The Terran Expansion

S2 Episode 9

S2 Episode 9 “…The Squine and Bait has been set…”
SYNOPSIS: After setting course for Vulcan the crew relaxes for a spell. About 1/2 the way to Vulcan (isn’t it always the case) the crew get a distress call. A ship is disabled and is being pulled into a black hole. Sensors indicate the ship is alien manufacture. The captain orders opening up hailing frequencies and on screen come squirrel looking aliens (running around shout for help) and they identify themselves as the Squine from Denebula (SE from Keptins star). Dr Acora begins scans to check for damage but is getting large distortions from the hull and apparently both warp coils on the nacelles have been ravaged. further scans indicate possible interior explosions.
The Captain orders the crew to save them. and using the grappling arm, the exodus pulls the Squine ship from the brink of extinction. The Exodus docks with the ship, but apparently their ship doors are only one and 1/2 feet high (are they small???) using the universal docking ring, they seal the lock and meet the crew of the Squine. Greeting captain Stewart with an acorn he takes them to the officers mess to meet with them. The Engineer orders the repair crew to prepare for EVA since all repairs will have to take place in space.
Meeting with the Squine captain for lunch, they tell they are from Squrill ( a planet orbiting in Denebula) and were headed to the incorporated systems of thalti-draconis (a new unknown government). The cargo is photonic Generators (sci officer Acora indicates the possible uses being used as advanced holographic generators or creating photonic torpedoes.) Asked about the nature of their hull, it is indicated that it is made of a Neutronium Tritanium alloy. A report comes in to the current engineer that repairs will take two days because of the unique type of nacelles ( it is indicated that they have linear focusing plasma technology ) the engineer then asks what tech level they are , the Squine answer 14… asking for trade, they decide to trade with the terrans but on stuff that wont alter their tech level much. In trade they ask for the Squine to cut up their Neutronium into useable pieces and they agree to do so. They also trade a device that focuses plasma with a magnetic bond so its way hotter(possible uses in the engine or warp nacelles ) also one of the scientists from the Squine (a blue shirt) goes with dr Acora to their lab and looks at the black hole in storage. The Squine has a few scientists that come and do some formula work and let them know not to let the protective field holding it in place to get below 20% (or bad things happen).
For terran life extension tech, the Squine trade a vial of yellow/green fluid that is Nanites in a neutral solution. If used it will totally cure ANYTHING , even including mental disorders but it is not compatible with silicon or energy life forms. Their doctor talks with Dr Bear and indicates that she is not looking at the splitting disease right. The splitting disease works at a molecular level and the cure then should come from an angstrom level. If she did that, it would give resistance and be an effective cure.
Their engineer shows they have what they call “Glue” ( I has a glue as it says ). and it’s a Nanite solution with basic material held in suspension. It will repair just about anything ( there are some technologies it wont heal though). they trade 2 vials of it to the crew of the exodus (it cannot be analyzed though). Two days later, with the repairs done, the Squine call the terrans “I has a Friend” and create a warp gate for the Terrans and they use it, finding they are around Vulcan only seconds later .
After arriving at Vulcan, they meet up once again with their friend Kai Ra, former member of the Security Directorate and begin research on the Narr. First off, the crew finds out that the defense directorate Might be working hand in hand with the narr. Second thing is that the Narr are totally Psi Dead and all vulcans are psionicly possible on some level. The idea was to set up a sting Featuring disruptor weapons and plasma torpedoes and even plasma beam weapons ( which they don’t have actually). The Crew set up a Nanite dispersal system near the door and weapons so the people can be tagged when they come to either scan the items or what ever they might do. They land in the defense directorates compound to show their technology off and they will on the tomorrow. The crew are given housing in the compound and begin their sting.
Scans from the shuttle show that someone of Vulcan descent in a form of stealth suit breaks in and begins to take scans. When a second Vulcan comes in, kills the first and then takes the scanner and pours blue goo over the first *(this goo causes the body to totally dissolve in seconds!!!) and heads out. A third person of NON Vulcan dissent comes out and chokes the 2nd to death and uses the blue goo on him. and then takes the scanner and leaves. Scans indicate that this person also has Nanites on him ( touching the first person or the scanner which had Nanites on it caused it to become tagged).
Tracing the thief to the edge of the city to a local establishment of refreshment (a bar) the crew goes out in search of these aliens. Arriving at the establishment, they take a stealthy point of view and decide NOT to go in guns blazing. The scouting of the establishment shows there is a door to a back room near the bar. The captain begins to play a game of 3d Chess with a Vulcan (terms are if the Vulcan looses , then he must stand up and admit to everyone he lost to the captain, if the captain looses he must buy him a drink). and the rest skulk around getting drinks. The crew talk and think a distraction is needed to get into the back room since the rest here seem like civilians. Lt commander fester goes out and sets the diversion, he places 3 charges of c-12 on 3 different hovercraft and comes back in. About 5 min later the explosions go off and everyone besides the captain, the Vulcan and the crew head outside. Seeing this their cue, they bust open into the room and take down the two narr who are there using stun weapon settings.
After taking the narr prisoners into custody , they do a full bio scan and security scan on them. First off the armor they had was resistant to energy weapons ( and they did primarily physical) , Nanite lock picks, a small knife surgically placed under their skins, Odd Bioware in their cerebral cortex, Bioware for fast healing and Bioware eyes with full spectrum view. Further scans indicate that the odd Bioware is a cortex bomb and could go off if it is attempted to be defused. Security scans indicate Vulcan blood on the knife the one narr had and some on his suit with Nanites used to track.
The next day, they use the sting to confront the Vulcan defense directorate and find out the one narr was the undersecretary to special projects. But the Secretary who was there for special projects must have skulked out!!! the second narr is a 2nd midshipmen on a Vulcan trading vessel ( and they find out they have been taking physical messages back to narr, thus that is why there were no tight beam transmissions). Kai Ra steps out of the shadows and helps with the wrap up with this sting and apparently makes himself clear to be the one Vulcan playing the captain in the bar ( in which the captain lost! and the Vulcan rubs it in logically ) and blows the narr plan for starting a war this way out of the water.
A quick cut scene later, the secretary and another narr are meeting. They indicate that this plan was a failure , but now they have to do the opposite and get the Krylon to attack Vulcan then.
The captain and crew done here on Vulcan , head for the ship. The captain who is tired retires for the day to his cabin and while he is looking at a holographic add for a luxurious stay on Vulcan.. he feels a sharp pain on the back of the neck….
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S2 Episode 8

S2 Episode 8 “…Smarter than the average bear…”
SYNOPSIS: later that night they keep a dinner engagement in the inner ring. At the inner ring, 4th level (high end commercial district) The Restaurant called The Free market. they begin dinner with aromatic aperitifs’ then start a 12 course meal. in the following 3 hours they find out the following. . .
The government here has been unified for 450 years ago when the Zon Conglomerate landed on the planet . The ursine fought 300 years ago (aggressive negotiations) for independence and they stormed the space station here. When the negotiations were over, the ursine bought independence and the space station from them with a 60 year lease (renewable) on the fueling station around the gas giant in the system (the Kai-Tau faction had a major loss and to not appear weak sealed the deal) . The ursine now value freedom and free trade (with morals though) and have knowledge of the 2 parsec squared area. The Ursine used to hire the Zetans for security against the deltans but they are now embroiled in a civil war (civil war for the freedom of music). The civil war started when the republic was starting a heavy tax on music and entertainment. The heart of the republic of Zeta is 1 Reticula.
The government here trades for manufactured products for their biotech in manipulating plant life and trees. The Bees here on this planet do produce honey, but are limited in number thus production of honey is very limited. With dinner finished , the crew retires for the night with negotiation tactics to be used on the morning.
Next morning the crew are taken down in a liberated Von shuttle down to one of the capitals ( think tree city on endor but x5 in size). And yes you see bears wearing suits and neckties but without pants…
Meeting at the central Negotiation glade, a brown bear in a robe acts as Arbiter between the government and the terrans. The Official Adjudicator has accessed the terran law systems and legal structure and agrees he can arbiter the deals here. The Crew start with a gift of a gallon jug of honey to the adjudicator and all the government bears here , the bears in return give 3 bonsai trees with instructions on how to grow them.
The agreement hammered out is as follows : The bears will allow a 25 year access to fuel stations and a 25 year trade embassy with options for renewal . In return the terrans will trade 100 gallons of honey a year and will receive a trade delegation from ursine.
The crew sealed the deal and go out to see some bear sports entertainment. After passing up 2 other opportunities , they settle on bears football. The terrans participate and were getting their butts kicked until officer tundra unleashed his new Psi ability ( Telekinesis push) and you see the bear go flying into several trees. Badly hurt , C.M.O and dr Acora heal the bear and are offered a contact as Doctor to the team ( they say no of course).
The crew then heads to the pet store and get alien pets (they get a Mardock – a monkey, a Bearlike Kroodle, A lidar – a cat with 2 tails and 6 legs, and a Dragko – a foot long dragon ) and with said purchases (including food for each, and a crate of squeakers- a mouse) and then the crew leaves for orbit with the exodus.
The captain makes his report to his new admrial. Admrial Adams ( a 4 foot tall little person) with blond hair and blue eyes. It looks like the captain is going to be arguing with a new admiral from now on. The Captain orders the exodus to Vulcan to begin research on the Narr. The captain then retires to the cabin and finds out his personal stores of food and coffee are mostly gone!!! The captain orders Lt Commander Fester into his cabin and begin the investigation. Further scanning of the storage area uncovers a 3 small sucker like print and some white slime that has a warp signature. The slime is unidentifiable and shipboard scanners find the warp signature (1 foot in size) inside the starboard warp nacelle. Dr Acora worried about her chocolate, goes to her stash in the cargo hold. She finds it all gone , as well as all the food items in her cabin. She goes Apeshit!!! The Plan is to shut off the plasma to the nacelle and then capture the creature. As soon as they shut off the warp plasma to the nacelle , it warps to the warp core. Tundra tries to contact it but cant because he has to be in contact with it to talk with it. Desperate, they turn off the warp core and dump the warp plasma, but the creature then goes to the galley ( warps into the food processor). Dr Acora thinks she can trap it with an alternating warp field around the food processor and succeeds. They take it down to the biolab. Analysis of the 1 foot lizard looking creature is that it totally converts food to energy so it can maintain its warp field. Also it generates an Antigrav field. the metabolism is so high that it must maintain a constant feeding or it will starve, with a constant mutating dna structure it is impossible to analyze but makes Acora have a hunch. Her hunch pays off and scans indicate that somehow, it must exist in multiple dimensions. And suddenly it collapses upon itself in a micro singularity. Scans indicate openings in multiple dimensions and possible universes. This leads to the possible theory of an Einstein – Rosen bridge can be created and maintained. Dr Acora manages to move the micro singularity to a high energy lab with multiple power redundancies so that the field wont collapse.
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S2 Episode 7

S2 Episode 7 “…On the Wings of Mercury… PART 2”
SYNOPSIS: After releasing the president and dozens of senators, the crew and new allies now fight their way to this levels control center. After doc Acora uses the control codes , she gets in and finds the room where the nexus brain is. The First firefight was a ambush, using the stealth suits they gain the upper hand and have a grenade fest. The second room as a choke point, they find out this room is a filtration system for the nexus brain. The back wall is filled with glass tubes full of molecular acid. After shooting up the tubes and releasing the acid rain upon the intruders, Officer Tundra uses his Psi power of Cryokinesis and creates a wall of ice( which holds the acid at bay). When he thinks the acid burning is done, he creates a ice bridge across the gulf of the room ( the acid is still burning the floor away. Observing from inside the room, the crew finds out it is an organic material that is acting as the filter for the acid much like a kidney does. A quick scan indicates that the material is a cross of volian and other unidentified dna.
After running into Reichmann outside the nexus room, he “knocks” on the door with a barrage of missiles. Looking into a room that is about 120 ft in diameter with a 60 ft alien looking brain in the center. being held in place by two energy beams that seem to be filtering away the waste (but not resupplying nutrients now). The captain gives the order to coat the room in Psi blocking goo. The two officers carrying the goo throwers coat the room in black slime and they also for safety coat the brain.
All over the system, people start dropping and morph into the red skin aliens . A quick cut-scene shows Star Admrial Darwin getting into his alien scout craft and uses a teleport tunnel to escape. The beginning of dismantling this room and transferring the brain to Terran medical to be examined (dissected and probed).
Doing an accounting, there are only 500 Psi Corp active left in the corps, and Psi Corp is dismantled and enrolled into the New military and government. The Crew landed In Geneva for the procession of honor. A huge crowd of 5 million cheer upon their landing and in military procession they are Brought before the president of the terran republic with the entire senatorial cabinet standing before them. Our heroes receive the following medals: The Distinguished Service Cross ( for saving the republic), Life Saving medal ( for rescuing those who were locked up) , Second campaign ribbon (for the entire action: colored red and gold center now), and finally for the captain , he is offered a Commodore position but he refuses it ( he does NOT want to be behind a desk).
The Friends of Peter are granted immunity and due to their service to the republic, they are granted Organizational status to advance Psi abilities and be tolerated amongst all peoples. Clones are now recognized as a separate species within the terran races and are granted the ability to become citizens (with all rights within and even breeding rights).
Doctor Acora Gets down on one knee and proposes marriage to her longtime friend and lover Emily, and in a grand proposal the entire crowd goes wild.
(Commercial break advertising Toilet buddy cleaning system and Nuke Pockets- the food that glows when you cook it.)
Now for the new Government. A new Galactic government is formed called…. THE UNTIED PLANETARY LEAGUE. The military arm (which for this new government to be successful) is called the Galactic Armada in which all signaturaries will contribute military personnel and ships. Terra volunteers space to have the new military housed with the First Galactic armada space dock to be built. The other signatories are all the terran systems (who were colonies including alpha Centuari), The Grrrrrath, The Catatians . The agreement that each signatory must be a space faring species to be apart of this event is agreed upon unanimously.
president Takinowia and admirals stark and Reichmann are now represenetives from terra ( 3 per) and will participate in the new government. with an election to be held to see who will be president of the United Planetary League ( president will preside on earth for now until further things are worked out). The vulcans and Krylon are looked as possible partners as well as the plant people . The New USS Exodus A ( official heavy Cruiser ) is about 1 to 1 1/2 years away from completion.
The captain and crew of the U.S.S exodus decide to visit the home of the Ursine ( a 3 tier race with ursine as small as a teddy bear and as large as a full grown 10 foot bear). after 15 days later, they arrive at GL86, a binary system ( giant orange orbited by a small brown dwarf) with 13 planets in orbit ( the home world is the 4th one) and is orbited by a small space station ( ursine 7) and a hail is sent to the ship. The channels are opened and the captain begins talking to a large bear who welcomes the terrans and begins to tell them the landing co-ordinates. (the captain also finds out they are big believers in free will and trade in their conversation). After docking with the station a white bear sized ursine named Lt Hagraah issues them a 1 week pass ( 100 credits for a high VIPs status) and is given some honey they brought aboard(ambrosia). Apparently Honey here is rare and a flask of 1 liter is the equivalent of 100,000 credits in value!
They soon acquire the services of a small ursine guide (personal Assistant for VIPs) Named Treebank. He is given 1000 EC for his services and begins to take them to the outer ring of the space station. In the outer ring , almost all the trade takes place with other races and several examples of races with what they like to trade in. He takes you to the more exclusive part of the outer ring , The Grizzly House ( a hotel for wealthy aliens) looks like a giant sequoia with branches with suites on them. The Captain pays for 1 week say and they are bungeed up to the 4th floor ( a harness that bounces them up) and they retire for the night.

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S2 Episode 6
On the wings of mercury ( part one)

S2 Episode 6 “…On the Wings of Mercury… PART 1”
SYNOPSIS: Shortly after the alien autopsy from the last episode, the captain ordered the ship now to be on yellow alert until after the assault on Psi-Corp on Mercury. The captain then ordered Dr Acora to contact The Terran Pride to talk with captain Phule. After making contact, captain Stewart found out they took care of their own alien onboard. Letting captain Phule know that they will share the autopsy video and data about the stolen ships, captain Phule offered to act as a distraction for the assault and captain Stewart took the offer.
the captain then put in a call to Krylon. Captain Stewart then gave them the info on a possible Krylon ship that might contain humans aboard that should not be there. And shortly after the ship was disabled and boarded by the Krylon ( which they proceeded to kill[?] everyone aboard ). The captain then contacted Vulcan and they find out that the Security Directorate dispatched the invading ship days ago before the defense directorate could interfere! In return for the favor for the alien autopsy and data, they give the list of the psi-corps codes and frequencies.
using the codes, they find out an volian frequency and find out that the volians have a plan brewing from volian intrusion command that will be in place within three months. Seeing that the invasion is sonly, the captain puts his plan into motion and leaves for earth!
A few days later, the exodus comes out of warp space near mercury, finding the terran pride in a firefight with 3 other ships. the longship piloted by Captain Metaline, launches from the exodus and begins its run through the tunnels (imagine the death star tunnel run in return of the Jedi and you got an idea of what they went through). After Several Various near death instances , the ship takes a pounding going down 13 miles of tunnels. After coming out into the core room and getting pounded by 3 Psi fighters (lol they look like tie fighters) they manage to crash land the longship. Captain Metaline dies as the ship crashes nose into the wall ( and he was mushed). The Ship falls apart as the last crewmember gets out. and they see the lack of engine ( it was cut off by a fighter) and make a dash into the tunnels.
After wandering into a control room, the crew manages to hack into the computer network and look for evidence of ( in their words) general doucheary.. Acora sees that the replacement admrial for stark has invaded with a mini Mech and is ripping his way thru the complex. Acora turns off the alarms and manages to contact the admrial to act as a distraction. She later finds a hidden drive ( full of alien information). Finding out a lot of “the Doma” which is the alien hierarchy of volian. Apparently they have inserted tier 2 members into every segment of society. The data on Star Admrial Charles Darwin is a Tier 5 ( high born tier) and using flesh golems for a long term infiltrations of terra, the third segment of the plan begins the genocide of all humans in terran space….
further data on the drive indicates the R.ats N. the A.ttic Program which is an RNA viral injection vector for allowing Volians to inject themselves with human Psi talents for a short period of time. But to the volians sorrow it cannot work on volians… YET…But can be used on other humans. With a documented list of over 200 talents in vials another fact comes forward in the data hack, that injecting humans with rna, is lethal in about %1 of the population but in less than 1 % of the population, if they are injected they can permantly keep the rna transfer. According to the data, the volians have killed 25 people with “golden brains” so they can extract the talent for permant rna transfer. After finding out where the jail on this level is, they manage to free admrial stark and several senators and president takinowa out of the null time field and she gives them Code Black Authority ( authorization to kill all resistance)…

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S2 Episode 5
Golems and Breaking point

S2 Episode 5 “…Golems of the breaking point…”
SYNOPSIS: 12 days later after , entering the Vulcan system they land for repairs and such. The captain opens communications with the A/C ambassador and finds out that there is now a PERMANT cease fire between the two races ( its tenuous but there) and the vulcans are making reparations to krylons. Giving Bio-tech in exchange for android crystal tech. The Planet is now a perminant place of negation and It is also shown that neither side likes the terrans BUT does not hate them either.
The situation is heating up at home. The Terran Constitution is now suspended and there are troops in the streets. There is a dusk to dawn curfew on all planets and bases in the system. a flotilla around mars is now protecting the space docks, Venus was told to join in the crack down OR ELSE… there is a slowdown at the refueling stations around Jupiter and Saturn and they are being cracked down on. After talking with the Vulcan scientist who is your local candy addict he told the basis of Vulcan history. about 50 thousand years ago, Narr was in the middle of a civil war and 50 ships left the system, as they were leaving, they saw fusion bombs and anti-matter weapons going off on narr. 1000 years later after traveling the stars in their generation ships, 5 ships left found Vulcan and settled there. The command crew then armed with this info head down to Vulcan to the Vulcan Security Directorate.
they land and get the ship promised by the VSD. a 16 seater LONG ship that is barely as wide as a tardis but with a souped up engine. The Psi officer pilots it up and the captain then receives a call from terran command. The Psi officer then gets into the captain seat. and takes the call. The admiral wants to send them to LaLande 21185 to catalogue the entire system with full in-depth scans of the star and samples from each planet ( should take them a full month of scans), and they want it done… yesterday. he signs off as the real captain figures out that this is some diversion… but for what???
The captain opens up communication with the AI Hugo. After talking with the AI the following is revealed: Unconfirmed reports of Psi-Corps ops going on at Krylon and Vulcan. huge plan in effect including building a new fusion reactor on Mercury at the Psi-Corp Facility ( with a vent that will be online in 90 days ). And Friends of peter (the resistance of Psi individuals who don’t want to go into psi corps) are totally underground. Hugo gets a few other AIs online to discuss other options. (victor 187 , Mikihal and Major General of Defense forces Adam 1287). Apparently Psi corps has a secret channel and might have captured a Vulcan ship during the raid on Vulcan ( a similar raid was conducted on Krylon and they might have a similar ship).
while this is going on, engineering reports that there are unusual back flows in the water system aboard the ship. The engineer checks it out and the doctor bear has a hunch . She asks misty to scan for mental activity in several areas of disturbance and find out there IS some form of water life form aboard. After channeling it to a water tank, they manage to communicate with it thru the Psi Officer. They call themselves the glug and got trapped aboard when the ship was submerged last season on the water planet new Atlantis. Scanning it they figure it has the same molecular consistency as water and eats dissolved minerals. They build a tank in the hydroponics lab and let it settle there (basically a hamster trail of pipes for it). The Stark Kids will help talk to it and conduct experiments on it. ( vicci will follow the experiment). They head back to the discussion with the AIs. the AIs will make sure when they get back to earth for repairs, they will have a repair crew replaced with Friends of Peter so they can report to the captain.
After a few days travel, they arrive in the Sol System and dock for minor repairs at Mars space docks. Several crews come aboard and the special repair crew Delta three makes them known to the captain for his repairs. They meet with the captain in a secure area ( the shuttle ) and discuss what’s going on. In general, the entire system is ready for rebellion and are ready to keep the fleets tied up. (all the planets will cause distractions to keep them all busy!). Gary, one of the F.o.P brings a new toy aboard. From the developed metal that blocks Psi Ability they made a Nanite containment Psi Weapon. it acts like a water balloon and upon impact with a PSI person, it coats them in a black Nanite coating and stops all Telepathic and Telekinetic activity ( other abilities are not blocked). This is just the item needed to stop the chaplains and the crew and captain come up with a plan.
4 days after the repair crews leave the ship, the ship arrives in the system and does its scans… and puts Operation: Chaplain Slobber knocker into effect. They Call the chaplain to the med bay because lt smith has attempted to commit suicide. He arrives with the entire command crew ambushing him with the Nano-Psi weapons. Once he was completely coated, he fell to the floor lifeless in his spacesuit. They got him to he isolation chamber ( also coated. ) and cracked the suit open.. this is what they found: an alien that was red skinned and attached to the suit via various wires ( they removed the wires and the suit). The alien was thin, had three eyes, Predator mouth, 3 knees and elbows with 3 claws on each hand and feet ( they could be used interchanged ) It has no brain and is nothing but a solid mass of cells with a pouch of a stomach.
Further scans indicated that the eyes are a type of biological version of a scanner, the body can totally convert the food paste it injected into energy and the DNA ( a quad helix) was still adding to the code. I.O.W it was still adding data by encoding onto its own dna. they decide to take a sample and destroy the ‘Golem’ . Lt commander Tundra figures out the suit is a built in subspace / Psi communicator. the frequencies has an alien subspace channel and a psi corp channel ( the alien channel has a range of 3-5 parsecs ) . Realizing that this suit is nothing but an antenna, with built in pheromone nano pouches to make terrans like the suit and a Nanite fusion self destruct on it.. they realize that PSI Corp and even the entire terran republic might be overrun with aliens!!!

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S2 Episode 4
Ghosts and Teseracts

S2 Episode 4 “…Ghosts and Teseracts…”
SYNOPSIS: After returning to the ship after all the scans were finished, the crew find out that there is now a Vulcan and Krylon capital ship in orbit. The captain discusses what they plan to do and come to a conclusion that both sides will be a part of the cease fire as the prisoner krylons are sent to the no mans land ( designated by the alpha Centuari ambassador.) down on the planet. With these immediate matters now under control, the captain now tends to the health of the crew.
After a ship wide scan, security heads down to the high energy lab and finds an old false panel where there is 15 gallons of the extract to add to normal chocolate bars to make it Vulcan chocolate. Realizing that they need the plants also, scans indicate the plants down in the arboretum lab … where the kids are studying… (OH SH*T)… and the security staff and some of the command crew head down there. As they arrive, they see the kids tripping balz on the plants ( one is running at 120 mph nekkid as a jay bird). after escorting the kids to their quarters, they examine the plants. apparently the plants have a high regenerative ability ) the berries regrow as soon as they are picked). The properties of the plant is that it’s a great anti-convulsant, also causes mild mental mutation ( psychic properties) , the doctor begins to think on how to apply these properties for medical reasons.
The krylons contact the ship and indicate that they got the scans weekly on average (give or take 3 months). After digesting this information they hypothesis that the scans happen with the planetoid is closest to Krylon. and during the 3 months that does not happen, the area of space/time is thinnest here. Dr Acora hammers out some equations to help reinforce the space/time locality down there using a portable warp generation and they head down to the planet. After arriving the crew asks for permission to talk to the white hared girl again. Arriving to talk to her, she is currently writing an equation for a teseract ( its not complete). The Doctor gives her the equation to look over and she takes her tricorder and begins to program it into it. Shortly after she does so, she dies where she was standing ( she was dying slowly anyway so this was a tender mercy).
Dr Acora looks at the equations and they head down to the equipment outside the labyrinth. They think they can stabilize the space/time rift down there at least temporarily ( science… science… science this). They plug the tricorder in and activate the device. IT WORKS , no tachyons down there but now there is a spectral haze. Scanning it shows mixed results but nothing to indicate that it is harmful. They head down. Harvey begins to hallucinate that he is back on the farm and saves his sibling but gets a scar. He does not remember it that way and now he has a scar (spooky). Fester has his moment, he dreams he got a lucky baseball card from his brother. and when he comes to he has it around his neck. Was it there before?? Dr Acora dreams of the nanny bot that kills her father but it didn’t quite happen that way. The crew slowly realize they are phasing thru alternate realities because of the space/time bubble. Continuing on, they come to a swirling wormhole and they head thru, showing a vision of everyone dead. Some people were so disturbed they fell down screaming into a fetal position ( like dr Acora who takes the worst of the mental damage). Dr Acora comes to but is still very jumpy and sees one of the crew as a robot and fires on LT commander tundra ( but misses). the captain and lt commander fester tackle her and The doctor Feelgood (dr bear) gives her a mild anti-psychotic and she comes to her senses. they come thru the rest of the time space distortion and head down further into the passages.
Finding a “dead end” ( lol ) they network all the scanners and find out a false wall. a huge vault with facial recognition, bio scanners and such. Lt commnder fester begins to hack it and 10 min later they open it up to a Ditanium staircase heading downwards. after going 20 feet down they head into a large open room that has a huge 500 meter dish. They find 3 monks(?) running the sensors and they are scanned to be Vulcan and not Narr. The crew finds out the following facts: All the data contained on Krylon ( strength /troop movements / space stations / homeworld and others) , that they are looking for a hidden Krylon base within their home system where the missing ships from the scans are. After questioning the vulcans , they find they are from the Vulcan Defense Directorate ( the military arm of the Vulcan government). Further scans of the equipment determine that this is of NARR design and it is powered by a functional Singularity engine ( dr Acora creams her pants on that one). and.. who gave it to them?? The plating design indicates narr manufacture so… did they give it to them and why???
They find 3 more upstairs from the defense directorate and turn them over to the brothers for “discipline” ( there are always clothes to be cleaned, waste receptacles to be polished). this makes the captain smile. Later after they permantly turn off the narr device, the brothers agree to permantly seal the door to the sensor and fill the sensor room up.
The captain meets later with the alpha Centurain ambassador and gives her the full information on what they found and decide to break out the secrets of the scanning and the missing fleets. Lt commander snow makes it snow aboard the ship in celebration of Christmas in 2135 (also to show off). but the snow shorts out the coolant and the ship is forced to eject its fuel plasma… (sigh) and they refuel.

S2 Episode 3
Harvey to the rescure!!!

S2 Episode 3 "….. Harvey to the rescue!!!…. "
SYNOPSIS: The uss exodus meets the Uss Terran Pride around the disputed planetoid. Contacting the Pride they meet with Capt Willard Phule and he begins to go into what has happened over the last 6 hours. Apparently while staying in Grey alert ( low energy mode and passive scanners only) they observed energy discharge erupting in the city below and it just kept getting worse (no actual heavy weapons like cannons BUT a lot of rifle and some grenade action). And to top it all off, about 1 hour ago a small craft ( about 25 yards in size) landed at the Vulcan monastery. With that reported to captain Stewart, the two captains and crew brainstormed to send down their chaplains to help restore order, but it failed since the brothers are civilians and are not subject to orders except to within the order of the eternal mind. The Ambassador from alpha Centuari ( whom they saved) asked permission to come to the bridge and offered his services to help bring the two warring factions.
The captain deciding to try talking to them first before using this asset he contacts Capt Tanah, of the Krylon defense force on the planet. In the talks it comes out that there were very long range scans into Krylon system originating from this planet! Giving a sample of the data the Krylons have, they agree to a cease fire IF the other side will. Kan-Pa’u ( the Vulcan scientist aboard the exodus) analyzes the data and comes to the conclusion of the following: 1.that Vulcan does not have this technology at this time 2. that the scan signature is correct that it did originate from this planet 3. that the scan beam was several parsecs in length. Deciding to get more information, Dr Acora opened a link to Vulcan with dr tau-Ka’n with the Vulcan Science directorate. He explains that it is theoretically possible , but to power such a device would require a dish 500 meters in diameter and a large scale fusion reactor to power it. The captain gets the Vulcan Defense force here on this planet (Commander Tau-La’ak ) and gets him to agree to a cease fire while they try to get this thing under control.
The crew begin scanning for large scale structures that can hold both devices, and with help from the terran pride, they come to the conclusion that the dish MUST be underground! The captain then orders the Launch able Command Center to be impacted in the center of the city ( they contacted both sides to insure its theirs) and send down the Ambassador down with a fire squad of ODSTs. Dr Kan-Pa’u contacts the Vulcan monastery ( he keeps getting put into the bathroom every time they talk with the krylons) but the message cuts out unexpectedly The captain orders Major Harvey to take down and subdue the Krylon invaders at the monastery! Launching ODST style ( Nano egg covering the Troops and launching them from orbit) with 2 heavy squads and 12 Naval Security ( with additional help from the Terran Pride). they manage to land near the monastery and using jump jets on the suits, they breach the landing lip of the monastery ( its on a mountain side btw).
After an intense firefight, Major Harvey killed only one of the 8 who were manning the landing pad, But failed to stop the launch of the Assault Scout craft. Major Harvey contacted the ship and they intercepted the ship. Trying to target the nacelles , Lt Commander Fester manages to knock out the warp drive. But in doing so, he throws the alien ship into warp imbalance and the contained warp plasma is about to go super critical! Docking with the ship, they take the 2 Krylons Prisoner and get away from the ruined star craft as it explodes.
After treating both of the Krylons, Commander Dominus begins a ‘gentle’ Interrogation ( bitch slapping him around and a few punches to their testicular region). The commander manages to secure that there are 48 men on the ground ( the 8 in front) and secures his ‘cooperation’ to tell them to stand down. He does by saying there are two terran capital ships in orbit! And they stand down due to the commander and Major Harvey!
The Command crew lands in the M.A.R.V.I.N ( the main landing assault vehicle ) and secure the Prisoners in Force Field Stockades until further orders. Meeting the Monsignor they find out that this is the 3 month cycle that does not allow anyone down into the catacombs. Telling the crew that going down there during this time results in insanity OR you just don’t come back. The captain asks if there were any survivors here at the monastery, and the monsignor takes the crew to see her. A quick medical scan reveals her genetic code is 65% Vulcan and 35% something….else ( the rare genetic code that one scientist was looking for). She is also a mathematical savant ( she recites equations dr Acora has a hard time keeping straight). The Vulcan scientist on the command crew takes dr Acora down to the lower levels to do their ‘Scans’ ( in reality they start eating some Vulcan chocolate and begin to start tripping balz down at the level).
After the crew comes down and finds the two of them stoned out of their minds, dr Acora accidently opens a doorway into the catacombs as the Vulcan scientist begins to enter. The doctor knocks them both out with sedatives in the hypo spray and The new Psi officer Lt commander tries to mind scan them. But gets a weird contact high while they are in contact with him. The scanners that are set up down here indicate a high level of natural occurring Tachyons!!! so much that it is dangerous to go down there.
The strongest area of course is in the area of the first monsignor.
(Ending music, ROLL CREDITS….)

S2 Episode 2
Captains own A$$ Clown

S2 Episode 2 "….. Captain’s own A$$ Clown…. "
SYNOPSIS: The new chaplain boarded and introduce himself as brother Aphalus (dick… hahah) and agrees to be scanned. He registers as a human mutant within all human norms but any other scans are stopped by the suit he wears. He explains that the suit is needed by his order (and also psi corps since he is psi sensitive.) at first they bunk the brother in the brig (hahah) but evenly they give him quarters in a storage bay on deck four.
The captain talks to the morale officer (misty the Psi Cat). and he asks misty to keep him.. busy!( she was bribed with mice in a cage and catnip). she did evaluate him, and he’s like he’s not there. Metaline goes with some of the crew to meet his contact.
The doctor evaluates the Stark family. and all of them have some extreme Psi Abilities. It is set up in one of the botany labs to help as a park (for play and keep watch on the kids) and education with a extra holo emitter for vicci. That being taken care of, the crew went on the space station.
The Bear aliens and one other left for greener pastures. The deltan decides to stay because going home is a death sentence and helps out in engineering. The remaining aliens get jobs aboard the ship. Dr Bear goes to the Vulcan Science academy and asks for help with the shattering disease. Also downloaded all info on the New Chaplain and he decides to help out with the scans. The doctor Vulcan also is looking for a rare genetic type to help with his studies, Dr Bear agrees to keep and eye out.
The Psi Captain Metaline goes to the planet and meets with his contact in a small Vulcan village. You meet Kyra.. and Metaline pushes for help because he is owed a debt. he examines Psi Officer and determines that he might be able to remove the Psi Bomb ( it’s a mental bomb and not a real one. It can scramble his personality to remake him) and attempts to do so. He cant, but he reworked it into a compulsion to obey the captain instead of the orders. The captain also has a meeting with this Vulcan and is given the ritual of hospitality ( food and water). He asks for help, he needs an edge or evidence to go against Psi Corps. The Vulcan mentions to go to the Vulcan Security Directorate (of which he was a member), and they might be able to help.
Later the data from the scans of the chaplain is showing he is NOT human. possibly a volian Encounter suit. Basically a bio-mechanical being .
Next morning at the meeting with the V.S.D, they come to a negotiation to help, but first they need help on the world that is the borderlands with the Krylans. The captain agrees to help IF it is possible, but no promises. The captain also gives Dr Acora some special chocolate he got from the contact on Vulcan, its not quite human compatible and causes severe hallucinations ( and for the next few hours she begins to trip balls ).
The captain orders misty to report on the chaplain. She does but has nothing to report. A scan of misty’s brain indicates high levels of serotonin making the chaplain agreeable to be around and found to be a danger to the crew. The captain talks to the sister ship The terran Pride. He finds out that they have a chaplain too and talk in captain code ( obvious talk with sarcasm to indicate the real intention). They agree to meet at NN 3839 .
Dr Acora gets the Vulcan (whose also tripping balls on the chocolate) to make more of this chocolate ( he does) and has a separate little area in the high energy lab that grows and processes the Vulcan choco beans.
As the ship approaches the lone planetoid they find out there is fighting on the planet (in the main town and they have taken over the monastery).
(Ending music, ROLL CREDITS….)

S2 Episode 1
SEASON OPENER - You're what?!?

S2 Episode 1 SEASON RENEWED"….. You’re WHAT?!?…. "
SYNOPSIS: (in sirus system)As we left off from last season, Captain Hawk was relieved of duty. Admrial Reichmann calls in reporting he’s been relieved of duty and all of the fleet has been taken over by psi corps and he will be leaving a way to contact him. In the Meantime, T.o.u.c.a.n 12345s Kiwki (a tribble basically) gets loose and starts eating stuff in the cold storage.. Long story short ALL the food has been ate and there are Thousands of Kiwki now aboard ship. Thanks to the Security and ODSTs… they use the plasma throwers to Burn all the remaining Kiwki. Requesting Re-provisioning at Alliance Sirus starbase, they dock and refill all food stuffs (including plants and seeds).
4 days later, the exodus is at the explosion site of the presidents ship. There is indication of a small craft ion trail. The captain orders the ship to follow the trail and finds a life pod. It is slowly leaking plasma from its battery and life-support is failing. Toucan is required to go EVA with the shuttle (with some security and Harvey ) and repair it (she does). They dock and get the 10 survivors who are in a artificial coma. Amongst the survivors are 2 command line officers . 7 civilians (including the ambassador from Alpha Centuari B.) and a black suit that has a presidential tattoo across the hear.
Finding out this black suit is cyborg out a lot, they attempt to hack his wetware, and with dr Acoras superior hacking suite, she does. They manage to find out in he’s memory database that he is the presidential bodyguard and nearly unkillable with augments that are out of this world. They also find out he managed to get the president aboard the first life pod and get him out alive (but in an artificial coma because of the length of distance). They wake him and find out his name… Capt Adrienne Metaline.. hero of the AI wars.
They wake him and find out that the president had plans to totally reform the military (making the Psi Corps all voluntary also). and after days of looking for the president.. they cant find her and conclude that Psi Corps has her….
Metaline reveals he has a contact at Vulcan, and the captain decides to take the chance. in the 12 days during the travel to Vulcan , they talk with one of the civilian engineers from the craft, and find out that there was severe plasma leakage in the conduits ( caused by obvious sabotage). A call from command: admrial Richard Friez (dick freeze they call him… but he ensures its Dutch) announces that there is going to be a new addition to the ship… a Chaplin, and its mandatory now. When the ship arrives at the Vulcan system, they are greeted at the starbase at Vulcan by a white space suited chaplain…
(Ending music, ROLL CREDITS….)

a time to reap and a time to sew

S1 Episode 26 SEASON FINALLE"….. A time to Reap, A time to Sew…. "
SYNOPSIS: In the hours following the Abduction of Captain A.J Stewart, Acting captain Dominus reports back to Fleet Admrial Reichmann on his capture. The admrial announces a joint effort to strike back and maybe get the captain back alive! Acting Captain Dominus is to rendezvous in the sirus system with the joint strike forces of the Grrrrrath and the catatians. From there the co-ordinates on where there will be a lone deltan ship will be making a delivery to a system. They are to take the ship by surprise and board it, and then taking the ship with a select crew into Deltan Space.
(CUTSCENE to the Deltan Prison)
A Deltan ship approaches this large planetoid above a black hole that is orbited by 3 large red stars which is holding the planetoid above and out of the black hole. After the ship docks, AJ is transferred to a cell where he is taunted by a Deltan Jailer. “Well Well, the great terran criminal is in for a treat! you are in time for the reaping, you will be competing for your life with 99 other prisoners in a holographic arena and the last one alive wins his freedom… but I don’t think you will be the winner with OUR star prisoner… muhahahhahah…”
Back aboard the uss exodus, shortly before the ship leaves the local friendly port, physical mail is delivered. The Psi officer gets his package with is psychically imbued with a message from admrial Reichmann. letting him know that directive 427 is in effect and he has been implanted with a psychic order. When the directive goes live, the Psi officer will be in charge and if he fails to carry it out , the order he was implanted will torture him.
Mail call for the doctor came in and she also got a piece of mail from the Friends of free Psychics. Several agents have been captured and psi corps has something big planned. Reply using the smallest Russian doll you were given.
As the ship is making way to sirus to meet with the joint strike force, the captain is mow mining every day and his cell mates are a Ursine (bear), Vulcan, A starfish looking alien, wispy energy cloud and imprisoned deltan. He makes friends with them as he learns that the prison is run by the triteeth (a yellow skinned alien group with 3 sets of razor sharp teeth).
19 days later, the ship meets with the joint strike force. The plan is that they will hide in a magnetic/radiation belt of a Jovian to mask the sensors. The catatians will use their improved Ion Cannons and attempt to disable the ships engines. The Grrrrrath will attempt to halt the ship using tractor beams and board the ship while the terrans will jam the communications and hack the computer.
about two and a half days later, the plan goes off without a hitch. the deltans try to get away via escape pods, but 3 out of the four life pods are gathered ( the fourth was blown up). The captain of the deltan ship is also captured and interrogated. Doctor Acora manages to get a hold of the computer and the data needed. The deltan captain just confirms what the data is found. The ships manifest shows they were hauling 12 tons of synthetic cocaine, 1 ton of a opeoid , 1 ton of depressants and 1 ton of an unknown substance called spark. The crew boards and takes control of the ship and heads out for the Deltan Syndicate.
Captain Stewart finds out the leader of the triteeth and calls him out in prison. Where the captain then precedes to get knocked the fuck out 3 times in a row….each time waking up in the cell with someone giving him a healing drink that tastes like balls and sweat socks. About 7 days later, the captured ship “the Freelancer”, enters the system and after being challenged by another ship for ID and trading for some space coke the freelancer continues inward. The plan is simple. Some of the crew heading is have been cosmetically changed to look like a purple skinned deltan. dr Acora, her friend and 6 other odsts in Stealth suits are to go secure the computer core and locate the captain. the others are to bring commander dominus aboard to act as he was the bounty. Commander dominus will (from the inside) protect the captain as they make their way for escape.
When they land, the first group (lt commander fester, Dr Bear, Commander Dominus ) board the base. Dropping off dominus and getting his 40,000,000 EC bounty they wait and unload the space drugs for selling to the general populace here in the prison. As Commander Dominus is being "escorted " into the prison, he finds out he also will be part of the reaping!!! Stealth Team Samus enters the computer core ( the two guards are neck snapped and so is the computer geek inside) and with help of Toucan 12345 they managed to hack the computer core, gain control of the defensive systems and gain control of the reaping games computer .
Inside the games, the captain and commander are prepped and are sent into the games where they meet up inside. They team up and head to something representing a cornucopia with tons of weapons and supplies are waiting to be taken. they wait to see what’s going on with a furry humanoid goes for it. When a scorpion man with 3 tails becomes uncloaked and kills the furry with all 3 of its tails. the captain and commander move away to figure out to do. when all of a sudden they get several silver parachutes full of weapons and such. The captain and commander takes out the alien and figure out where there is a hole in the holographic cloak. Opening it up they meet outside with their friends and Team Samus. Making their way back to the ship its almost a constant firefight until they reach the turbo shaft. Eventually they make their way to the ship finding out that dr Acora started a full scale riot on board the planetoid by releasing all the prisoners out of their cells.
Making their way, away from the planet, they find that they are being pursued by a small fleet. barely getting away from their pursuers, they make the way back to the ambush system . they find out that one of the planets would make a good shake and bake colony and decide to let the republic once they are back at sirus.
again, they make their way to the sirus system. The captain contacted the von banking industry and put the captured ship into storage. And a message from terra… The presidents ship that was traveling to the colony worlds for the elections exploded!! the VP of terran republic is now in charge. There was a general order that the captain was not in charge of his ship anymore.. the Psi officer was now in charge due to the lockdown on the military.
(Ending music, ROLL CREDITS….)


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