The Terran Expansion

S1 Episode 5

S1 Episode 5: “…To make an Omelet…”
Synopsis: the Gallant crew of the Exodus continue on their trek to explore new worlds, left FL Virginis B to explore GL 447. in mid warp to their destination they uncounted a SPACE WORM!!! The ship was thrown Out of warp because the worm was generating an sub-space interference within 20,000 kilometers of it. The captain ordered defensive maneuvers and determined that it was alive and coming to the ship. The Chief Science officer and The Chief Medical Officer scanned the creature and determined that the creature was mostly Anti-energy composing of anti-protons, anti-neutrons and anti electrons. Their conclusion was that if the creature came in contact with the ship it would either drain it of energy or destroy it. After some quick work, they determined that it was hungry for fuel, So the captain ordered a directed vent of the plasma from the warp engine nacelles. with the creature distracted, the ship did a quick re-power up and went on its way.
Arriving outside of GL447 the Crew of the Exodus determined that there were 3 other ships nearby combat. 2 of the greenish arrow shaped ships were Pounding upon the black looking catlike ship.. a Distress signal was being broadcast from the cat ship which was discovered to be the cattatians ship who misty the ships morale officer determined that they needed help badly. The arrow shaped ships were determined to be the DELTAN SYNDICATE, the scourge of the galaxy as they were pirates all! The Cattatians ship had multiple hull breeches, warp drive was failing and power was going out…. The captain Quickly determined that they were going to help them from the Deltan Pirates and gave orders to engage the deltan pirates. The battle was quick… one of the light cruisers were destroyed while the other was disabled. After Captain A.J. Stewart discussed what should be done with these pirates, he decided to let them go for now…
With the threat of the deltans gone, the ship Docked with the alien cat ship “The Cats Paw” and began to help by giving medical aid and engineering aid. The captain met with captain Meeowff and discussed what to do. They stood in orbit for 8 hours and helped with repairs. Eventually getting dna samples, some samples of bio-jell they also negotiated for More advancements in ION tech for plans on the Terran new warheads. After a wonderful meal (most of it raw) they said ADIEU to their new friends and then broke to go into orbit.
After determining the planet is extremely moderate, and had a small satellite system. They did a scan and saw there was a developing colony settlement. By hacking into their communications system, the crew first scanned the news network and then got in touch with the planetary governor and determined that these were the colonists from the Gas war of 2091, one of the ten colony ships that were stolen from the mars fleet yards. after ten minutes of negotiating and expressing that they were not some “Terran Devils who wants to rape their women.” , they launched a shuttle craft to meet this new colony.
After landing they were met by the planetary governor and given a brief detail of their movement and tech. The Government is a part time government that comes together only for votes and the entire population of 10,000 people get to vote electronically on things the representatives cannot agree on something. The crew were surprised that the tech was not up to current, but the crew came to the conclusion that there were no real scientists and no educators when this ship launched. The vote taking place tomorrow, the crew went to an outlying village that was mentioned in one of the news casts with problems with the cholos (a bird like an ostrich, that is 9 feet in height and has a beak like a toucan). The cholos were taking children….
After taking a hover skimmer to Village 17 ( they are not to imaginative) they met with the village mayor/Representative. A 17 year old woman who is this years choice to be the mayor, talked about the fruits they were growing. One was a fruit that looked like an orange but was colored white. The inside was purple and after tasting it, found it tasted like a cross between a lime and a kiwi fruit. Doctor Bear examined it and determined it to be like one 12 ounce red bull per slice of this fruit!!! ( eat one and your powered up for the day!). after talking with her, they discovered her young brother to have trained a cholo and went to see him and the bird. They found the bird to be trainable , but dumb as a bag of hair. The crew went out to the forest to find the cholos nests.
After about 20 minutes, the landing party met with a nest of cholos ( and it hissed at them). Finding out that this cholo for some reason gained limited sentience and were able to reason with it. The female promised not to eat more children if they took it away to a preserve of its own. The mayor agreed and will make sure no one will take their eggs. Before they left they discovered a green crystal glowing in the nest and nearby. A simple analysis determined that the crystal is crystallized form of lithium with a 2 lithium molecule. Calling it Dilithium, they are going to examine it for further possibility.
After a wonderful dinner and rest, the troops went back to the city next morning. The vote was 93 to 7 against meeting with the Terran goverment for trade. Giving them a Sub-space communication node in orbit around the planet, they also traded some holo projectors and comm equipment to keep in touch. Wishing a new possible ally goodbye the crew left for GJ 1156…
( enter end music and roll credits )



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