the crew found in the chieftains hut there was a piece of metal about 3 feet high. it was going to be the backing of his grand chair :D . After negotiating to dig , the chieftain allowed them to excavate as he rebuilt his hut elsewhere. after digging for about 7 hours they came across a hull piece of a starship that was a hatch frame and hatch door. The Tech was totally compatible with terran tech and it had pictographs and glyphs on the inside of the hatchway. After securing that to the shuttle and sending it to the ship. The crew began negotiations of possible mineral rights. In the Negotiations they learned of other pools of Materials which they examined….which had huge possibilities on metallurgy.
After filing the report, the crew found an Spacial Anomaly .5 LY away…. they found a rogue planet…. ( to be continued next episode)


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