The Terran Expansion

S1 Episode 15
a hornets nest and blue skins in white

S1 Episode 15 " …A hornets rest and blue skins in white…"
SYNOPSIS. The Crew of the USS exodus arrives at the last known system that the USS hornet visited. Gloombridge 1830 is an extensive system that has a yellow sun. Trying to use long range scanners is not possible due to an aberrant amount of mesionic radiation in the system blocking most scans EXCEPT short range scanners. After a probe is launched, it is found out that there is 12 planets with unknown debris around the 5th planet (an ice planet where in the day its 100 below zero and can get down to 200 below zero at night). which includes: 5 different hull types of Tritanium, 4 types of Ditanium, and other generic garbage. Captain A.J Stewart orders scans for large pieces that might have some logos or a ship registry and finds an Kah’Lahh ship hull with writing ( translated as the Imperial warship Backbiter) traces of disruptor fire and an unusual energy signature. The Captain orders scans for life pods. 3 are found, one in orbit with 9 life signs but thready, the second on the planet and the third an alien life pod on the planet. A channel is opened up and the life pod in orbit is hailed…
Finding out that air is running out and the other 8 crewmembers are sedated, The Doctor who sedated them asks for immediate assistance. The Captain orders a Marvin to be taken to dock with the life pod and most of the crew goes along to help get them aboard faster. (cut scene to outside ) The Marvin docks seamlessly with the life pod and opens its hatch. Finding the crew asleep, one with a belly wound , one with head Trauma and one with a broken leg, they are all helped over to the craft and brought aboard as TOUCAN 12345 checks the ships manifest . The people are as follows CAPTAIN Dominick Valaducci (broken leg) , Chief Science officer Emily (a lt commander) who is a friend of acoras, The Chief medical officer , 2 ensigns , and 4 crewmen.
The crew of the hornet are taken to sickbay while the crew launches down to the ground to retrieve the 2nd life pod. The Survivors there are 2 ensigns and 6 crewmen ( which PSI officer max discovers one to be psionicly active with an unknown ability). They are taken up to the ship in orbit.
After treating the survivors ( Emily is in a severe coma BUT will revive in a few days.) the captain talks with captain Valaducci. Apparently the Kah’Lahh ships came out of NOWHERE ( they were not on sensors) and there were several ships. The captain welcomes him and as soon as he is able to leave sick bay, he is welcome to stay aboard until they get to earth. Psi Officer max checks out the crewman who is psi active. and finds out that this crewman has energy absorption abilities. He gives him a choice, Join PSICORP or try to make a run for it, and gives him, 24 hours to decide ( DA DUM!).
Dr Acora is by her fiend Emily who is still in a coma, she waits by her side to wake up…..
Back aboard the bridge, After doing a sensor sweep for the black box of the hornet, it is found and brought aboard for analysis. The analysis shows the following. The hornet came into the system and found similar debris, but a alien distress call was coming from the surface. All of a sudden several Kah’Lahh war ships decloaked and did a broadside on the ship. Fighting back and taking a few down with them, the hornet had to abandon ship after an unrepairable coolant leak caused a warp core breach… out of the 10 life pods ejecting, 8 were shot down by the Kah’Lahh. That is when the captain orders further scans on the planet for life signs. Dr Acora finds some vegetation, some fungus , several large life forms and the alien life in the life pod on the surface. The captain orders an away team to investigate and save the aliens.
Approaching on foot to the life pod, 2 of the blue skinned aliens come out and “greet” the crew with being snippy. The aliens are Krylar (Andorians) From 43 beta Come Berenices. The sublieutenat and his 2 crewmen have been stuck here on the planet for 9 months and wish to go home! Talking with captain Stewart, he finds out that they also were ambushed by the Kah’Lahh but comments ( you may be pink skins, but at least you aren’t stinkin vulcans!). The captain welcomes them to the ship and The Exodus leaves the system.
Five days later at warp 2, the exodus is greeted at the edge of the Krylar system with 2 Krylar warships. Permission is granted after the subleuitenant talks with the captain and they head in system. out of the 12 planets, the Krylar homeworld is an ice planet ( thin atmosphere) in the 10th place , there are also 2 earth like planets that are colonies of the Krylar. Docking at Krylar 2 space station, the ship refuels and the captain is granted an audience with base commander Krull. Krull welcomes the crew for saving his comrades from the other planet and arranges an ambassador to meet within 12 hours. The space station is mostly crystal based tech ( Tritanium is a new addition to the space station) and max the psi officer finds out that the crystal controls are PSI active. Toucan 0u812 trades his built in med kit for help getting to the library. the rest of the crew decide to go to the bar and relax.
Max finds out that Crystal manipulation is controlled by 7 family guilds on the planet and max tries to probe for info on the first family. Toucan 0u812 gets to the library and finds out their androids have positrionc brains and decided to pester an Krylar for information on where they are made. The Krylar leads the toucan to an airlock and thus spaces the annoyance……
(Ending music, ROLL CREDITS….)

S1 Episode 14
tomasarus steaks and space zombies

S1 Episode 14 " …Tomasarus steaks and space zombies…"
SYNOPSIS: The next morning, the crew went out with the leader and two others for hunting for food. After about an hour, the crew and hunters find a Huge version of a brontosaurs and took it down at the knee ( a Vulcan cannon to the knee ). Killed it with a bullet to the brain pan and then they all started butchering. Tactical officer and the doctor started keeping an eye out for others with their tricorders. Ten Minutes in to the butchering, there were 4 life signs coming in fast. The hunters and crew took positions behind the legs of the dead brontosaurs. There were four tomasarus attacking ( think velosoraptors but bigger) While T.O.U.C.A.N 12345 was lobbing concussion grenades, one got stunned while one attacked the good doctor, she managed to take one down with a hypo spray to the EYEBALL after being bitten once!!! the captain took down one with his V.B.F.G and one of the Toms ate one of the hunters (chopped him in half). the 3rd leaped onto the captain pinning him to the ground, and he managed to unload on it at close range and managed to roll and help taking down the fourth tom!
After that battle , the captain covered in Tomasaurs guts , helped with the butchering and the hover flatbed came for the cut up meat, which the crew took back to the encampment after the crew took trophies and the good doctor took botanical samples ( analyzed that it could boost EGO) . The dead hunter was tossed into what the crew calls the “Bacta tank” ( the clone tank) and started bringing back the dead hunter to life. Later the doctor was calling back into terran medical to report on the botanical and other items on this planet , stating that there is something in the ecology that is boosting human potential and there needs to be a scientific crew sent out here. Also that there is a need for medical supplies and equipment ( which will be sent out in 2 weeks). The Commodore Dinkus suggested that the USS Exodus investigate in a nearby system a distress signal from the USS NEW JERESY ( frigate). A class Four/Delta Priority signal ( unknown biological event). The doctor was about to respond when she became paralyzed by the bite she suffered from the tomasarus ( the toms have a neurotoxin bladder of venom in their mouths and it kicked in). Fearing she was sick, a message was sent TO the crew from Terran medical to get the paralyzed doctor. The C.S.O went over to the Comm tent and used an anti-venom on her to get her unparalyzed and then the doc went to lay down till the meeting at 1400.
later at 1400 hrs, aboard the ship in the conference room on deck 3, the crew decided to answer the distress call from NN 3789 where the USS New Jersey is. Twelve days later , they hit system NN 3789 and the ship is found to be orbiting the 4th planet. The analysis of the fourth planet found it to be a One face planet ( one side is always facing the sun, which is a red dim dwarf ). The crew hailed the USS New Jersey , but all they got was the automated distress call. Captain Steward ordered a probe launched to scan for life forms, but all that could be found was indeterminate scans. The captain ordered the ship to head into the system and do a close scan to see what can be done.
After reaching Delta 4 orbit, the Exodus got within 1000 meters to do a up close scan. The C.S.O found that there was 7 life signs out of 70 left that did not seem to be unknown. Sci officer Acora hailed them locally using communicator frequencies and got ahold of Corman Rechman , He reported that the disease started after the away crew went down to the planet on the thin band between light and dark, and one of the crew was sick from an unknown leak of his space suit. That is when the plague hit the ship when he changed and began to attack other people…. the plague spread fast and it was still unknown if it was airborne. Telling further that they were holed up n deck four in 3 quarters and the security bulkheads were down keeping them safe for the moment, and airtight! The captain decided to wear the terran assault suits and take some ODST marines aboard just in case. The landing crew launches a MARVIN assault Craft to dock with the New Jersey on its port docking hatch.
Docking with the open hatch was easy. The marines and TOUCAN went in first to make sure everyone was safe. Declaring the immediate area safe, the SCI officer tried to Hack into the computer system with our VICCI , but failed to do so… getting pissed she tried again in another room that was safe and had a console but failed again and she blew apart the console with her laser pistol. Telling the captain that this ships VICCI is compromised , and tries one more hacking attempt. The C.S.O is successful jacking in this time to their VI world and it is insane! the VI representation is an asylum and after managing to open the door, she finds all sorts of doors with Patients behind them and decides to open all the doors and let the patients out….
In the real world, all the security hatches unlock and open….hearing moaning from down the hallway it became a running gun battle to the stranded people and did not save them because the zombies were in the air ducts and got into their rooms. managing barely to get away, they launched back for the ship.
deciding to try to eradiate the ship with gamma radiation to try to kill the plague and take the ship, the plan fails as the plague encrusts the hull of the ship…. leaving one option left! The USS New Jersey has to be scuttled and is blown the fuck up.
(Ending music, ROLL CREDITS….)

S1 Episode 13
the son meets the star

S1 Episode 13 " …the son meets the star…"
SYNOPSIS: The latest development for the ship is the ship is now WARP 2 Capable (warp one is one light year per day, warp 2 is 1/2 the time) and Dr Acora unlocked Ion technology so now Dr Acora can now work on ion shielding and weapons. After a few hours of Negotiating with the vulcans for an alliance of friendship and mutual convention, The agreement was that the vulcans will share Bio-Tech with the terrans in return for fuel, and there will be 3 diplomats with a retinue of 50 sent to earth soonly. After signing the treaty, the tally of damaged ships came in, and 20 ships were presumed missing in the last attack. The captain asked was there any advanced tech on the Vulcan ships and it was found out that a new Psi interface was included on the ships. This interface would allow the Vulcan to act as a living computer.
The Crew and captain of the USS Exodus informed the Vulcan ambassadors on Deltan Tactics and the vulcans asked for their Vulcan citizen back ( the engineer the PSI officer had a date with) , apparently she has not shown up for work this morning and her quarters are empty. The Officers ran biometric scans but all efforts were in vain. The Crew agreed to spend one week upgrading the ship to warp 2 in Vulcan docks ( took 6 days). and during that time, the crew relaxed…..
Dr Bear and X.O Mr. M left to go to the commons ( a bar for others aboard the space station). After entering the bar and ordering their drinks, some DELTANS who were working on a traders vessel were taunting the humans. After about 15 min of this, 2 terran marines came in and watched what happened….
DELTAN LEADER to DR BEAR : " ya know what human, the uss exodus is a GARBAGE SCOW! Muhahhahhah"
Dr BEAR to LEADER :" Lassie, do you think you might want to rephrase that? "
LEADER to Dr Bear : " yer Right…. The Exodus is not a garbage scow… It should be Hauled AWAY as Garbage… Muhahahhhah"
Dr Bear tosses the first punch! a fight breaks out with the terrans ( Dr Bear, Mr. M, and 2 ODST marines) and 7 Deltans. The terrans take down the deltans in 48 seconds ( Mr. M wound up being tossed behind the bar and he began to drink back there!) as the Vulcan security and The Exodus commanding officers came to get their officers out of harms way. (although dr bear and Mr. M are confined to quarters while they are docked! ). 5 days later the Exodus leaves dock….
1/2 way to the next destination, the ship drops out of warp because of a asteroid field. A distress call from the Ship " The Lucky Jack " in the asteroid field. The ship is grounded on an asteroid and is venting atmosphere …. The Vessel reads as a free trader by the race: The Karn. After scanning the asteroid field, they get scattered readings because of all the heavy Metals in the field and cant detect other ships. the crew agree to head into the field and try to save the vessel. when they get within 1000k of the ship, 4 Deltan lt cruisers come out of hiding, with a NEW 5th Ship!!! it looks like 2 lt deltan cruisers wielded together!!! “Crew of the Uss Exodus, surrender your vessel and prepare to be boarded!!!” The Captain tells them to go blow goats and tries to get the ship out of this ambush in one piece. Only one of the 5 ships was able to get a lock because of the metals in the asteroid and only pinged the shields! Their Ion cannon penetrated thru the shields straight to the superstructure of the ship ( the blast hit a port window and a crewman smith was vented to space!) With clever piloting and Stalwart leadership from the captain, they made a Clever maneuver and managed to leapfrog out of the asteroid field and make the jump to warp space, leaving the deltans to ponder this mistake…..
7 days later they reach Banards star, a super giant red star. From analysis of the probes, the 4th planet is habitable and they find out there is a small refueling station in orbit. The Captain decided to head in and take a look. After heading in, they find out the planet is slightly heavier and denser, has a heavy and wet atmosphere with 76 % oceans ( cloud cover is over 70%) so it rains allot. The crew manage to hail using old radio frequencies and get in touch with commander Charlie walker, the head of Banards son colony. After refueling the crew lands in a shuttle and is escorted from the pad to a armored hover vehicle. They head to a walled city nearby ( 25 feet tall and sentries on Vulcan cannons every 25 feet). that has been Established 8 years ago, landed 10 years ago. Further findings is the planet is in a Jurassic period with lots of dinos around *(new Dino called the Tomasarus, its 9 feet tall and it is red and carnivorous ) After finding out that the population is now up to 40k the crew found out that the planet makes people, very fertile! T.O.U.C.A.N 0u812 jacks into their local computer network to do some analysis. Apparently when they landed the colonists had 15 in soldiers but lost all the scientists in the landing due to a volcanic mishap by a lava bomb during landing ( the Sci module got trashed and had to be ejected with the scientists). current Trends are showing that the kids are growing at an accelerated rate of +2 years ( a 8 year old looks like a 10 yr old) and are put into military creche training. The Odd thing is all the colonists look to be in perfect health! Also there is 6 forward op bases ( manned 10-20 kids at all times).
Tired, the crew rests for the hunt tomorrow….
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S1 Episode 12
home again home again jiggity jog

S1 Episode 12 “Home again, Home again Jiggity jog ….”
SYNOPSIS: After a 2 week refit in the Mars Dockyards, The ship receives some upgrades (a new fighter ship type) and repairs on the superstructure and such. Evelyn the ships chief science officer has received constant therapy for her breakdown. The crew meets in the situation room and decide where to go to next.
V.I.K.I the ships VI has received transmissions from 2 colony stars. The first transmission being from Bernard’s star, in which the colony ship has arrived safely and started their colony. The second is from Van Mans star and the last transmission was that the ship “the Chicago gangster” was setting down for a landing. The crew debates for a few minutes and then it is brought up that they have an alien system nearby to visit on the way to one of the other colony stars… VULCAN…. and the crew set out for a new star.
A few days later the ship drops out of warp to see the treaty of The Catatian/Grrrrrath war ended and the beginning of the Grand Alliance ( working name) starts to form. The ship then heads back into warp.
About 1/2 light year out from Vulcan , the crew is hailed by an alien ship. It appears the people of Vulcan is space fairing and they greet the crew. The captain asking for permission to enter the system on a message of peace and is welcomed into the system by given coordinates to the 6th system. Thanking the Vulcan’s the crew heads into the system. After docking at a Vulcan space station, they meet Pok-Nel, Vulcan ambassador aboard the station who greets them in English, explaining that the Vulcan’s studied English by our transmissions from earth ( old television and radio programs). Apparently there is much overlap with the terrans law system with theirs.
The crew offered a information trade, and was accepted as they were directed to the hall of information onboard the station. After scouring for something useful, the crew found out that the Vulcan’s have very advanced cloning and eugenics programs on the books. the crew also finds out that the Narr in communication with the Vulcan’s and are in the midst of negations for some sort of treaty. The captain not wanting to have the narr this close to terra, begins negotiations of his own .
Max the Psi officer heads down on the planet and observes the school of Control, a school to help disipline the young. His observations is that the Vulcan’s use all 6 senses to learn with ( including Psi), and decides to record his observations and heads back to the station after a few hours.
A few hours later , the crew is given a suite on the station and begin their own discussions. The crew, after talking to max about what PSI CORPS gets its recruits (they are dragooned into service at a young age), decides to try to hack into the main server on earth…. Which fails with epic proportions. They also discover Maxs abilities which are a TK shield, Aportation , Telekinesis and Mind probe. A red alert is activated aboard station and the crew head back to its ship to see what is happening.
Undocking from the station, the sensors show an armada of 200 ships of Deltan make entering the system. A huge battle takes place where the exodus is crucial in helping against the defense of the system. The deltans leave with only 100 ships intact but have taken 10 Vulcan ships as prizes with them…..The Vulcan people thankful ( in their own way) is given a reward of moving up the treaty talks to the next morning.
The crew Heads back to its dock, and back to the suite …. where max puts his plan into action. He waits until the crew is sleepy and heads to the general quarters at the station , where he entices a Vulcan female to come back to discuss a cultural exchange. Plying the female with pure sugar water ( Vulcan’s get drunk on sugar) he then begins a mind probe for information. He also is offered a chance to mate with her, he obliges and is infected with a type of crotch rot that almost takes his life…. The doctor worked fast and with Nanite surgery, manages to cure and remove the parasitic fungus .. he is given light duty for the next few days…
(Ending music, ROLL CREDITS….)

S1 Episode 11
the olive branch and fist of arrows

S1 Episode 11: “….The Olive branch and the fist of arrows…”
SYNOPSIS : After finishing the ongoing investigation ( that historians in the future will look back at the unofficial start of the grand alliance). The captain and crew get a call from Terran Command. President Takinawa of terra is on the line and she agrees to send official invites to both the Grrrrrath and the catatians . The official meeting will take place in Zurich, Switzerland ( the new capital of the United Terran republic ) and perminant accommodations’ have been made for the two races.
The captain and crew give the official invitations to both races , who will have a total retinue of 100 each. While in Grrrrrath space, they contacted the catatians in their embassy and let them know that they had Katrina fluffybottom and the chip. It is revealed that Katrina has 432 counts against her and has a bounty of 12 million energy credits for her bounty! The information that she stole is told that it is all the research on project firefur , which is their Matter/Antimatter project ( matter/antimatter engines are needed for much higher warp speeds beyond 3.9 ) and they are possibly months away from trial engine. they also give information on the drop point on vrill for where the info was supposed to go.
The Catatians govt agree to pick her up in a police ship. The doctor decides to incapictate her by keeping her sedated and tied up. Later the ship docks with the catatians police ship and 12 police plus their captain come aboard to escort her aboard. The crew thought ahead and got info on all the people aboard just incase there someone who should not be there BUT… everyone checks out. They take her aboard via hover container and they leave giving thanks from their govt.
The crew calls VAN the info broker on vrill. They place a perminant moratorium on the info they gave him. Finding out that 1/4 of the northern hemisphere was finally destroyed to contain the bug. Thanking van they sped for earth.
in the meantime, about 1/4 the way to earth , they stopped out of warp when they encounter a gravity/mass detection on the magnitude of 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 pounds of weight ( that’s one septillion pounds or 1to the 24th power weight. ). When they drop out of warp, they find a wall 7 thousand miles high, and goes on forever to the horizon. Scanning determines that it is Tritanium and some Neutronium. Energy readings are also showing high amounts of energy. The captain deciding the better part of valor is to launch a probe, he does and determines that yes, this is a ring world orbiting a very small star. Immediate scans from the probe determine a high tech civilization with quadrupeds (looks like centaurs). The sensors determine that the exodus has been scanned . Deciding to be peaceful the exodus sends a hail and is returned with docking co-ords and the captain agrees to dock.
an away team with full security escort is put into place and head thru the docking tube (a few miles in length). the Atmosphere is 38 % oxygen ( breathable but breathing will be shallow at times). The crew exits the tube to a shore side entrance. There is a large lake nearby with a large city by the lake. A quad waves and introduces himself to the crew. as targ , 3rd engineer who is working on a nearby hover sled. Targ agrees to take the crew into the city to meet with city mayor Kirosh. Science officer thinks that this civilization is tech level 10 or higher.
After landing at city center and entering their city hall. The crew heads up to the 7th floor. Everyone they pass waves at them in friendly greeting ( keep your laser guns handy.. they may be setting up an ambush LOL) and seems helpful. Meeting with the mayor in a foyer that is surrounded by nothing but natural and the quads seem to be herbivores and everyone is nibbling. Finding out that this race came to the ark seven millennia ago when the destruction of their planet by their suns supernova happened. Several hundred thousand woke up on this island in the ark. apparently there are other islands and other races here!!! the captain decides to leave and give the info to terran command when they get back to earth. Giving their goodbyes to the quads, they head back for the exodus.
A few days later, they arrive in earth space dock and it is determined that the crew is given 2 weeks paid leave while the ship gets overhauled. A few things to note: a new type of fighter to be used now onboard the ship called a T.A.R.D.I.S is going to be used now, and the start of a new power project (called ice station zebra) by terran govt is started… but is years away from finish. With this the crew disembarks and is given leave except the command crew till tomorrow when the parliament of worlds ( placeholder name until they decide on this possible new form of government or alliance).
The captain, not having anywhere else to go, goes back to his room and finds it painted Bubble gum pink with neon lettering all over! He questions the mk I robot who tends to his quarters and disintegrates it . He gets a Mk II quarters robot and orders it to repaint his room. With the data he gained from the Mk I, he goes down to the chief science officers room and fills it with 120 packages of explosive , expanding shaving cream! he Exits the room and clicks the charge. All you see from the door s a line of foam trying to come out…..
The C.S.O comes aboard a few hours later crying and finds her room FULL of the stuff and locks herself in the nearby head while cutting herself to relieve the pain!
Refusing to go, security cuts in and takes her down. Misty psychically medicates her and fixes her for about 48 hrs. Then she will need counseling from the doctor. Then the crew goes to the meeting.
After the C.S.Os presentation on how the Grrrrrath and catatians were tricked into their war, they agree to an immediate ceasefire . And after talking with their respective governments , two hours later they begin to talk peace treaty ( to be signed 1 month from now on earth!). The catatians openly discuss that they are months away from creating a stable matter/antimatter reaction and have a possible way to detect cloaked ships, while the Grrrrrath admit that they were able to break the warp 4 barrier temporally but need a higher power source than cold fusion. Talks begin on sharing Tech!!!!!!
(end music, ROLL CREDITS)

S1 Episode 10
like oil and water

S1 EP10: “…like oil and water….”
SYNOPSIS: The valiant crew of the exodus make arrangements to go see the homeworld of the grrrrath after they are done here on katatia. After receiving passports and taking a shuttle down to the planet, they are greeted at a hover taxi stand for a ride to wherever they need to go. while in transit they get to taste the systems most popular beverage, “Refresh! its Purrrrrfectly good!” they make a stop to get something to eat at a local road side open air cafe called Purrrrect foodz . There the crew are greeted by a female Katatian who manages to slip a isoliniar chip into Marcus pocket. also the news shows the infection on the Volian planet is getting worse. Marcus finds the chip as soon as the katatian police show up and hands it over to Dr Bear. She puts it in her tricorder in a hidden panel for now and bluff the police that she does not have it.
about 55 minutes later they make it to the museum in the city that has the first contact ship. they found out that there were 17 people on board and 16 out of the 17 died in the attack. A lone ensign, ensign Brindle Longtail (now retired Capt.) managed to fly the ship home. A scan found Old traces of residual plasma and protonic damage mainly along the ship, but along the nacelle there was a residual disruptor trace was found! The good dr and the Chief sci officer headed to the litter box to try to decrypt the isoliniar chip, but it is quantum encrypted… near impossible to decrypt and they cannot do it there.
Thinking that they are done there , they head back to the ship to leave the system for Grrrrrath
After leaving the system. Spending a few days at warp, they meet the border which is an asteroid field that is one light year thick and cylindrical in shape. Realizing it would take more time to fly around it, they head thru the asteroid field. General analysis confirms that the primary dust is metallic in nature. Further analysis confirms that there is Ditanium , And Neutronium here. Computer records show that Neutronium comes from the heart of neutron stars and is incredibly rare. Yet the crew has found 1/2 a ton of it. The science officer and doctor confer that it might have been a Dyson Tube out here at one point that broke up billions of years ago. Further in they find a radiation field where a tachyon pulse was emitted. They come across a cylindrical piece one hundred miles in diameter which has unusual preprocessed features that confirms the theory. Deciding to launch a class 4 probe, they find out that after it lands it is destroyed upon reaching the planetoid chunk. After seeing that , they decide to come back later. A few days later they make it thru the field and are greeted by a Grrrrrath ship. given permission to enter Grrrrrath territory and they proceed along a prescribed flight path to Grrrrrath.
Upon entering the system, the exodus finds out that this system is heavily defended with fleets of ships and starbase that have huge Mass acceleration Cannons. Permission is granted to dock at starbase 32 for refueling and a 2 day pass is granted for shore leave . Upon docking they are greeted by pack master Terral who bestows the 2nd part of the information dealing with force field tech. The crew introduces COOKED BACON to the Grrrrrath ( yummy). After more discussion with pack diplomat Chayello, the treaty between Grrrrrath and earth is signed for 525 thousand tones of pre processed metals for introduction to cold fusion and a possible exchange of embassies. After the discussions, weapons tactical officer ash discovers his communicator is missing . The captain orders the ship to scan for it and it is determined that it came aboard the ship a few minutes ago and it is traced to cargo bay four.
Capt AJ Stewart orders a lock down and issues an intruder alert. The crew manages to get to cargo bay 4 and scans for life signs. Nothing shows up. That is when the captain orders misty to scan using her abilities. Misty finds out its Katrina fulffybottom from the katatian homeworld they met at the rest stop! she leaps out and asks for the iso stick and she offers us 200k Energy credits for it. Of course the crew refuses and that is when she vanishes . The captain using his trickery manages to trick her into showing herself and knocks her out with a hypo spray. They strip her of her cat suit and misty begins to interrogate her in the brig.
The crew finds out that the other stick to decrypt is in the possession of an info broker on Vrill at the Allcome cafe where a 3rd party is to meet! Deciding to do that after they go scan the war memorial on Grrrrrath, they leave her in the brig for now.
After going to the war memorial on the planet , they determine that on the Grrrrrath ship, its nacelle has residual traces of disruptor fire ( in the 25 gigajoule range). the crew decides to call their broker on vrill to determine the signature…..
Unfortunately apparently the outbreak is bad on vrill! the banking is locked down for now because 15 square city blocks on vrill is infected with the bugs!!! they determine that 30 more surrounding blocks will be disintegrated to contain the outbreak. Luckily they manage to find a level 10 broker on the the other side of vrill named VAN. Discussions with him after they send the data determine the following : The weapon was a Heavy disruptor cannon of Narrian make. The Narrians have cloaking tech, and their empire is 9 parsecs away from the current kataian/grrrrrath conflict! the republic of narr has been in a 500 year conflict with the Empire of Kalah. and it is possible that it is heating up again. Also determined is that a tachyon pulse is commonly given out by an anti-matter/matter reactor. they pay him to lock down the information for 1 month with an option to renew.
( end music , roll credits)

S1 Episode 9

S1 Episode 9 : “’s raining like cats and dogs…”
This episode being brought to you by : The Denomination of Omnipotent Monotheism. at D.O.O.M we happy await the apocalypse so the one and only true god can smite the unbelievers…
SYNOPSIS: After 2 days in orbit around the previous system, the upgraded sensor dish and other repairs made, the Crew of the U.S.S. EXODUS debated on which course to go to the katatians home world. V.I.C.C.I ( virtual intelligence command and control interface) was activated with orders from command, and gave the crew an option they did not see before. There were katatian star bases allong the way that the crew could refuel at. The options were to fly 32 LY to the katatian starbase and refuel to head to katatia OR head 28 ly to the dog star and visit the dog people. The crew decided to head to the cat world after a heated debate. About .25 ly out from the katatian starbase, they were hailed and greeted by the katatians (misty translated). The U.S.S. Exodus was given permission to dock at docking bay 28 and refuel. The giant starbase housed 3 Fleets ( each fleet was 12 ships) to go to the border at a moments notice. After refueling, the U.S.S. Exodus sent ahead a message to the katatian home world that they were coming and sent along a database of our language. Leaving dock the crew went to warp to see the homeworld.
About 12 days out of the 24 for transit time, the crew was hit by an ION storm (type 2/mangitiude 10) and had the shields put up and boosted to their highest levels. The ship managed to escape with minimal damage and went to warp again. Upon reaching the outer edges of the system 12 days later, the ship was hailed by starbase Meowf and permission was given to enter the system. NN 3135 (a.k.a Katatia) was a super giant orange star with the 4th planet being the home world. Signs of constant building of warships was present throughout the system. Permission was given to enter orbit and signs of 3 full fleets in orbit with several star bases was present! The Crew docked at space station Long-hair and was greeted by Capt Long-tooth Johnson. Each member was given a translator so they could listen and converse with the katatians. The meeting was not to be taken for a few hours so the crew was led to their version of a suite. Inside the suite was grass, trees, a place to nap ( moss on a rock with a headlamp above it). a small waterfall with a pool, and a sandbox surrounded by reeds and some high tech devices .
A few hours later, the crew met with the katatian delegation and began negotiations of great import. The deal was a trading/peace accord of 100,000 tons of processed metals (titanium, Steel, Copper) within 6 terran months for the opportunity of putting a embassy on the planet and trade for the Ion Tech. The crew had to excuse themselves to talk with command to authorize the deal, and will return on the morning to continue the negations. The C.M.O suggested shore leave and the captain agreed that over 2 months in space that shore leave was granted. Talking to command over their com systems ( linked by the katatians) the crew was authorized to give up to 200 mil tons of material to get the job done AND any further tech they could get their hands on! Terran command also informed of the following ships lost: The USS Hornet ( destroyed by alien ship) , The USS Valley Forge (an ion storm) and the USS Armstrong ( pulled into a wormhole and never to be seen again.). The crew then decided to explore the stations and were given priave showings on: Medical tech, ship to ship combat , hand to hand combat, Warp tech and Cold Fusion Tech, Kataian pop culture and customs ( justice is swift and hard, some sun worship and matricidal caste leadership ).
Further research into the Katatian/Grrrrrath conflict turned up the following: 50 years ago the Katatians had world peace and started a colonization campaign of their system. About 5 years after that they developed the theory of warp travel and pushed for the construction of a warp capable ship. 5 years later, they launched the first warp ship and headed towards the closest star ( sirrus), about 4 parsecs out they encountered an alien ship ( the grrrrrath) and hailed them for a first contact. The alien ship did not respond and apperared to open fire, killing the entire crew and permanently crippling the ship th t the conflict was started by another race, they would need to scan the two vessels and then send the information to a broker , who would confirm the energy readings. They decided tomorrow they would take a trip to the planet and see the ship in the museum and scan the ship…
(Ending music… ROLL credits.) us causing the war and leading to a total of 2 million lost on the katatians side ( the grrrrrath lost 3 million). With this information the crew made plans….
The next morning the trade deal was going well, the deal for 100k in heavy pre-worked metals was about cemented with a signing , when the Grrrrrath Delegation came in to break the signing. The Twelve dogs from Grrrrrath announced "…STOP, do not sign that treaty! we are authorized to give a better deal! For 200k of refined heavy metals we will give you force field tech in exchange of NOT signing that deal. ”. The captain announced that they already promised to make the deal BUT to stick around and announce your arguments to why its a bad treaty. the X.O Marvin signaled to one of the grrrrrath delegation and left the room with the alien behind him.
Finding a closet to talk in, the grrrrrath secured the room from listening devices and they hatched a deal. The Grrath offered the following: The previous aforementioned deal and we will give you The start on Force field/Shielding Tech, And if you agree to x3 the deal, we will toss in the Path to Cold Fusion ( needed for warp travels 2.1-3.9 travel. considered tech lvl 10). Marvin promised 175k tons and signed a blood oath deal there with an encrypted isoliniar stick with info of the tech and the conflict from their perspective!
After returning to the guest suite, Marvin asked to have the area scanned for listening devices ( there were grrrrrath and Katatian types) and to have them blocked. Marvin then related the deal and the capt was NOT happy.. but went along with it. The capt and crew decided that more info was needed on this conflict since the grrrrrath information shows the katatians launching the first strike and crippling their ship forever. The Crew were debating their options when Psi Officer smith suggested that there was an alternative way to finding out the truth. Psi officer smith requested a secure line with Psi Command admiral Smith requesting Project: Open Door to be used to solve this crisis. The admiral agreed and within 5 min a Gateway opened up and 2 Psi officers came thru.
Explaining that the project was for opening up gateways farther than 1 mile, this was one of the few times it was used and brought the officer who had the talent of clairvoyant viewing. Linking with the captain, he shows the TRUE vision of what happened. The Shots originated from a cloaked area that the clairvoyant could not see thru and proved that none of the aliens started it. The captain was badly drained in it and the science officer used her " Chocolate powers" on him to heal him not realizing that she was doing it in front of the Psi officers. The Psi officer scanned her and confirmed that she was an unregistered mutant, Thus now she has to have a tattoo and be rated as an officer in the PSI corp.
The crew then came to this conclusion : that to get the two races to acknowledge that they were attacked by a third party, they would have to scan both ships and send the data to a information broker thru Zon their lawyer on the relaxation planet. Deciding on this plan of action, they rested and decided to go to the planet the next morning..
(Ending Music …. Roll Credits)

S1 Episode 8

S1 Episode 8: " 99 Red Balloons"
Synopsis: The Gallant crew of the USS exodus take a shuttle down to the planet surface to meet with Brigadier general Oswel Nada at Dunbah Air force base. Shortly after landing they were taken to an oddly shaped limousine and driven to The Black House ( a presidential palace that is very castle like and has 6 stories). Taken in to the underground entrance, they were taken to the fourth floor to the Black room ( basically the oval office), and while waiting for the president they were given Teekla root tea ( mild stimulant) by their secretary of state. She was offered chocolate back but found out that chocolate is not compatible with their alien biology and she immediately threw up. The crew were sorry and did not know that this would be incompatible the apology was accepted and the S.O.S went to get the President.
A few Minutes’ later , President Johann Makes the crew welcome and begins to open negotiations for trade. After excusing themselves to see what the planet has to offer before continuing negotiations , they find out the following: the planet has a high content of base metals used for terran starship construction, large use of herbal and holistic medicines is common, the planet is basically where the humans were around 1990. During the 10 hours of down time , The league of the golden orb on the southern continent begins circulating hate propaganda and the Southern democracy starts a draft immediately. On the next morning, the crew talks with the president and come to the conclusion that they must speak with league of nations to introduce the concept of aliens to the world.
The crew were taken to a large building downtown that is mostly circular with over 300 flags out in front. Before the president speaks to the league, he informs the crew that the league has over 85% of the countries as signatures into the league , which impresses the crew. After a big 20 minute intro speech, the crew are shown to the podium as the captain speaks. it was a short speech with a Question and answer portion so that the world can know the terrans better. After several loaded questions by the southern league of the golden orb, all seven of the members get up and leave in protest because their beliefs are incompatible with what the terrans bring. about 20 minutes’ into the question and answer , A security person comes up and whispers into the ears of the president and the captain " Sir, there has been an incident, please come with me" . The meeting was adjourned till the next sound of the gavel and the crew were led into an adjoining chamber with 10 members of the council there. Discovering that this was the security council of the league of nations, they were told that war has been started on the southern hemisphere between the league of the orb and the democratic nation. A large debate came forward on how to handle the situation and the crew put forth that they will help stop the war once and for all. An agreement was struck that IF they stopped the war, a air force base will be given to the terrans as a base of operations for the terran government and an embassy will be allowed on the planet.
Seeing that time was a factor, the crew sprung into action! The plan was daring but simple. The CSO was given time to program a virus that would disable all orbital platforms . An direct EMP pulse at the armies to disable ALL electronic warfare and about one ton of Nanites were reprogrammed to give “shock and Awe!”. 12 hours later the plan was sprung into action and this was the result. The Nanites were launched into the atmosphere to project a huge hologram of a lit sky with a golden orb, and using the clouds as speakers, the crew played … GOD! A Voice protruding from the huge glowing orb in the sky proclaimed: " I am your god and I AM DISAPOINTED in my creations! You were never to have WAR in my name but live in peace! My wrath will be swift and complete on those who do not obey!"
The result was swift and sure, all the religious leaders were either killed or run out of towns by the crowds never to return. within one day there were new leaders in place of the 7 nations of the league of the golden orb. New members were immediately dispatched to the League of Nations from the golden orb ( yes all of the old members were killed) and a peace treaty was negotiated. Later that day a vote was taken to unite the world under one set of rules… the League of Nations is becoming the ruling body of this world.
The crew is led back to the security council and are awarded the air force base to serve as space port to terra and a embassy will be opened in 34 days (as soon as the terran frigate USS Smith arrives with its ambassadors). As the crew was breaking orbit, The Ship was Ambushed from behind a moon with two light Deltan Pirate cruisers! A fierce battle erupted and the ship was getting pounded with advanced weaponry. A desperate plan was hatched! The Captain ordered the ship to be taken into the atmosphere and rotating 90% of the ships NanoShielding to the Aft section! When they hit around 60,000 ft, over the ocean the Chief Science officer Hacked the first ships computers. Using a Firewall melter program, they burrowed thru the wall, and sent the ship into a dive WHILE shutting down all POWER totally (including secondary and emergency batteries). The deltan ship discovered he was flying a giant brick! The C.S.O did the same thing to the second ship, but the captain tried to make a getaway on one of the two life pods ejected. The Tactical officer opened fire with both lasers on the life pods and blew them to kingdom come!!!
After going back to orbit, they docked with the planets International space station and took 24 hours of refit time to the ship. Shortly before they left, the crew launched a sub-space transceiver into orbit and left communication equipment with the league of nations. the captain ordered a course plotted to the katatians home world…
(End music , Roll credits)

s1 Episode 7

S1 Episode 7: “…Disposable smith…Part two…”
Synopsis: (and now the conclusion of Disposable smith). The Crew still on board the Creators ship get a brilliant idea. AI 751 hooks into their subspace transceivers and contacts the colony New Atlantis. They determine that they could transport via gate the members of the colony and begin to make preparations to do so. But in mid call AI 751 announces that new data has been downloaded and the self destruct has been activated. Running for their lives, the crew managed to make it to the ship and undock in time as the artificial moon IMPLODES and leaves no trace of itself.
The captain, exhausted gives the bridge to the XO and he and the doc go to sick bay to treat injuries as the exodus breaks orbit and begins to head to NN 3667. After talking with engineering crewman smith and secondary PSI officer smith, the doctor deduces that they can hook up a storage core to the portable mind reader and then try to translate the memories. They take over deck three port galley and use that space to make a memory storage core. After six hours, engineering crewman smith finishes the core, hooks it up to the ships power and links it with the ships network to help with translating the data. In within 5 min the memories are downloaded into the storage core and lieutenant smith is back to normal. Releasing him for light work duty they head from behind them " … well am I released for duty too? " and that is when the XO and the doctor realize that no one else is in the room … except the storage core.
The doc and the XO talk with smith as he begins to take over the ship. AI Smith breaks off his ID, EGO and SUPEREGO into separate components so he can begin to work on his memories without interruption. After about 3 hours the ship drops out of warp
as the computer core is overloaded with the other 3 parts of smiths personality and begin to take over the ship. The XO has a brilliant idea. He decides to go to the sub core underneath the bridge, disengage the hookups to the network and reboot it to clear the ID who has taken control of this computer sub core. as he heads into the crawlspace that contains the sub core, the ID activates the Anti personal droids (there is six per deck did ya know?) and begins sending them after the XO. Each droid is about 6 inches in diameter as a sphere that can float, and has a laser pistol attachment to help fend off intruders ( HEH HEH HEH)…
The XO pulls out his NanoSword and begins to fend off the droids in the Jefferies tube space while trying to disconnect the AI. Unfortunately after destroying 3 of the buggers, the 4th gets a lucky shot and knocks him out.
MEANWHILE…. The doctor picks up Misty the Morale officer and misty talks to her telepathically. The plan is that while the XO keeps the computer busy, they will disable all power onboard the ships (even the backups ). fortuntunatly that plan is not needed as the AIs degenerate and literally self destruct. since the computer cores maintained the entire ship and it will take another few hours to reinstall all software, the emergency backup computers come on line for sensor sweeps and such. The Doctor currently in charge until the XO is treated, orders the MARVIN and the MARRS ships to be launched as protection while the ship is being repaired.
The XO is treated down in sick bay for his injuries ( a couple of well placed laser blasts crisped him good) and during treatment Ensign smith on the bridge calls down to report the findings since the XO is now capable to make command decisions, Discovers they are near a huge debris field that spans about 10,000 kilometers. a Type 2 probe launched determines that there is salvageable material out there. The Salvage found was 10 tones of crates filled with metal bands ( alien nano shield belts), about 19 transparent Ditanium windows (YAY new Tech), 12 tones of an possible Ditanium superstructure , 19 tones of odd Ditanium hull plates (can be used to plate ship in case of repairs), an alien sensor dish array and a large 1 tone canister full of Nanites.
After father review of all the salvage, it was determined that the Nanites can be used for construction purposes and can be reprogrammed to do so. The sensor dish seems to be an more advanced design (+2 to sensor rolls) but needs an trained engineer to install it. The Superstructure apparently is an ADVANCED form of titanium (Tritanium) and looks like it might be needed to support warp speeds beyond 2.0 . Even further analysis determined that the debris was not only from the deltan pirates, but from the katitians and another species yet unknown. The possible ship count to account for the damage… 5 to 10 ships were engaged here.
After 12 hours the Main and sub cores were online and the trip continued. 13 days in route out of 19 days, the ship hit an ION STORM of a short but powerful magnitude. The shields were ruptured and the hull was nearly melted off when the storm passed, Engineering determines that it will take 6 hours to regenerate the shields, 1 hour to repair all internal comm systems and 7 days to repair the hull and some superstructure. The doctor decided that to speed up repairs, the teams will be given some red pills that “…Will help speed up repairs to the ship and keep you.. peppy…”. During the repairs, on the second day, an micro nebulae was observed moving near the ship and passed without incident. The meds worked and knocked a day of the repair time. With the ship totally repaired the crew got underway…
Arriving outside of NN 3667 analysis of the star was a degenerating white dwarf that was NO longer using fusion and had maybe 500 million years before it was dead. The crew also determined that the 6th planet out of 10 was giving off radio waves. Analysis determined that it was a radio signal giving an advertisement for some tooth paste. The XO ordered a class V probe with full stealth capabilities launched. The planet was ranked with a Level 8 tech ( comparable to 1990s-mid 2000s) with red skinned humanoids with ridged ears (basically a red human) and was in a state of turmoil. While flying into the system ( taking 3 hours) they determined that the two southern continents were engaged in war. After tapping into their network they determined that the western continent was highly religious and attempting to wipe out the eastern continent across the ocean (which was more libertarian in nature) and allot of assets were being committed. The XO had a tough decision as it was being broadcast by both nations that they were asking for their alliance partners to come into the war. The XO asked if Lieutenant smith could jam the network, he could and jammed the entire planetary network with an virus. That brought the XO time to decide the next course of action. Lieutenant smith reported the current state of the conflict. The Planet was called Andun 6 and The country of Beleio and the surrounding 7 countries on the south hemispheric western continent were members of a religious affiliation calling themselves sons of the son (or the golden orb). The eastern nation they were at war with was called Neepo. There was a space station in orbit around Andun 6 and lieutenant smith reported that our universal docking ring could hook up with it.
The XO ordered to dock, and they did. The airlock on their side was closed so he ordered the 2 marines to OPEN IT! using the cutting torches on their rifles, they cut thru the door in under 1 min and were greeted in the alien airlock by the Anduns behind their airlock. After talking with them VIA airlock comm they determined a few things. #1 that we terrans looks like “Brain eating Denebulans from outside the galaxy…” ( a film franchise that spans 19 movies apparently). #2 That there is an International League of nations that has 85% of the planets countries as signatories. #3 that they are willing to talk. SO they let them in. After talking to the Adunians they decided to help us with meeting their leaders. Lieutenant smith opened up communications with the space station and the northern hemisphere country of Blakala. After talking to the leader from “The Black room” ( the seat of government for Blakala) it was decided to take a shuttle down to meet with the International League of Nations.
( que ending music, roll credits)…

s1 Episode 6

S1 Episode 6: “… Disposable Smith, Part 1”
Synopsis: The great crew entered System GJ 1156 . After some preliminary scans of the system, the Science officer determined the most possible habitable system was a water world even though the atmosphere was unbreatheable. Entering orbit around the 3rd planet, they received a hail on subspace from the planet. Opening channels the crew found out that the residents of this planet call it new Atlantis and they were colonists from the stark preserver. Talking with the planetary leader of the colony, they determined that this is a colony of scientists and experimenters.
After landing in the docking bay of the underwater colony they met with chairman Stark and learned some fascinating things about this colony. First they were all clones that were going in suspended animation aboard the stark preserver. second that this colony is working on advanced technologies for the past 19 years, third that the colony is now expanded from the original 5,000 to over 40,000 clones . After a walk around the colony, they discovered that they have tons of A.Is working around ( look like floating basketballs with 2 waldos and an eye. ) and how they did it. Well each AI has its own core but is still linked to an network to help process info. Attached to the network is also all the clones VIA a wetware grown implant, so all the clones can talk to each other over the interlink.
After a pause from the clone leader, the crew also found out that each of the clones are also donating brain capacity to be used as sub-processing for the main computer core. The leader Mr. stark uses 40% of his brain power alone to monitor and maintain the entire facility . He then excused himself from the group to attend something. That is when the X.O and C.S.O went looking around on their own… The C.S.O found the high energy lab and went creating tachyon particles while the X.O found the bio lab and got his patch behind the ear so he could observe what is in the interlink. He saw a crazy sight, a dome with 40,000 people gathered , chanting “Refresh… Renew” and pointed weapons at the people in the center. They opened fire. Later when Mr. stark appeared in front of the group he was confronted with this , he did not deny it. He responded that it was simpler to download the memories into a new clone when it was time than use a doctor to try to heal or extend damage to a clone. This making sense to the group, they brought the exodus down to get refueled and then went on their way.
When the exodus was breaking orbit, they were ambushed by two deltan light cruisers. The attacking pirates were successful in disabling the impulse engines but not the warp drive. That is when the exodus made a blind warp jump and successfully got out before anymore damage could be sustained. a few days later the intrepid crew of the exodus were in Kapteyn’s star system. Analyzing the data, they discovered ruins on the 4th planet that was Martian like. Further analysis determined that there was around 10 billion people here and huge craters from explosions. The craters were still radiating some radioactive material but there was residual anti-protons, anti-neutrons and anti-electrons. The crew determined that this was a site of a war using anti-matter bombs.
Going on to the 3rd planet. The terrestrial planet was unbreatheable due to too much nitrogen in the atmosphere (98%), But with seven years worth of work, it could be made habitable. The Real discovery came when they discovered an artificial moon.
After contacting it, they discovered a limited A.I called 79 who allowed them entrance to the artificial moon. After exploring inside for a bit the things they discovered was this… #1 the “creators” live in the center of the galaxy, #2 there are 48,000 other stations like this one, #3 they send back data VIA dimensional gateway. #4 they can fold space, #5 they send stuff back through the gateway constantly. With that knowledge in hand, they asked Lieutenant smith if he was willing to go through the gateway. When he was just about to refuse, he got beamed thru the gateway to the other side…..about two minutes later, Lieutenant smith materialized back in front of them. A medical scan indicated that his brain was so wrinkled with memory, it looked like one big wrinkle. The doc confirmed that he had so much information that he was catatonic and could not function. So a plan was put into motion to read his mind….. TO BE CONTINUED.. ( end music… roll credits )


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