The Terran Expansion

s1 Episode 7

S1 Episode 7: “…Disposable smith…Part two…”
Synopsis: (and now the conclusion of Disposable smith). The Crew still on board the Creators ship get a brilliant idea. AI 751 hooks into their subspace transceivers and contacts the colony New Atlantis. They determine that they could transport via gate the members of the colony and begin to make preparations to do so. But in mid call AI 751 announces that new data has been downloaded and the self destruct has been activated. Running for their lives, the crew managed to make it to the ship and undock in time as the artificial moon IMPLODES and leaves no trace of itself.
The captain, exhausted gives the bridge to the XO and he and the doc go to sick bay to treat injuries as the exodus breaks orbit and begins to head to NN 3667. After talking with engineering crewman smith and secondary PSI officer smith, the doctor deduces that they can hook up a storage core to the portable mind reader and then try to translate the memories. They take over deck three port galley and use that space to make a memory storage core. After six hours, engineering crewman smith finishes the core, hooks it up to the ships power and links it with the ships network to help with translating the data. In within 5 min the memories are downloaded into the storage core and lieutenant smith is back to normal. Releasing him for light work duty they head from behind them " … well am I released for duty too? " and that is when the XO and the doctor realize that no one else is in the room … except the storage core.
The doc and the XO talk with smith as he begins to take over the ship. AI Smith breaks off his ID, EGO and SUPEREGO into separate components so he can begin to work on his memories without interruption. After about 3 hours the ship drops out of warp
as the computer core is overloaded with the other 3 parts of smiths personality and begin to take over the ship. The XO has a brilliant idea. He decides to go to the sub core underneath the bridge, disengage the hookups to the network and reboot it to clear the ID who has taken control of this computer sub core. as he heads into the crawlspace that contains the sub core, the ID activates the Anti personal droids (there is six per deck did ya know?) and begins sending them after the XO. Each droid is about 6 inches in diameter as a sphere that can float, and has a laser pistol attachment to help fend off intruders ( HEH HEH HEH)…
The XO pulls out his NanoSword and begins to fend off the droids in the Jefferies tube space while trying to disconnect the AI. Unfortunately after destroying 3 of the buggers, the 4th gets a lucky shot and knocks him out.
MEANWHILE…. The doctor picks up Misty the Morale officer and misty talks to her telepathically. The plan is that while the XO keeps the computer busy, they will disable all power onboard the ships (even the backups ). fortuntunatly that plan is not needed as the AIs degenerate and literally self destruct. since the computer cores maintained the entire ship and it will take another few hours to reinstall all software, the emergency backup computers come on line for sensor sweeps and such. The Doctor currently in charge until the XO is treated, orders the MARVIN and the MARRS ships to be launched as protection while the ship is being repaired.
The XO is treated down in sick bay for his injuries ( a couple of well placed laser blasts crisped him good) and during treatment Ensign smith on the bridge calls down to report the findings since the XO is now capable to make command decisions, Discovers they are near a huge debris field that spans about 10,000 kilometers. a Type 2 probe launched determines that there is salvageable material out there. The Salvage found was 10 tones of crates filled with metal bands ( alien nano shield belts), about 19 transparent Ditanium windows (YAY new Tech), 12 tones of an possible Ditanium superstructure , 19 tones of odd Ditanium hull plates (can be used to plate ship in case of repairs), an alien sensor dish array and a large 1 tone canister full of Nanites.
After father review of all the salvage, it was determined that the Nanites can be used for construction purposes and can be reprogrammed to do so. The sensor dish seems to be an more advanced design (+2 to sensor rolls) but needs an trained engineer to install it. The Superstructure apparently is an ADVANCED form of titanium (Tritanium) and looks like it might be needed to support warp speeds beyond 2.0 . Even further analysis determined that the debris was not only from the deltan pirates, but from the katitians and another species yet unknown. The possible ship count to account for the damage… 5 to 10 ships were engaged here.
After 12 hours the Main and sub cores were online and the trip continued. 13 days in route out of 19 days, the ship hit an ION STORM of a short but powerful magnitude. The shields were ruptured and the hull was nearly melted off when the storm passed, Engineering determines that it will take 6 hours to regenerate the shields, 1 hour to repair all internal comm systems and 7 days to repair the hull and some superstructure. The doctor decided that to speed up repairs, the teams will be given some red pills that “…Will help speed up repairs to the ship and keep you.. peppy…”. During the repairs, on the second day, an micro nebulae was observed moving near the ship and passed without incident. The meds worked and knocked a day of the repair time. With the ship totally repaired the crew got underway…
Arriving outside of NN 3667 analysis of the star was a degenerating white dwarf that was NO longer using fusion and had maybe 500 million years before it was dead. The crew also determined that the 6th planet out of 10 was giving off radio waves. Analysis determined that it was a radio signal giving an advertisement for some tooth paste. The XO ordered a class V probe with full stealth capabilities launched. The planet was ranked with a Level 8 tech ( comparable to 1990s-mid 2000s) with red skinned humanoids with ridged ears (basically a red human) and was in a state of turmoil. While flying into the system ( taking 3 hours) they determined that the two southern continents were engaged in war. After tapping into their network they determined that the western continent was highly religious and attempting to wipe out the eastern continent across the ocean (which was more libertarian in nature) and allot of assets were being committed. The XO had a tough decision as it was being broadcast by both nations that they were asking for their alliance partners to come into the war. The XO asked if Lieutenant smith could jam the network, he could and jammed the entire planetary network with an virus. That brought the XO time to decide the next course of action. Lieutenant smith reported the current state of the conflict. The Planet was called Andun 6 and The country of Beleio and the surrounding 7 countries on the south hemispheric western continent were members of a religious affiliation calling themselves sons of the son (or the golden orb). The eastern nation they were at war with was called Neepo. There was a space station in orbit around Andun 6 and lieutenant smith reported that our universal docking ring could hook up with it.
The XO ordered to dock, and they did. The airlock on their side was closed so he ordered the 2 marines to OPEN IT! using the cutting torches on their rifles, they cut thru the door in under 1 min and were greeted in the alien airlock by the Anduns behind their airlock. After talking with them VIA airlock comm they determined a few things. #1 that we terrans looks like “Brain eating Denebulans from outside the galaxy…” ( a film franchise that spans 19 movies apparently). #2 That there is an International League of nations that has 85% of the planets countries as signatories. #3 that they are willing to talk. SO they let them in. After talking to the Adunians they decided to help us with meeting their leaders. Lieutenant smith opened up communications with the space station and the northern hemisphere country of Blakala. After talking to the leader from “The Black room” ( the seat of government for Blakala) it was decided to take a shuttle down to meet with the International League of Nations.
( que ending music, roll credits)…



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