The Terran Expansion

S1 Episode 4

S1 Episode Four: “…Beached on the shores of the sky….”
Synopsis: The valiant crew of the Exodus leave the Vrill and begin their trek to see the grrrrrath ( a dog like race). about 68% of the way traveled to see them, they encountered on long range sensors, an abandoned alien ship stuck in an asteroid. After scanning the asteroid, they determined there was two unknown radiation wavelengths emanating from the asteroid. The Sci officer determined it was safe levels of radiation to go over, the crew boarded the shuttle and headed over. The Shuttle bay doors were open on the craft and landed in. After analyzing the tech, they found the emergency power for the shuttle bay and shut the shuttle bay doors. The Crew was stunned to find out that the fusion batteries were no bigger than 1 inch cubes ( the most advanced fusion reactors are only 1 feet square in terran tech.) and there was an unknown energy field that came up before the doors closed. Medical officer Bear determined it was a force field of some kind. continuing on in their explorations, they managed to restore emergency power to 2 hallways and the turbo lift an on deck one , the crew stumbled across the med bay. There were 10 beds and one behind a force field.
The one body they were interested in was about 50% dissolved by leaking plasma. After the doc did some examinations, the Sci officer walked thru the containment field around the body and found a bucket of blue goo behind the bed which contained a regenerative gel. Suddenly, Her tri-corder went off and was detecting an unusual radiation trail. with help from dr bears tri-corder they determined that the trail flew around the room several times going into the floor.. (“… hey is it a life-form?…”) soon after that , the crew found the bridge, and thru some experimentation they figured out all the stations. The Android Engineer 12k found a cyberspace jack and logged in. After some Mishaps ( attempting to stun someone, putting a force field around the Feline mutant..) 12k determined the translator program and managed to trip it on for everyone. The crew was then able to work fast and determine the extent of the damage, power availability. The Captain asked 12k if we could “jump-start” this ship. 12k Determined that the plasma power flow was compatible to our ship and a plasma transfer began to power the ship. The Computer core came online and an AI kicked 12k out of cyberspace and began talking with the ship.
The Crew determined that the race called the Dellorians ran this ship ( a light cruiser ) and was patrolling the Empire when the asteroid came out of subspace and crashed into the ship. Seeing the warp core and matter/antimatter ejected to prevent a warp core breach, the crew two days later abandoned ship and head for the nearest star system. The X.O called the ship and made a subspace relay call to The Vrill home-world where they talked with their VON lawyer. They found out that the Dellorians were absorbed by another and thus that the race might not be in existence anymore. After digesting all this info, the crew asked the AI where they might have head to after abandoning ship. The AI calculated the probable locations and then negotiate with the captain for 1 LY worth of fuel so it could limp to that star ( arrival time.. 4 years). The AI was so gratefull, it gave the Science officer more data on translation modules which advanced her research.
The crew left the ship and warped out to their next destination….
The Scene shifts to the same ship that destroyed the USS Hornet, and cut-scenes to the bridge. And The Commander in his language says before they go to high warp…..



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