one of 7 warp ships from terra


Naval Commissioned Cruiser 006 : The U.S.S EXODUS
Sip Mass: 13,421,8 Kilotons
Ships hull: Ditanium alloy
Ship superstructure: Ditanium/ carbon 14 steel. ( capable of withstanding up to x10 gravity’s before collapsing)
Ships Hold: up to 50 Tones of materials.
The Exodus has 6 decks including 2 universal airlocks( the port airlock has a ARC bay capable of holding 12 star sleds or 6 Terran Undersized Recon and Defender ships [TURDS for short], 1 hangar ( capable of holding 2 ships)
Curent Craft aboard: 4 T.U.R.D.S, 4 Starsleds , 1 Heavy M.A.A.R.S (fighting shuttle craft) , 1 Heavy M.A.R.V.I.N ( landing craft for exploration OR combat drops).
Warp drive : Warp 1 Capable, up to warp 2 for 12 hours before warp coil meltdown .
Impulse Drive Capable of up to .5 C of light.
Guidance Thrusters on fore, aft, port , starboard, sail ward and keel ward of ship for precise maneuvers.
Warp core: generates over 600 Terra joules of fusion power.
Secondary Fusion cores: can generate up to 200 terra joules of power , capable of limping the ship home if main warp core is offline.
Emergency Batteries: storing 100 terra joules of emergency power, able to keep the ship powered without engines for a month. with using impulse, 6 hours most.
Ship Travel Distance: 1 LY a day, 15 Ly in fuel, 15 LY in storage.
Warp Nacelles are equipped with a Bussard warp ram-scoop capable of extending travel of fuel of up to 4 LY in distance.
Crew Complement currently:
157 with room for 2 VIPS
Skeleton crew : 23 personnel to function
Command Deck crew: 11, 3 to function
Breakdown of Crew by section:
Command/Operation- 19
Sciences- 30
Engineering- 37
Security (including ODSTs)-50
10 O.D.S.Ts ( one is the security chief) with Nanite orbital combat armor drops.
Specialized Nonessential Crew does include: Tailor, most of the sciences (during red alert) and galley crew.
Weapons Complement currently:
100 Modified warhead fusion torpedoes, 100 modified warheads in storage, 100 regular torpedoes in storage.
4 180degree laser cannons ( 2 top , 2 bottom of saucer section)
32 Missiles
Nanite Shielding: able to withstand up to 36 gigajoules of energy or Impact.
Armored Ablative Hull: able to withstand up to 36 gigajoules of energy or impact.
Electroinc warfare suite: ECM and ECCM.
Long Range sensors able to scan for ships and systems up to 1 LY away.
Short Range sensors able to scan up to 500,000,000 Miles away
Internal sensors Suite with F.O.F options built in.
Communications able to broadcast 1 LY away, boost able if in network range.
Computer: Made by Terran Micro Design.
1 Main core on decks 6 and 5, with a sub core on deck 2 directly underneath deck 1.
Memory storage 1,000 Googol flops able to process 100 googol flops per second.
Virtual Intelligence / Artificial Intelligence capable But due to regulations only an VI is allowed.
Full onboard hacking suite.
several Nanite factories to replace and rebuilt parts or items for ship.
30 Sub-Space Network nodes able to rebroadcast 1.5 LY away
10 type 1 probes ( long range )
10 type 2 probes (stellar phenomena)
10 type 3 Probes (orbital )
10 type 4 probes (geological )
10 type 5 probes (Planetary Life)
10 type 6 probes (Infiltration)
gravity plates for on-board adjustable gravity
1 officers Club on deck 4 fore port side ( the ugly mug)
1 officers mess hall (next to the ugly mug)
3 large and one small enlisted mans mess hall and one enlisted mans club (The Warp Core)
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