The Terran Expansion

S1 Episode 9

S1 Episode 9 : “’s raining like cats and dogs…”
This episode being brought to you by : The Denomination of Omnipotent Monotheism. at D.O.O.M we happy await the apocalypse so the one and only true god can smite the unbelievers…
SYNOPSIS: After 2 days in orbit around the previous system, the upgraded sensor dish and other repairs made, the Crew of the U.S.S. EXODUS debated on which course to go to the katatians home world. V.I.C.C.I ( virtual intelligence command and control interface) was activated with orders from command, and gave the crew an option they did not see before. There were katatian star bases allong the way that the crew could refuel at. The options were to fly 32 LY to the katatian starbase and refuel to head to katatia OR head 28 ly to the dog star and visit the dog people. The crew decided to head to the cat world after a heated debate. About .25 ly out from the katatian starbase, they were hailed and greeted by the katatians (misty translated). The U.S.S. Exodus was given permission to dock at docking bay 28 and refuel. The giant starbase housed 3 Fleets ( each fleet was 12 ships) to go to the border at a moments notice. After refueling, the U.S.S. Exodus sent ahead a message to the katatian home world that they were coming and sent along a database of our language. Leaving dock the crew went to warp to see the homeworld.
About 12 days out of the 24 for transit time, the crew was hit by an ION storm (type 2/mangitiude 10) and had the shields put up and boosted to their highest levels. The ship managed to escape with minimal damage and went to warp again. Upon reaching the outer edges of the system 12 days later, the ship was hailed by starbase Meowf and permission was given to enter the system. NN 3135 (a.k.a Katatia) was a super giant orange star with the 4th planet being the home world. Signs of constant building of warships was present throughout the system. Permission was given to enter orbit and signs of 3 full fleets in orbit with several star bases was present! The Crew docked at space station Long-hair and was greeted by Capt Long-tooth Johnson. Each member was given a translator so they could listen and converse with the katatians. The meeting was not to be taken for a few hours so the crew was led to their version of a suite. Inside the suite was grass, trees, a place to nap ( moss on a rock with a headlamp above it). a small waterfall with a pool, and a sandbox surrounded by reeds and some high tech devices .
A few hours later, the crew met with the katatian delegation and began negotiations of great import. The deal was a trading/peace accord of 100,000 tons of processed metals (titanium, Steel, Copper) within 6 terran months for the opportunity of putting a embassy on the planet and trade for the Ion Tech. The crew had to excuse themselves to talk with command to authorize the deal, and will return on the morning to continue the negations. The C.M.O suggested shore leave and the captain agreed that over 2 months in space that shore leave was granted. Talking to command over their com systems ( linked by the katatians) the crew was authorized to give up to 200 mil tons of material to get the job done AND any further tech they could get their hands on! Terran command also informed of the following ships lost: The USS Hornet ( destroyed by alien ship) , The USS Valley Forge (an ion storm) and the USS Armstrong ( pulled into a wormhole and never to be seen again.). The crew then decided to explore the stations and were given priave showings on: Medical tech, ship to ship combat , hand to hand combat, Warp tech and Cold Fusion Tech, Kataian pop culture and customs ( justice is swift and hard, some sun worship and matricidal caste leadership ).
Further research into the Katatian/Grrrrrath conflict turned up the following: 50 years ago the Katatians had world peace and started a colonization campaign of their system. About 5 years after that they developed the theory of warp travel and pushed for the construction of a warp capable ship. 5 years later, they launched the first warp ship and headed towards the closest star ( sirrus), about 4 parsecs out they encountered an alien ship ( the grrrrrath) and hailed them for a first contact. The alien ship did not respond and apperared to open fire, killing the entire crew and permanently crippling the ship th t the conflict was started by another race, they would need to scan the two vessels and then send the information to a broker , who would confirm the energy readings. They decided tomorrow they would take a trip to the planet and see the ship in the museum and scan the ship…
(Ending music… ROLL credits.) us causing the war and leading to a total of 2 million lost on the katatians side ( the grrrrrath lost 3 million). With this information the crew made plans….
The next morning the trade deal was going well, the deal for 100k in heavy pre-worked metals was about cemented with a signing , when the Grrrrrath Delegation came in to break the signing. The Twelve dogs from Grrrrrath announced "…STOP, do not sign that treaty! we are authorized to give a better deal! For 200k of refined heavy metals we will give you force field tech in exchange of NOT signing that deal. ”. The captain announced that they already promised to make the deal BUT to stick around and announce your arguments to why its a bad treaty. the X.O Marvin signaled to one of the grrrrrath delegation and left the room with the alien behind him.
Finding a closet to talk in, the grrrrrath secured the room from listening devices and they hatched a deal. The Grrath offered the following: The previous aforementioned deal and we will give you The start on Force field/Shielding Tech, And if you agree to x3 the deal, we will toss in the Path to Cold Fusion ( needed for warp travels 2.1-3.9 travel. considered tech lvl 10). Marvin promised 175k tons and signed a blood oath deal there with an encrypted isoliniar stick with info of the tech and the conflict from their perspective!
After returning to the guest suite, Marvin asked to have the area scanned for listening devices ( there were grrrrrath and Katatian types) and to have them blocked. Marvin then related the deal and the capt was NOT happy.. but went along with it. The capt and crew decided that more info was needed on this conflict since the grrrrrath information shows the katatians launching the first strike and crippling their ship forever. The Crew were debating their options when Psi Officer smith suggested that there was an alternative way to finding out the truth. Psi officer smith requested a secure line with Psi Command admiral Smith requesting Project: Open Door to be used to solve this crisis. The admiral agreed and within 5 min a Gateway opened up and 2 Psi officers came thru.
Explaining that the project was for opening up gateways farther than 1 mile, this was one of the few times it was used and brought the officer who had the talent of clairvoyant viewing. Linking with the captain, he shows the TRUE vision of what happened. The Shots originated from a cloaked area that the clairvoyant could not see thru and proved that none of the aliens started it. The captain was badly drained in it and the science officer used her " Chocolate powers" on him to heal him not realizing that she was doing it in front of the Psi officers. The Psi officer scanned her and confirmed that she was an unregistered mutant, Thus now she has to have a tattoo and be rated as an officer in the PSI corp.
The crew then came to this conclusion : that to get the two races to acknowledge that they were attacked by a third party, they would have to scan both ships and send the data to a information broker thru Zon their lawyer on the relaxation planet. Deciding on this plan of action, they rested and decided to go to the planet the next morning..
(Ending Music …. Roll Credits)



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