The Terran Expansion

S1 Episode 8

S1 Episode 8: " 99 Red Balloons"
Synopsis: The Gallant crew of the USS exodus take a shuttle down to the planet surface to meet with Brigadier general Oswel Nada at Dunbah Air force base. Shortly after landing they were taken to an oddly shaped limousine and driven to The Black House ( a presidential palace that is very castle like and has 6 stories). Taken in to the underground entrance, they were taken to the fourth floor to the Black room ( basically the oval office), and while waiting for the president they were given Teekla root tea ( mild stimulant) by their secretary of state. She was offered chocolate back but found out that chocolate is not compatible with their alien biology and she immediately threw up. The crew were sorry and did not know that this would be incompatible the apology was accepted and the S.O.S went to get the President.
A few Minutes’ later , President Johann Makes the crew welcome and begins to open negotiations for trade. After excusing themselves to see what the planet has to offer before continuing negotiations , they find out the following: the planet has a high content of base metals used for terran starship construction, large use of herbal and holistic medicines is common, the planet is basically where the humans were around 1990. During the 10 hours of down time , The league of the golden orb on the southern continent begins circulating hate propaganda and the Southern democracy starts a draft immediately. On the next morning, the crew talks with the president and come to the conclusion that they must speak with league of nations to introduce the concept of aliens to the world.
The crew were taken to a large building downtown that is mostly circular with over 300 flags out in front. Before the president speaks to the league, he informs the crew that the league has over 85% of the countries as signatures into the league , which impresses the crew. After a big 20 minute intro speech, the crew are shown to the podium as the captain speaks. it was a short speech with a Question and answer portion so that the world can know the terrans better. After several loaded questions by the southern league of the golden orb, all seven of the members get up and leave in protest because their beliefs are incompatible with what the terrans bring. about 20 minutes’ into the question and answer , A security person comes up and whispers into the ears of the president and the captain " Sir, there has been an incident, please come with me" . The meeting was adjourned till the next sound of the gavel and the crew were led into an adjoining chamber with 10 members of the council there. Discovering that this was the security council of the league of nations, they were told that war has been started on the southern hemisphere between the league of the orb and the democratic nation. A large debate came forward on how to handle the situation and the crew put forth that they will help stop the war once and for all. An agreement was struck that IF they stopped the war, a air force base will be given to the terrans as a base of operations for the terran government and an embassy will be allowed on the planet.
Seeing that time was a factor, the crew sprung into action! The plan was daring but simple. The CSO was given time to program a virus that would disable all orbital platforms . An direct EMP pulse at the armies to disable ALL electronic warfare and about one ton of Nanites were reprogrammed to give “shock and Awe!”. 12 hours later the plan was sprung into action and this was the result. The Nanites were launched into the atmosphere to project a huge hologram of a lit sky with a golden orb, and using the clouds as speakers, the crew played … GOD! A Voice protruding from the huge glowing orb in the sky proclaimed: " I am your god and I AM DISAPOINTED in my creations! You were never to have WAR in my name but live in peace! My wrath will be swift and complete on those who do not obey!"
The result was swift and sure, all the religious leaders were either killed or run out of towns by the crowds never to return. within one day there were new leaders in place of the 7 nations of the league of the golden orb. New members were immediately dispatched to the League of Nations from the golden orb ( yes all of the old members were killed) and a peace treaty was negotiated. Later that day a vote was taken to unite the world under one set of rules… the League of Nations is becoming the ruling body of this world.
The crew is led back to the security council and are awarded the air force base to serve as space port to terra and a embassy will be opened in 34 days (as soon as the terran frigate USS Smith arrives with its ambassadors). As the crew was breaking orbit, The Ship was Ambushed from behind a moon with two light Deltan Pirate cruisers! A fierce battle erupted and the ship was getting pounded with advanced weaponry. A desperate plan was hatched! The Captain ordered the ship to be taken into the atmosphere and rotating 90% of the ships NanoShielding to the Aft section! When they hit around 60,000 ft, over the ocean the Chief Science officer Hacked the first ships computers. Using a Firewall melter program, they burrowed thru the wall, and sent the ship into a dive WHILE shutting down all POWER totally (including secondary and emergency batteries). The deltan ship discovered he was flying a giant brick! The C.S.O did the same thing to the second ship, but the captain tried to make a getaway on one of the two life pods ejected. The Tactical officer opened fire with both lasers on the life pods and blew them to kingdom come!!!
After going back to orbit, they docked with the planets International space station and took 24 hours of refit time to the ship. Shortly before they left, the crew launched a sub-space transceiver into orbit and left communication equipment with the league of nations. the captain ordered a course plotted to the katatians home world…
(End music , Roll credits)



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