The Terran Expansion

s1 Episode 6

S1 Episode 6: “… Disposable Smith, Part 1”
Synopsis: The great crew entered System GJ 1156 . After some preliminary scans of the system, the Science officer determined the most possible habitable system was a water world even though the atmosphere was unbreatheable. Entering orbit around the 3rd planet, they received a hail on subspace from the planet. Opening channels the crew found out that the residents of this planet call it new Atlantis and they were colonists from the stark preserver. Talking with the planetary leader of the colony, they determined that this is a colony of scientists and experimenters.
After landing in the docking bay of the underwater colony they met with chairman Stark and learned some fascinating things about this colony. First they were all clones that were going in suspended animation aboard the stark preserver. second that this colony is working on advanced technologies for the past 19 years, third that the colony is now expanded from the original 5,000 to over 40,000 clones . After a walk around the colony, they discovered that they have tons of A.Is working around ( look like floating basketballs with 2 waldos and an eye. ) and how they did it. Well each AI has its own core but is still linked to an network to help process info. Attached to the network is also all the clones VIA a wetware grown implant, so all the clones can talk to each other over the interlink.
After a pause from the clone leader, the crew also found out that each of the clones are also donating brain capacity to be used as sub-processing for the main computer core. The leader Mr. stark uses 40% of his brain power alone to monitor and maintain the entire facility . He then excused himself from the group to attend something. That is when the X.O and C.S.O went looking around on their own… The C.S.O found the high energy lab and went creating tachyon particles while the X.O found the bio lab and got his patch behind the ear so he could observe what is in the interlink. He saw a crazy sight, a dome with 40,000 people gathered , chanting “Refresh… Renew” and pointed weapons at the people in the center. They opened fire. Later when Mr. stark appeared in front of the group he was confronted with this , he did not deny it. He responded that it was simpler to download the memories into a new clone when it was time than use a doctor to try to heal or extend damage to a clone. This making sense to the group, they brought the exodus down to get refueled and then went on their way.
When the exodus was breaking orbit, they were ambushed by two deltan light cruisers. The attacking pirates were successful in disabling the impulse engines but not the warp drive. That is when the exodus made a blind warp jump and successfully got out before anymore damage could be sustained. a few days later the intrepid crew of the exodus were in Kapteyn’s star system. Analyzing the data, they discovered ruins on the 4th planet that was Martian like. Further analysis determined that there was around 10 billion people here and huge craters from explosions. The craters were still radiating some radioactive material but there was residual anti-protons, anti-neutrons and anti-electrons. The crew determined that this was a site of a war using anti-matter bombs.
Going on to the 3rd planet. The terrestrial planet was unbreatheable due to too much nitrogen in the atmosphere (98%), But with seven years worth of work, it could be made habitable. The Real discovery came when they discovered an artificial moon.
After contacting it, they discovered a limited A.I called 79 who allowed them entrance to the artificial moon. After exploring inside for a bit the things they discovered was this… #1 the “creators” live in the center of the galaxy, #2 there are 48,000 other stations like this one, #3 they send back data VIA dimensional gateway. #4 they can fold space, #5 they send stuff back through the gateway constantly. With that knowledge in hand, they asked Lieutenant smith if he was willing to go through the gateway. When he was just about to refuse, he got beamed thru the gateway to the other side…..about two minutes later, Lieutenant smith materialized back in front of them. A medical scan indicated that his brain was so wrinkled with memory, it looked like one big wrinkle. The doc confirmed that he had so much information that he was catatonic and could not function. So a plan was put into motion to read his mind….. TO BE CONTINUED.. ( end music… roll credits )



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